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Annie Owens’ Custom Boards


Annie Owens, the co-founder of Hi-Fructose magazine has made her line of detailed, hand-painted custom skate decks available for purchase via her website.  These are for display.  You won't want to strap wheels on 'em and skate around the town.


TINPODs: Artistic iPod Case


TINPODs have been made to protect your iPod from the occasional drops and scratches caused by all those other toys you keep in your bag or pocket.  They are most noted for their original illustrations, called Die Blechdose, L'Orange Lune and Change Attitude. Referencing the realms of music and travel, the three designs are actual paintings by Ketchum, which have been printed onto the TINPODs. Think of it as dressing your iPod in a colorful work of art.  They retail for $16.95.


New Products from Fugitive Toys


Fugitive Toys has the 4 brand new Kellogg's vinyl toys:

Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, Cornelius and Sugar Pops Pete

They also have various new toys for pre-order:

Bennzi in Blue, Turtlecamper (Silver), El Panda Original, and the "Metal D" Mad Barbarians Dunny

Bennzi from Nathan Jurevicius


Here is Bennzi (to the left of Naal) - the next vinyl figure from the Minitreehouse series by Nathan Jurevicius.  Bennzi is the swamp traffic controller, who on his days off is an expert practitioner of yoga.  Like Naal and the other upcoming minitreehouse vinyl toys, Bennzi comes with over a dozen accessories for two different outfits, plus a small congregation of crocodiles.

Bennzi in Blue
will be released in July, and STRANGEco will be offering the special glow in the dark Night Edition at their booth at the San Diego Comic Con, July 20-22, 2006. The world premiere of all three will be there, too.

Dr. Romanelli soPHDr Figure


Check out the Dr. Romanelli soPHDr figure. It’s a collaboration between Dr. Romanelli and SOPHNET.  The figure was created and sculpted by Nathan Cabrera and produced and manufactured by Span of Sunset. The product is sold out in Japan so this might be your last chance to pick up the soPHDr figure.

New Items at


Arriving Soon at Panik's Toy Box!

STRANGEco Silver Turtle Camper Vinyl by
Jeremy Fish

Limited to 350 pieces.  Pre-orders

Muttpop El Panda Original Vinyl Figure -
Pre-orders here:

Now In Stock!
Red, Blue and Retro
Versions of Touma's Goon.   Very limited supply.

Almost Gone!
Clear and Clear Purple Ika Gilas by Frank

8-Inch Melvins Bear Qee


Check out Toy2R's ad sheet for the 8-Inch Bear Qee from the band - The Melvins.  This figure will be distributed by DKE Toys and OXOP.  The figure is limited to a run of 500 pieces and short reach stores around July or August.  Rock on!

Span of Sunset Sale


Span of Sunset has some deals on the day of the devil.  Take up to 18% off of selected in stock items.  All online and in store orders over $66.66 will get a free Andrew Brandou "Black Metal S.O.S logo" tee.

Sasquatch and Yeti Prototypes

Here are the 1st photos of the latests additions to the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo family - Yeti and Sasquatch.  Patrick, from Rocket World, has posted these great photos in our RW forum.