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2.5″ Club2R Edition Qee


This 2.5" Qee is limited to 500 pieces and is only available through Club2R.  For every $100 spent, you will receive one of these figures (while supplies last).

Vinyl Pulse Exclusive HA-CHOO


What? Vinyl Pulse news on Plastic and Plush?  Isn't that like Tupac guest starring on a Biggie album?  Is that reference completely dating myself?

Well the nice folks from Vinyl Pulse have sent word about their exclusive colorway (vibrant blue) of Mizna Wada's HA-CHOO Monkey Style Boxing Vinyl Figure.  This will be the Tokyo-based artist's 2nd vinyl figure.  There will be a limited run of 100 figures in this color and they will sell for $49.99 (beginning June 30th) directly through the Vinyl Pulse store.  Standing at 7" tall, with a removable crown, HA-CHOO is ready to take on all challengers.

New mimobot Ginchy Series

Mimoco has announced a new line of artist series mimobots the Ginchy Series.  The designs are done by Lili Chin (of Mucha Lucha fame) with content from photographer Brian McCarty and music from Phofo.  The three following designs are available for pre-order. 

Also, mimoco will be selling a Protohoodie keychain accessory that allows you to attach your mimobot to your keys.  They will be available in white, silver and black and are currently availble.


Dalek’s 9″ Condi Bunee Qee


Hmm...figures named Condi and Dicky?  The catch phrase of "The G.O.P will set me free"?  I"m guessing this a politically charged figure.  The only question I have is - where's the gap in Condi's teeth?

Wheaty Wheat at 5&A Dime


Well, if you'll be attending San Diego Comic'll have even more entertainment options.  Personally...I like to take in a ballgame, travel to Coronado or go to the zoo...but that's because there was never a show like this.  Wheaty Wheat Studios will run this show during Comic Con - July 19-23 and don't forget about the Back in the Day art show.  This year, there will be a ton of options if you get fed up with the Con.

REVIEW: Captain Maxx



Max Toy Co. and Mark Nagata have released their first original figure.  Captain Maxx is perfectly replicated from the only known surviving figure from the 1970’s.  The figure and character are an homage to classic Japanese superheroes.  Captain Maxx is here to kick some kaiju butt! 



The figure comes bagged with a header and a backing card.  The backing card gives the packaging some stability and also allows you to check out some cool drawings of Maxx.  It also gives you a nice breakdown of Captain Maxx’s special suit.


The Figure

Captain Maxx stands at 9” in height and is made of soft, rotocast vinyl.  There are 5 points of articulation (arms, legs, neck, waist).  The Captain Maxx helmet is removable, so you can reveal our superheroes true identity.  There will be several color variants, including glow-in-the-dark and black.  The original orange color is limited to a run of 150 pieces.

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Jeremy Fish and Turtlecamper Signing


Jeremy Fish will be signing at Ningyoushi's retail store - Double Punch - in San Fran.  It's June 22nd...this Thursday.  They should have all of the Turtlecamper editions available...however...some will be in limited quantities.  So, get out there early.

Skate Decks From MPHlabs


MyPlasticHeart is trying their hand at producing products.  MPHlabs is the production and design division of MPH and their first product will be the 3 skate decks pictured - designed by MAD, Sket and UPSO.  These will be limited to 75 of each design.

Whatever It Takes!


I had all planned on posting a review tonight (Monday) but it'll have to wait until Tuesday.  I just have to soak in the first championship by any team I root for.  (There was the Sixers in 1983 and the Phillies in 1980 - when I was 5 and 2 years old) Woo!

Teddy Troops Artist Series


Here's a peek at the Artist Series of Teddy Troops from adFunture.  This line of 4 figures have been designed by Alexone, D*Face, Dave the Chimp and Flying Fortress.