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REVIEW: Corpse Bride Figures


McFarlane Toys has released a number of new Corpse Bride products.  If you enjoyed Tim Burton’s film, you’ll find yourself in love with these figures.  They are the spitting image of the movie characters.

The Corpse Bride 2-Pack was released as a commemorative set for the release of the movie on DVD.  The set contains two 6” tall action figures of Victor and the Corpse Bride. With the characters having such long legs, I thought this might be an obstacle in creating action figures.  However, McFarlane uses small, attachable bases that help keep the figures balanced.


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First Round Results Are In!


Votes have been tallied and we now know who is advancing to the second round of the March Madness Toy Tournament.  The field has been cut down from 64 artists to just 32.  Voting for the Second Round has begun and will end at 12:01 am on Monday March 20th.  Remember that your votes do count and it's up to you to support your favorite toy artists.

Site Update

Today is the last day to vote in the Opening Round of our March Madness Toy Tournament.  The results will be calculated tomorrow and the bracket will be updated and posted.

Zma won the B.U.D. contest from Pop Thirteen.  He'll receive 3 go check your ezinbox Zma.  You have a message waiting for you!

And if you didn't win, don't worry!  You can still be the Forum Member of the Month and win some cool prizes.  And I'll be giving away a few more chances to win some B.U.D.'s from Jamungo.

New Burgerman Toys


Jon Burgerman has some brand-spanking new items in the works with Flying Cat.  His Zeebzeebs plushies are cheeky little creatures that like to do a spot of doodling and stickering around city centers late at night.

They've been featured in Jon’s work over the last few years - on record sleeves and in magazines. There's currently a little comic about them in the new Wooster Collective comic book.  They will launch in Dublin on the same night Mr. Burgerman is giving a talk as part of Candy Culture's  Sweet Talk on March 22nd.


Doodlebot is a vinyl figure that Jon is working on.  The photo here is a pre-production sneak preview shot.  Look for a good bit of doodling on this figure.  Very cool…I must say.

Unnatural History Winner!


Congratulations to Luis Medina, who won the custom Nakanari Funny Club figure in our Unnatural History Contest.  Keep checking back in for more contests...we have plenty going on in our discussion board.

The Pizz at Rotofugi


The Pizz is reproducing his out-of-circulation Hellbiker figure (based on his paintings).  He will have 30 different Kustom Konfigurations and they'll all be going up for sale. Don't miss your chance to own a custom toy by one of the pioneers of Lowbrow art.

Mark your calenders now for opening night, March 24, 2006 and head to Rotofugi so you can rub elbows with the Pizz.


Choking Hazard
The Return of the Hellbiker
Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery
March 24-May 22, 2006

March 24, 2006
Music by DJ Clayton Counts
Complimentary Beverages


Planet6 Store…Now Open


Planet6 has opened their online shop for all of your SEEN needs.  You can pick up Phony Baloney, SEEN signatures, Thundermutt or Spraycan Monsters from the store.  They also have some photos of upcoming projects such as Dem Bones, Teddy Troops and the Phony Baloney Qees.

March Madness Toy Tournament


So here it is: the actual March Madness Toy Tournament bracket.  All of you bracketologists rejoice! You can now see the progress of your favorite toy artists.  Be sure to vote for your favorite artist - First Round voting ends on this Saturday March 11th.  Check out our discussion board where you can vote in all of the toy artists matchups.

Night Edition NAAL


STRANGEco has released a photo of their Night Edition NAAL.  It is limited to 300 pieces and
available at special events and exhibitions only. So be on the lookout!  This version of Naal
comes with a few glow in the dark accessories, too.

Attaboy and Annie Owens at Wootini


The editors and co-creators of Hi-Fructose magazine - Annie Owens and Attaboy - will have their artwork exhibited at Wootini in Carrboro, NC this Friday - March 10th.  Check out the festivities from 7pm until midnight.  I'll be there taking photos part of the if you can't make it...check in here.