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The Story of Kuggs

About two years ago, Andrew and Johnny (of Blackwater Toys) were going to lunch everyday in the park. And through those lunches came the idea of Kuggs.


We were talking about how the everyday ordinary person is never really given a chance to live life to it's fullest and how only the rich can enjoy it.  It was almost like his destiny is already written for him. He was forced to play the hand he was dealt  - whether he's is forced to work because he had bills to pay or forced to steal because of he was given no opportunity.  We wanted to tell a story about that and thought Urban Vinyl was the perfect medium for us. We always thought it was another form medium where one can express himself there but the cool thing about it was it was in a form of a toy!

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Biskup’s Alpha-Gaichou and The Foul Flock


Tim Biskup's latest Alphabeast creature - Alpha-Gaichou - is a 7” tall vinyl bird.  The first version is set to be released this coming July.  There will be 350 of the black painted version and they will not go on sale until Flopdoodle has them in their hands. As a special offer for Biskup fans, Flopdoodle will be packaging a set of figures called The Foul Flock.  This set will feature the black painted version as well as four different unpainted versions: Glow-In-The-Dark, Light Blue, Black and Yellow. There will be 60 of each unpainted version and only 50 complete sets.

Behind Blythe – Toy Tokyo Showroom


Toy Tokyo is proud to present Behind Blythe - an exhibition of the revival of Blythe dolls by Japan's Cross World Connections (CWC) - with photographs by official Blythe photographer Gina Garan. Find out more about the rebirth of Blythe that began in Asia and how she has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Blythe producer Junko Wong (from Tokyo) will be on hand to sign autographs with New York's own Blythe photographer Gina Garan! Be sure to bring your Blythe and camera for this exciting event!

March 3rd to March 17th
The Showroom NYC - Toy Tokyo
117 2nd Avenue 2nd Floor NYC, NY
(212) 673 5424

Opening Reception:
March 3rd (Friday) Starts at 6pm ending at 9pm
Meet CWC Creative Producer of Blythe, Junko Wong, and the official Blythe Photographer Gina Garan!

Cute and Curious Neo Blythe will be available for the first time in the US at this venue!  CWC invites you to come see this adorable new addition to the Blythe family.

Gary Baseman Takes Over Raleigh


Wootini and AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Raleigh are bringing Gary Baseman to Raleigh, NC (my town) for a lecture on Thursday, March 2nd at the NC Museum of Art.

Tickets are:
$10 for AIGA student members
$20 for AIGA members and student non-members
$30 for non-AIGA members

The lecture will begin at 7:30pm, with a reception starting at 6:30pm, in the education wing of the museum.

Exclusive workshop with Gary Baseman:

Friday, March 3 from 2pm – 4pm

It will be a creative workshop where you can learn more about Gary's techniques or just doodle with him.

$60 - AIGA non-members
$40 - AIGA members and student non-members
$30 - AIGA student members

Gary Baseman Signing:

Friday, March 3 from 7pm - 9pm at Wootini.

And of course, Mr. Baseman will be signing at Carrboro’s Wootini.  Signing begins at 7:00 pm and goes until 9:00 pm.  This timeline will be strict, so if you are concerned about making it in time - be here early.

They'll have lots of things on hand that can be signed by Gary so come on out.

Treeson Vinyl from Crazy Label


Crazy Label is a Hong Kong based independent toy company founded by Wookie in 2005.  They are currently working on several exciting designer toy projects with artists from the US and Hong Kong.

Crazy Label’s first toy should be released by July, and is called Treeson.  Treeson is the main character in the entertaining and cute "Treeson and Ren" story from Bubi Au Yeung.  He is a kind creature who has been brought up by the trees in the forest, and was discovered by Ren at the beginning of the story.  The tree branch is sticking out from his heart. 

The rotocast vinyl toy will be 5" tall.  Crazy Label has finished the sculpture and they are in the process of fabricating the tooling now.  They hope to launch the toy by this year's Taipei Toy Festival.  I really like the back story with this toy and am looking forward to seeing the figure!