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TinPo Series 2 – Fashion Victims


Here's a photo of the second series of TinPo figures from UNKL Brand.  This series is called the fashion victims...and as you can probably tell...they are sporting some of the hottest current lines.  They are ready to walk down the runway and debut on June 15th.

Mary Paper$ and Sucklord 78

Here are photos of the latest two bootleg action figures from the shadiest toy company in the world – Suckadelic.  It’s Mary Paper$ and Sucklord 78…and they will be on sale this Thursday (May 18) at the following:

132 N.5th Street
BEDFORD, Brooklyn, NY


Puffymama and Mr. Poo Poo


Nakanari's latest custom figure is named Puffymama and Mr. Poo Poo.  An interesting name for an interesting custom.  I'm hoping that the little pile on his head is not the Poo Poo.  This custom Munny is to support the Wish for Ava campaign.


Jellymonogram Series from adFunture


The UK-based Jellymon (Sam and Lin-Lin) have released some drawings of their new toy series – Jellymonogram.  They are currently in production with adFunture. They should be released in about a month or two and will range in size from 3.5” to 5.5”.   

Tamo Plastic Samples


I'm sure that you've seen Crazy Label's Treeson figure...but here are the first plastic samples of what will be their second toy venture - Tamo.  Remember that these are the first samples from the mold, so they will be fixing any imperfections.

Boom, Boom, Spider Boom


If the 16" Spider Boom is a little too big for your liking, here is a plush that's half of the size.  Toy2R and Sun-Min Kim will also be releasing this 8" tall Spider Boom plush figure in July of this year.

Spök-spök – Plush from Sweden

Daniel Svanberg sent in some information about his plush toy line - Spök-spök (which means Ghost-ghost in Swedish). The line consists of the following five characters:

Spökelina - The pink ghost. She's always happy and smiling.


Spök-spök - The blue ghost. Spökelinas boyfriend. He's shy, but curious.

Herr Leverfläck - A mole that can't stop scratching himself. He's Spök-spöks best friend.

Toofhairy - A hairy au-pair tooth from Scotland. She's Spökelinas best friend.


Baron von Kon - A blue road cone. He's super angry and always mad. And he's got a secret crush on Spökelina.

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G-Robot from adFunture


Here is a little something that adFunture is working on with Jukai.  This crazy grenade is called G-Robot and is a character from Jukai’s Taiwanese design crew.  AdFunture says that this should be ready for this summer. 


REVIEW: Mad Monster Party Vinyl Figures



Funko, and their Fantastik Plastik line, has brought us the Mad Monster Party set of vinyl figures.  What is the Mad Monster Party, you ask?  It’s the silliest party of the year…and you’re all invited. That was actually the tagline for the Rankin/Bass, late 60’s claymation special. 

Made by the same people who did the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special, Mad Monster Party stars Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller.  It was inspiration behind Tim Burton’s mega-hit – The Nightmare Before Christmas.


All four of the figures (Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf and Zombie Bellhop) come packaged in a see through, cylindrical package.  There is little reading information, but there are a few pictures of the characters from the classic film.  The same package is used for all of the figures.


The Figure has sent us the Werewolf and Dracula vinyl figures for this review.  These rotocast vinyl figures stand 6” tall and have no points of articulation.  So what you see, is essentially what you get.

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