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Mixy and Joe Action Figures


Wheaty Wheat Studios is hitting the Action Figure shelves with their offerring of Mixy and JoeCF, the author of the comic - Mixy, has this to say about the comic:

Joe is a 10 year old boy, who just wanted a pet who wouldn’t get run
over and die. He chose a rather rotten looking rabbit, named Mixy.
Unfortunately for Joe, mixy wasn't exactly your normal pet rabbit... and
so the misadventure begins, in a world that has forgotten the dead once
rose from their graves, where zombie rabbits desire world domination,
and little boys crave human flesh...

Look for these around the end of this year or early next year.  I saw the prototypes at SDCC...they should be worth the wait.

REVIEW: Blythe – Rose Bud

With the Behind Blythe exhibition currently touring the United States, folks are beginning to take notice of this unique, wide-eyed doll.  Some male collectors might consider them “girlie”, but there are plenty of collectors who really enjoy the Blythe look.


With the reintroduction of the Blythe line several years ago, fans of the 1970’s doll were able to purchase an updated figure to add to their collection.  Now, those original dolls sell in the hundreds of dollars on ebay.  For those of us in the United States, we are able to purchase the neo Blythe line straight from Hasbro’s online toy store for $89.99 each.

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McFarlane Toys 2006 Lines


Were you wondering what lines McFarlane Toys will be putting out in 2006?  Well, there are a number of lines you might be interested in.  Of course, I'm sure they will be adding new licenses to this list, but this is the preliminary list.

February 2006
Corpse Bride Poster 2-Pack

March 2006
Simpsons Box Set - Ironic Punishment
Wallace & Gromit 6" Asst.
Wallace & Gromit 3" Asst.
Wallace & Gromit - Gromit 12" Plush
Wallace & Gromit - Wererabbit 18" Plush

April 2006
Napoleon Dynamite Asst. w/sound
Napoleon Dynamite Box Set w/sound

May 2006
Simpsons Box Set - Family Couch Gag

Instant Sapien

Coming to Free Bento in February...


INSTANT SAPIEN: Blaxploitation meets Cyber-Punk in the wildly outrageous INSTANT SAPIEN designer-figure.
"Big Puff Maki" (Blackanese-Disco-Elvis) stars in the first
limited-edition set of hand-carved, faux-anime, molded
characters. (production is made by machine of course)



Height - 8.5 Inches

Width - 4.5 Inches

The Instant Sapien line is created by En Jin Factory