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Riot68’s Cyclone Munny


Riot68 has sent us some photos of his Cyclone Munny, matching spraycan and evil 3" Dunny customs.  He recently had Ninja Dunny showcased in the Gee Whizz well as a pic in the latest issue of Clutter.  I like the eye...creepy!


Attaboy’s Le Fungus


Taking place at Montreal's Madame Edgar it's Attaboy's solo show - Le Fungus.  The gallery’s website is in French, so I have no idea what it says.  Atta tells us that you can check out some of the selections from the show as well as gigantic matte vinyl prints.


Happy Tree Friends’ Trexis


Happy Tree Friends, the global cult animation
hit, today announced a new collaboration with
Singapore-based Play Imaginative where six of their characters will be immortalized as an art

The new line of trexi designer
toys have been customized for the enjoyment of collectors of many ages, featuring six adorable Happy Tree Friends characters:
Giggles, Mole, Splendid, Petunia, Toothy and Buddhist
(a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive).

Patrick Ma – Signing and Release Par-tay!


Even though the above poster doesn't say WHO the creator of the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo can be assured that Patrick Ma will be making the long trek to San Francisco's Kid Robot on May 18th.  The KR exclusive Peary the Bloody Polar Bear will be unveiled (and sold) and you can even have Peary signed by Patrick.

More Wavedog Customs


Dan from Wavedog has sent word of his series of 5 hand painted custom 3" Dunnys.  They are available exclusively through VinylFixx for $75 each.  I'm not sure how this guy keeps coming up with all of these cool designs.


MAD*L Artist Series Shipping


Debbie and Richard from Wheaty Wheat have sent word that Series 1 of Artist Series MAD*L figures is now shipping to retailers.  Be on the lookout for this line - with 6 top artists represented.  If you forgot what they look like...check out below. Word is that Andrew Bell's Zliks are also making their way to sunny California...meaning a release in the near future.


The Art of David K Rose at Wootini



Wootini presents David K. Rose with Casey Porn on Friday, May 12th, from
7pm - 12am in the Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro.  Paintings and more, with
refreshments and music from Family. Show runs through June 5th.  Check out some amazing local artists.

Uglydolls – Magnifique!



UGLYDOLL has been made a permanent part of the French State Collection.
The entire line of Uglydolls will be on display this September at the Musee des Arts decoratifs in the North wing of the Louvre.  I'm hoping it's placed right next to the Mona Lisa!

Naruto Shadow Clone Jutsu Statue


The Naurto Shadow Clone Jutsu statue stands approximately 6 inches in height and is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide.  It is the first in Toynami’s line of cold-cast porcelain Naruto diorama statuettes.

Naruto’s life-long dream is to be Hokage, the village chief, and become the greatest ninja of all time. Naruto also holds a secret that he himself doesn't know, the fact the Nine-tailed Fox that wreaked havoc on the vilage, is sealed inside his body!

REVIEW: Sucklord 77


Suckadelic has released the latest incarnation of the Sucklord figure Sucklord 77.  The updated Supervillain was released in conjunction with the latest version o the Galactic Jerkbag figure.

First off, you need to know that this isn’t a Boba Fett figure.  He might look like him, but the Sucklord specializes in bootleg figures from a tiny, little Chinatown sweatshop.  Or at least that’s what he says.

If you’ve picked up the Sucklord 66 or the Sucklord 75 figures, you know that these are art pieces and not really action figures.  It feels to be made of resin and cast from a variety of Star Wars toys. 


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