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Boom, Boom, Spider Boom


If the 16" Spider Boom is a little too big for your liking, here is a plush that's half of the size.  Toy2R and Sun-Min Kim will also be releasing this 8" tall Spider Boom plush figure in July of this year.

Spök-spök – Plush from Sweden

Daniel Svanberg sent in some information about his plush toy line - Spök-spök (which means Ghost-ghost in Swedish). The line consists of the following five characters:

Spökelina - The pink ghost. She's always happy and smiling.


Spök-spök - The blue ghost. Spökelinas boyfriend. He's shy, but curious.

Herr Leverfläck - A mole that can't stop scratching himself. He's Spök-spöks best friend.

Toofhairy - A hairy au-pair tooth from Scotland. She's Spökelinas best friend.


Baron von Kon - A blue road cone. He's super angry and always mad. And he's got a secret crush on Spökelina.

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G-Robot from adFunture


Here is a little something that adFunture is working on with Jukai.  This crazy grenade is called G-Robot and is a character from Jukai’s Taiwanese design crew.  AdFunture says that this should be ready for this summer. 


REVIEW: Mad Monster Party Vinyl Figures



Funko, and their Fantastik Plastik line, has brought us the Mad Monster Party set of vinyl figures.  What is the Mad Monster Party, you ask?  It’s the silliest party of the year…and you’re all invited. That was actually the tagline for the Rankin/Bass, late 60’s claymation special. 

Made by the same people who did the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special, Mad Monster Party stars Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller.  It was inspiration behind Tim Burton’s mega-hit – The Nightmare Before Christmas.


All four of the figures (Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf and Zombie Bellhop) come packaged in a see through, cylindrical package.  There is little reading information, but there are a few pictures of the characters from the classic film.  The same package is used for all of the figures.


The Figure has sent us the Werewolf and Dracula vinyl figures for this review.  These rotocast vinyl figures stand 6” tall and have no points of articulation.  So what you see, is essentially what you get.

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Rocket World IWG Rocket Ship


Are you interested in reading all of the details about Rocket World's upcoming mini IWG Rocket Ship?  Well, Patrick has posted photos in his P&P Discussion Board Forum.  Not only can you see pictures, but there are details as to what new mini IWG characters will be made available as well as a special contest!

Sun-Min Kim’s Spider Boom Plush


Toy2R will be premiering Sun-Min Kim's 16" Spider Boom plush at Comic Con this July.  A 16" tall plush?!?  I am gonna have to pack lightly...who needs socks anyway?  Spider Boom will run you around $40.

SDCC Exclusive VSD Clone Trooper


One of Sideshow Toys’ SDCC exclusives comes from one of Medicom’s most unique Star Wars collectibles - the Japanese style vinyl super-deformed series (Vinyl Collectible Dolls).  The 501st Clone Trooper VSD stands roughly 8” in height, and the stylized caricature sculpture captures the menace, but cuteness, of the Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Clone design perfectly. The figure is highly poseable, and includes blaster. This exclusive Clone Trooper is decorated in the blue markings characteristic of the 501st Legion, Vader's Fist, the spec ops team that followed Darth Vader in the assault on the Jedi Temple.  It runs $59.99 for Comic Con attendees.


Riot68’s Zombie Raccoon Trooper


Riot68 has sent us some photos of his Zombie Raccoon custom.  He has taken a 10” Teddy Troop (from adFunture) and turned it into a bloody, brain-eating zombie.  This figure will be auctioned off to help raise money for the Wish for Ava.


Spider Boom Plush Series


Sun-Min Kim will be working with Toy2R to release a series of plush Spider Boom figures.  What will they look like?  No one knows!  The pictures haven't been released yet.  But we'll keep you updated!

Soccabot World Custom Cup


Hammeractive will be hosting the Soccabot World Custom Cup this summer.  Teams of 4 designers from different countries will create custom Soccabots, while fans will be able to vote for the winner online.  The customs will be shown at in Berlin during the finals of the FIFA World Cup.

These are the teams that are involved (and totally confirmed):

Australia - Coach: Jeremyville

Brazil - Coach: Boncker Bear, Players: Helena, Dear, Saner, Boncker

England - Coach: Future Plastik, Players: WRD ONE, Hammo, MooDude, Triclops

France - Coach: Artoyz

Italy - Coach: Atom Plastic

USA - Coach: Myplasticheart

Spain - Coach: Marrs Bar

Netherlands - Coach: Toydigger, Players: Playskewl, Bfree, Liv3r, Sjors Trimbach

Portugal - Coach: Vectorbrigade

Mexico - Coach: Thecitylovesyou