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New Forums!


Since we're trying to bolster our forum activity, we've signed up a number of new and exciting folks to chat on our discussion board.  In addition to Blythe, Rocket World and Friends With You, we have added an Android 8 (Sours and Rustboy), MAD (creator of the popular MAD*L figures), mimobots (everyones favorite flash drive turned designer toy) and Wheaty Wheat Studios (one of the hottest designer toy companies in the biz) forum.  They will all be moderated by folks specific to each artist and/or company.  This is just the beginning...more forums will be coming soon.  We'll also be running a ton of prize giveaways through the board, so now is the time to sign up!

Also, check out the Forum Member of the Month thread for more details on how to achieve that distinction.

Wootini Presents: Attaboy and Annie Owens


Carrboro, North Carolina's number one designer toy shop - Wootini - is presenting Hi-Fructose magazine co-creators Attaboy and Annie Owens.  The show is entitled Swarmy Weather and you'll need to show up on Friday, March 10th from 7pm to 12am at the historic Carr Mill Mall.  You'll be able to see original artwork (and I'm sure some toys from Atta) as well as partaking in the usual refreshments.

Remixing the Magic Show


Gallery 1988 is presenting Remixing the Magic.  They will be presenting the work of 50 artists who are reinterpreting Disney classics.  Just check out the list of artists: Han, Biskup, Ledbetter, etc. 

The show will include a special installation inspired by Alice in Wonderland titled Cheshire Cats and The Purple Tree by Julie B.  It appears as this might be the introduction of the Cheshire Cat figure designed by Nathan Cabrera, sculpted by Monster5 and produced by Span of Sunset.

2006 Toy Fair: Toy Tokyo


Toy Tokyo had a number of new offerings on display at Toy Fair.  The first figure from the Instant Sapien line – Big Puff Maki – was being shown off.  (These will be carried by newest figure from Go HeroYira – was also displayed.  Also, check out David and Sun-Min’s Little Yoya and Minty vinyl figures from Toy2R.


2006 Toy Fair: Loconauts


Evergrow has introduced a new line of figures on the heels of their Emotes vinyl.  Loconauts and Emotes were on display at Toy Fair 2006 – sharing a booth.  The Loconauts line will include both plush and small resin toys. 

All of the characters are based on wacky personality disorders.  With names like Baxter Burnout, Anna Anorexia and Barry Bi-Polar…you can see the theme.  Each figure also has a tagline about his or her specific ailment.  Shirts and hats will be available as well as key chains and travel mugs.

My personal favorite is Barry Bi-Polar.  He resembles a light bulb and his vinyl head actually lights up when activated.


LOVE/HATE Release Party


mimoco is at it again.  Tomorrow, they are going to be partying tomorrow at Karmaloop in Boston, MA.  The celebration is for the release of the LOVE & HATE mimobots, designed by Shawnimals - Shawn Smith.  (I have one and it's super cool!)  He'll be there signing mimobots, shirts, plush, "boobs"...  Just reprinting what they told me!  Free adult beverages for all adult attendees and tunes by DJ Special Blend.

Friday, Feb. 17th
160 Newbury St. Boston, MA
8:00 PM- 10:30 PM

How To Draw: Uglydoll


So you want to learn how to draw Uglydolls?  Well, now you have a how-to book to help you with that.  This 32 page paperback is a humorous look at how to draw some of your favorite Ugly characters.  The book is set to come out on July 1st and can be pre-ordered through for $5.95.

Big Puff Maki Customs


Enjin Factory will be showing off 5 custom Big Puff Maki figures this week at the Project and Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas.  Enjin Factory's Sean D'Anconia and New Balance designer John D. Franklin directed the development of 20 unique BPM by top designers.  Check out some of the designs!



Little Yoya and Minty Launch at Yoyamart


Yoyamart had David and Sun-Min in for a signing the day before Valentine's Day.  They were working overtime this week between Toy Fair, winning Specialty Toy of the Year, signings…  But they took time out to sign some brand new toys from Toy2RLittle Yoya (David’s interpretation of the Yoyamart monkey mascot) and Minty were both available in a very limited quantity – 50 of each.

I was one of the first people there, so I got my hands on each figure.  I thought that the 27 inches of snow might have kept folks away, but the place soon filled up.  You’ll probably need to wait to get the regular versions of Yoya and Minty.  However, this was the only version of Minty with the red eyes and black pupils.


**If you’re interested about the story of Choco and Minty, here is my paraphrased version: They were the spokespeople for a candy bar and have been laid off.  I actually picked up a candy bar (which really does exist) at Yoyamart.


2006 Toy Fair: Ningyoushi, Super7 and Flying Cat


Ningyoushi was in attendance at Toy Fair 2006.  They were showing off Super 7’s Kittyfire figure (due out in March).  If you remember, Super 7 had these at SDCC this past summer.  The booth was also showing off some of the TADO Flying Cat products.  I really enjoy these.  They are fun and colorful.  TADO are definitely one of my favorite up and coming artist duos.  The husband and wife team have their Ryoko and the Sissyfists set out as a full set (retailing around $55).  They also have several colorful plushies, both large (Albert) and small (Fortune Pork).


Ningyoushi had a few new products on display as well.  Their Get Small Series – San Francisco has 4 characters that were created by 4 different artists.  These include Coro (Ortho), Sam Flores (Billy Bronze), David Choe (Siamese Twin) and Jeremy Fish (Bunny Skull).  All of these figures will come in “mini buses”.  Never being to San Francisco, I had to be told that these are the transit buses that everyone takes while in the city.


The other product on display was Sam Flores’ Fatima.  This should be due out in April with 4 different versions available (two exclusive colorways).  The two versions that were on display were Fatima in a green dress (with a tiger print) and the pink dress version (with a dragon print).