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9″ Kozik Anarchy Nades


Jamungo's 9" Kozik Anarchy Nades are set to hit the distributor - DKE Toys - this week.  These will be the first designed 9" Nades available to collectors.  You were previously able to pick up the blanks, but that's just not the same as having a Kozik...right?  Look for the Black version to retail around $70, while the more limited white will go in the $100 area.  Also...this release might have the first parental warning for box art!


Dunny On My Mind Show – Dallas, TX


David from RocketPop - one of the Munny On My Mind show sponsors - has sent in news of the upcoming exhibit.  Next Saturday, November 4th, will be the opening of the custom Munny show.  So, if you're in the Dallas'll want to go check it out!

Ringo Bear?!? Yes!!


There definitely were rumors that we'd never see Joe Ledbetter's Ringo Bear made into a vinyl figure.  We saw the prototypes last year, and it looks like the final product is going to live up to the hype all of Ledbetter's Wheaty Wheat products have.  There will be 5 color variants, including several exclusives (including our sponsor - 3DRetro). 

Standard Orange Edition: 600 figures

Polar Bear Edition: 210 figures
Brown Ringo Bear (European exclusive): 300 figures

3DRetro Exclusive: 100 figures

5 & A Dime Exclusive: 60 figures

Look for it around Spring 2007...with more Ledbetter-WWS projects to come.  This figure is going to be hot!


Bossy Bear – from David Horvath


David Horvath's big news has leaked...Bossy Bear!
Keep watching your mail box if you signed up for the big news early on.
Years in the making, Horvath's first children's picture book, will hit the shelves in the spring of 2007.
Can a toy line be far behind?
Look for updates at and

36″ Qee Bear – The Toxic Swamp Bear


There are only 36 of these 36" tall Toxic Swamp Bear Qees (designed by Joe Ledbetter) if you've just hit the jackpot ($1,500 plus $500 to $700 in shipping costs) via lottery, the horses or better get on it!  They are made by Fabric Cast and hand painted.

Big Toe…The Newest Uglydoll


Big Toe will be the first Ugly of 2007. 
While his release date isn't until January 2007,
the winner of the Uglydoll Costume Contest at Uglycon will be the first to own him come this December 9th!
The grand prize for the Uglycon Uglydoll costume contest is a giant prototype of BIG TOE!
(the costume should be on a person, not on an Uglydoll...or dog or fish, cat etc)

Hazmate Plush from Bytedust


Bytedust has sent us some photos of his latest plush creation - Hazmate.    Hazmate (a red warning sign) is patterned after a character that Bytedust first created as a streetart sticker.
This handmade 6" plush is available in limited numbers through his website.


Do You Have The Sqwerts?


Jamungo's Sqwerts are about ready to leave the distributor - DKE Toys - for your favorite local or internet-al (pretty sure I just made up a word) shop.  The line features designs by Frank Kozik, Tara McPherson, TADO and the Jamungo guys - Ferg and Van Beater.  Each figure is about 4" in height and 5" long350 of each design ( except the Pink Van Beater design - 250 pieces) were they're very limited.  Look for the Sqwerts to retail around $20 each. (Ferg's design - white above - is actually clear...see below)


Chewbacca mimobot


The second character in mimoco's Star Wars mimobot series is everyone's favorite wookiee - Chewbacca.  You'll be able to get your hands on the designer flash drive in January.  There are only 2,500 pieces in this run, so you might want to pre-order the figure.