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Rusty and Dworkin Shipping to Retailers


One of my favorite character sets from James Jarvis and Amos Toys - Rusty and Dworkin - are shipping to retailers (from STRANGEco) this week.  Here's what the STRANGEco website has to say about this duo:

Amos Novelties presents Vortigern’s Machine, a new story book and figure series by James Jarvis and Russell Waterman. Rusty and Dworkin features one half of the intrepid protagonist duo (with the forthcoming Wiggs), plus Rusty’s loveable but supremely stupid canine Dworkin.

Wootini’s Silent Stalkers Show


Last Friday marked the beginning of the month long Silent Stalkers show at Carrboro, NC's Wootini.  The show featured work of Circus Posterus members - Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Rob Schwager and Brandon Dunlop.  If you're interested in checking out the show in person, it will be running through May 8th.


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“Tea For Two” Neo Blythe

The "Tea For Two" Blythe was originally released in the spring of 2003 and was extremely popular.  She now returns as the Superior Neo Blythe. Her makeup and hair color are identically the same as the original version. Her “lonely but tender expression” gives her a different personality then the original. Her accessories (bag, tea set and parasol) are slightly different from the original. And her hair is a little shorter than the original.


Silent Stalkers Show Now Online


Wootini has posted the Silent Stalkers Show on their website.  You can check out a number of the pieces from the Circus Posterus gallery show...and even purchase them.  Be sure to check in later this week as I will be posting all of the photos I took at the show.

John K is Blogging


A buddy of mine and myself have been addicted to John K's blogspot blog over the past few weeks.  John K, of Spumco, Ren & Stimpy and George Liquor fame, has added a bunch of never before Ren & Stimpy cartoons.  It's great to read all of John's inside information of the animation and cartoon world.

Stikovka Exhibition


Over 30 participants from all over Russia submitted their work for a custom Munny exhibition.  It occurred over this past weekend and was held at the Fabrica exhibition hall (formerly a paper factory) in Moscow.  Photos are by XYZ and the exhibition can be found online.

New at Paniks Toy Box


Arriving Soon!
Irina 11 inch vinyl by Fafi.  Limited to 800 pieces.  Pre-orders here.

Now In Stock!

Fortune Pork Mini Plush by Tado.  Open boxes.
Freaky Family Plush

Almost Gone!
Anti-Technicolor Skuttle.  This Playtimes Exclusive is limited to only 100 pieces.  Comes with numbered card signed by Touma.

REVIEW: Sideshow’s Talking Tony Montana


Over the past few years, Sideshow Toys has expanded their line from prop replicas and 12” figures to distribution, premium format figures and a load of amazing licenses.  In my opinion, their bread and butter is still the 12” figure line.

A recent license addition has been the cult classic film – Scarface.  There are currently 3 Scarface products available through Sideshow – talking Tony Montana (12”), Final Battle Scarface (12”) and the Premium Format Tony Montana.  All of these figures are of Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana aka Scarface.


The 1983 film follows Montana (Pacino) and his path from a Cuban refugee to running a powerful Miami based drug cartel.  You are there to witness his downfall - due to his power, enemies and paranoia.  Over the years, it has become an urban cult-classic and is still as popular now as it was years ago.

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Rocket World Yeti and Sasquatch Sculpts


Patrick from Rocket World sent us this photo of the final sculpt of the new Sasquatch and Yeti figures from the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo line.  Don't worry...they aren't going to bright red.  These sculpts are actually made out of wax.  See how the boyfriend and girlfriend have interconnecting hands? How cute.  Maybe not so cute is that they probably just got done slaughtering some evil poachers.