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Unnatural History Winner!


Congratulations to Luis Medina, who won the custom Nakanari Funny Club figure in our Unnatural History Contest.  Keep checking back in for more contests...we have plenty going on in our discussion board.

The Pizz at Rotofugi


The Pizz is reproducing his out-of-circulation Hellbiker figure (based on his paintings).  He will have 30 different Kustom Konfigurations and they'll all be going up for sale. Don't miss your chance to own a custom toy by one of the pioneers of Lowbrow art.

Mark your calenders now for opening night, March 24, 2006 and head to Rotofugi so you can rub elbows with the Pizz.


Choking Hazard
The Return of the Hellbiker
Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery
March 24-May 22, 2006

March 24, 2006
Music by DJ Clayton Counts
Complimentary Beverages


Planet6 Store…Now Open


Planet6 has opened their online shop for all of your SEEN needs.  You can pick up Phony Baloney, SEEN signatures, Thundermutt or Spraycan Monsters from the store.  They also have some photos of upcoming projects such as Dem Bones, Teddy Troops and the Phony Baloney Qees.

March Madness Toy Tournament


So here it is: the actual March Madness Toy Tournament bracket.  All of you bracketologists rejoice! You can now see the progress of your favorite toy artists.  Be sure to vote for your favorite artist - First Round voting ends on this Saturday March 11th.  Check out our discussion board where you can vote in all of the toy artists matchups.

Night Edition NAAL


STRANGEco has released a photo of their Night Edition NAAL.  It is limited to 300 pieces and
available at special events and exhibitions only. So be on the lookout!  This version of Naal
comes with a few glow in the dark accessories, too.

Attaboy and Annie Owens at Wootini


The editors and co-creators of Hi-Fructose magazine - Annie Owens and Attaboy - will have their artwork exhibited at Wootini in Carrboro, NC this Friday - March 10th.  Check out the festivities from 7pm until midnight.  I'll be there taking photos part of the if you can't make it...check in here.

REVIEW: Android 8 and Brian Taylor’s Rustboy


We’ve been waiting for Android 8 to release some of their own products since Comic Con.  They have indulged us with some exclusives – Octopo, Astronaut Jesus and Opera Dude – but they’ve now presented us with the first Android 8 original figure – Brian Taylor’s Rustboy.

Rustboy is an animation project that Brian Taylor has been grooming to be a short (2 minute-ish) animation.  Taylor is currently in negotiations for a large-scale feature length Rustboy flick.  Here’s hoping that it takes place, because the test shot animations are amazing!


So Android 8 took hold of Brian’s character and turned it into a 7” tall vinyl figure.  The figure comes packaged in a window box.  It has a rather retro feel to it with the XL5 and Android 8 logos on it.  (XL5 design is Brian Taylor’s design site)

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REVIEW: Petite Blythe

When you think of Blythe, you probably usually imagine the 12” tall Neo Blythe dolls.  But did you know that there are smaller versions known as Petite Blythes?  These stand at about a third of the height (4”) of a Neo Blythe, and also cost about a third of the price.


Petite Blythe dolls are manufactured by Takara for Cross World Connections (CWC) under license from Hasbro.   I know that is a little confusing, but here’s how it breaks down.  Hasbro originally created Blythe in 1971, so when CWC decided they wanted to create the dolls in Japan…they needed to get Hasbro’s OK.

Rather than having a pull-string in the back of the doll’s head, Petite Blythe has eyes that close when she is set on her back.  So they will only have one set of eye colors.


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Mixy & Joe Action Figures


Mixy and Joe creator - Chronic Fatigue - is currently taking pre-orders for his figures.  And just in time for the official release of his action figures, CF has announced that a web based video game is in the works.  It's described as 80's - Zelda-ish - with tons of gore.  Who wouldn't like that?