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Ledbetter Print News


Joe Ledbetter has 2 new prints available through his website.  The Snake Charmer (pictured above) is an 8x10" giclee print, limited to 100 signed and numbered copies.  The Good Morning Sunshine (pictured below) is a 16x20" giclee print also limited to 100 copies.


Win Blow Up Dolls!


No...not those Blow Up Dolls.  B.U.D.s - from Jamungo - are one of the hottest toy lines out there.  The set of 10 blind-boxed figures are set to be reviewed tomorrow, and in anticipation of that, Pop Thirteen is offering the chance to win 3 B.U.D.s.

The contest will last until 12:01 am EST on March 9th.  To enter, you will need to post under the B.U.D. contest thread in our discussion board.  Having problems signing up for the forum?  Check out these directions.

March Madness Toy Tournament

We've set up all of the brackets for our first annual March Madness Toy Tournament.  We have assembled 64 of the top toy artists out there and have seeded them in 4 different regions (East Coast, West Coast, Asia and Worldwide).  The winners will be selected in online polling through our forum - go to the Polls section and vote in all of the matchups (they continue onto page 2). 

Round 1 voting will end on Saturday March 11th.  So go on vote..and check back in for the first round results.

The Urbanites & TADO Print


The exclusive Horror On Tour giclee print is currently for sale through Wheaty Wheat's online store.  The 18x24" print is limited to 50 and signed and numbered by the artists - TADO and Chris Lee.

Save Huck! MAD*L – For Sale


The MAD*L everyone has been waiting for is now available only through the Wheaty Wheat website.  The Save Huck! MAD*L will be individually numbered and signed by Huck Gee.  The run was supposed to be only 50, but due to a huge outpouring of has been upped to 100.  The figure will cost $106, with all proceeds donated to Huck's defense fund.

The Story of Kuggs

About two years ago, Andrew and Johnny (of Blackwater Toys) were going to lunch everyday in the park. And through those lunches came the idea of Kuggs.


We were talking about how the everyday ordinary person is never really given a chance to live life to it's fullest and how only the rich can enjoy it.  It was almost like his destiny is already written for him. He was forced to play the hand he was dealt  - whether he's is forced to work because he had bills to pay or forced to steal because of he was given no opportunity.  We wanted to tell a story about that and thought Urban Vinyl was the perfect medium for us. We always thought it was another form medium where one can express himself there but the cool thing about it was it was in a form of a toy!

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Gumos Header Card


Max Toy Company is giving us a sneak peek at the header card for their Gumos figure.  In true retro kaiju spirit, the figure looks to be bagged with a header card.

Biskup’s Alpha-Gaichou and The Foul Flock


Tim Biskup's latest Alphabeast creature - Alpha-Gaichou - is a 7” tall vinyl bird.  The first version is set to be released this coming July.  There will be 350 of the black painted version and they will not go on sale until Flopdoodle has them in their hands. As a special offer for Biskup fans, Flopdoodle will be packaging a set of figures called The Foul Flock.  This set will feature the black painted version as well as four different unpainted versions: Glow-In-The-Dark, Light Blue, Black and Yellow. There will be 60 of each unpainted version and only 50 complete sets.

Behind Blythe – Toy Tokyo Showroom


Toy Tokyo is proud to present Behind Blythe - an exhibition of the revival of Blythe dolls by Japan's Cross World Connections (CWC) - with photographs by official Blythe photographer Gina Garan. Find out more about the rebirth of Blythe that began in Asia and how she has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Blythe producer Junko Wong (from Tokyo) will be on hand to sign autographs with New York's own Blythe photographer Gina Garan! Be sure to bring your Blythe and camera for this exciting event!

March 3rd to March 17th
The Showroom NYC - Toy Tokyo
117 2nd Avenue 2nd Floor NYC, NY
(212) 673 5424

Opening Reception:
March 3rd (Friday) Starts at 6pm ending at 9pm
Meet CWC Creative Producer of Blythe, Junko Wong, and the official Blythe Photographer Gina Garan!

Cute and Curious Neo Blythe will be available for the first time in the US at this venue!  CWC invites you to come see this adorable new addition to the Blythe family.

Blue Berry Dr. Bombs from Kozik

Toy2R and Frank Kozik's 10" Dr. Bomb is set to be launched in a new colorway - Blue Berry Surprise.  Kozik will be offering the exclusive Blue Berry figure.  So you will need to contact Frank directly from at  It will be limited to 100 pieces with the infamous cigarette and 100 pieces without.  They are to sell for $80 plus shipping.