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Max Toy Sneak Peek


Mark Nagata, formerly of Super7 fame, has started his own toy company - Max Toy Company.  If you're into Kaiju looks like this company will definitely give you what you're looking for.  Above is a sneak peek drawing of what will be one of the first figures produced by Max Toy Co.  We're not sure the name of this figure, but it looks like it is one of 4 exclusive toys on the production list.

Napoleon Dynamite Series 2 Photos

McFarlane Toys has released some sneak peek photos of their 2nd series of Napoleon Dynamite figures.  Look for these to hit stores sometime around April.  These will be the same as the first series - including the voice chips with your favorite lines from the movie.

The 4 figure series includes Kip "Waiting for La Fawnduh" (pictured above) and (in order below) "Happy Hands" Napoleon, Uncle Rico in his "Steak Toss" pose and the Napoleon and Tina "Feeding Time" boxed set.




Dehara Yukinori: Oyasai Wars

Cabbage feels like just yesterday when I thought to myself - "There aren't enough cabbage-headed toys available".  And voilla!  Toy2R and Wonderwall are introducing a line of 2 Dehara Yukinori characters from Oyasai Wars.  Killer Cabbage and Mini Cabbage are limited to 500 pieces each.  Now only if they would smell of boiled cabbage...they'd be perfect!

Cucumouse designed by Kei Sawada


Toy2R is introducing their latest figure design - Cucumouse.  This 6 inch tall figure is taken straight from Kei Sawada's Qee - Series 5C.  Look for the figure to launch in February and to retail around $20.  The Red and Blue version will be limited to 350 pieces, while the Yellow and Blue version will be limited to 100 pieces.


Uglydolls up for a MAJOR Award


Uglydolls have been nominated for the Specialty Toy of the Year Award from the Toy Industry of America (T.I.A.).  They are up against Blokus and Tipover! (board games), a 3-D pool table, and PlasmaCar (a bike for kids).  C'mon T.I.A., the Uglydolls deserve this one.  The awards will be announced on February 11th (prior to Toy Fair) at the Marriott Marquis in NYC.

2005 Toy Awards: Best Toy Line

Now start the big awards!  For the next week, we'll be presenting our 4 big categories - Best Toy Line, Best Plush Toy, Best Vinyl Toy and 2005 Toy of the Year.  The Best Toy Line Award comes down to 3 choices...all great choices. (at least I think so)


UNKLBrand's TinPo figures are pint-sized, less "urban" version of their HazMaPo toys.  It's a line of 10 figures that are part cute, part freaky.


Neth Creatures by J were the surprise hit of San Diego's Comic Con.  Tucked away in a back corner somewhere, some folks were lucky enough to catch the preview of this unique art toy line.  The first series of 9 designs were just as spectacular.


One of the most controversial lines of the year was Camille Rose Garcia's girls from Necessaries Toy Foundation.  It's one of my favorite lines of the year (you can read more about that in a future review) although some people have issues with some of the girls tipping over.  I think the design and sculpting makes up for that.

Winner: NTF's Camille Rose Garcia Girls
I think 3 out of the 4 figures are amazing designs.  Lula, Patch and Cherry Girl are my favorites.  i have had some balance problems with the Sadie and Katie figure...but she was my least favorite of the bunch anyway.  It's actually not tha uncommon for figures this size (and this complex) to have balancing issues.  This really is a great set of toys.  I love how NTF always puts out big toys for an affordable price and, from what I've seen, they always stand behind their products.

Octocity Scarygirl – STRANGEco ed.


Nathan Jurevicius’ beloved Scarygirl is off to the city in this great
new 10-inch version. Complete with a full set of accessories, including
2 sets of arms, basket, handbag and two bird companions.

This special STRANGEco edition features a black outfit with red graphics, and is limited to 200 pieces.  It should available soon through STRANGEco's website.

Soon…Rustboy Toy


Android 8 has announced that later this month, they will be releasing Brian Talyor's Rustboy figure.  This characer is from Taylor's classic short film of the same name.  Collectors will want to get their hands on this piece.  You might have previously seen shots of a Glow-in-the-Dark version, however they have decided to go with a Regular (like the film character) and a Bronze version.

Mini Treehouse Series 2


The folks at STRANGEco have dug up a photo of Nathan's Mini Treehouse 2 figures. I'm not sure which of the lot is my many to choose from.  I also like that they are redoing the treehouse collectible stand for the second series.

2005 Toy Awards: The Readers’ Picks

We asked our readers to submit their choices for 5 categories.  These included the Best Vinyl Figure, Best Plush Figure, Best Toy Line, Best Company and Toy of the Year.  The resutls are in and there were some very close races.


Best Vinyl Figure
This award went to Mr. Bunny from Joe Ledbetter and Wheaty Wheat.  A close second was Huck Gee's Skullhead figures.


Best Plush Figure
The Uglydolls were a runaway winner...although folks seemed to differ as to which was their favorite (Ugly Dog, Limited Edition Wage, Mini Uglys).  Readers chose Shawnimals for second place.


Best Toy Line
Readers were definitely fans of Kidrobot's Dunny line.  Qees, produced by Toy2r, came in a close second.


Most Outstanding Toy Company
This was the most competitive category with Wheaty Wheat Studios (on the heels of their Ledbetter line) squeaking out a victory over Kidrobot, Toy2R and STRANGEco.


Toy of the Year
You folks chose Mr. Bunny as your favorite toy of thise past year.  In a somewhat ironic twist, Fire-Cat (also designed by Joe Ledbetter and Wheaty Wheat) came in a close second.