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Pete Fowler’s TRWG


Here's the latest figure from Pete Fowler's Monsterism Island.  This version of TRWG, which I'm guessing is Welsh for something, will be available at Toy Tokyo's booth at Comic Con.

2.5″ Hellboy Qee


These might be my 2 favorite Qee designs to date.  Yes...Hellboy and Abe Sapien - straight from the pages of Mike Mignola's Hellboy comic.  They should retail around $8 a pop.  Definitely worth it in my opinion.


I, WZL Black Variant


The above version of I, WZL - from adFunture - is set to be released on June 29th.  Special arrangements have been made with DKE Toys to make them available at next month's San Diego Comic Con.  Be sure to check out Dov's booth, as he should have a ton of cool stuff.

Introducing Tamo from Alfredo Mejia


Crazy Label Toys will be formally releasing their 2nd toy - Tamo - this coming fall.  However, the mini custom show, called Take a Peek, will be held at the Taipei Toy Festival.

The figures will be 3.5" tall, have 3 different hairstyles and a rotatable head.  Tamo, a toy designed by Alfredo Mejia, is based on a cute, fashionable girl born from a cloud.  Tamo stands for Te Amo, which means I love you in Spanish.

Check out the Crazy Label booth (A14) at TTF06.  Designs from the following artists will be displayed:

Alfredo Mejia, Doktor A., Eddie Hui, Elizabeth Berdann (blu), elio, ESP Crew, idlechimp, James Liu (veggiesomething), Lunartik, MAD, NVC Crew, PlaySkewl, psticks, Shan Michael Evans, SpookyAMD, Triclops, woolloomooloo, and more.


Devilrobots + Tokidoki Trexi Series


Play Imaginative is set to launch their "PLUS Trexi Series" in July...during Taipei Toy Festival and SDCC. The idea behind the PLUS Trexi Series is havng a designer from a western country and one from an eastern country lend their designs to the same Trexi series. For the first PLUS Trexi Series, PI has chosen Devilrobots + Tokidoki.  There are a total of 12 designs in this series, with 6 designs from each designer. 1 of these designs is a mystery (or chase) figure and the series will be sold in blind assortment.

Kindly note that the mystery figures are not in the photo because they want to keep it a secret.

Shocker Toys To Bring GWAR to SDCC ’06


This fall, Shocker Toys will unleash a brand new license unto the toy collecting public – GWAR.  Like any good army, GWAR will send out some advance scouts to San Diego Comic Con.  Sculpted by Justice Joseph, Shocker Toys presents the GWAR: First Assault Edition Beef Cake the Mighty SDCC Exclusive Resin Figure!! When asked for a comment, Geoff Beckett replied "No, no. We couldn't possibly make the name any longer." Be sure to hunt down Shocker Toys at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con this year in Hall G at booth #5488 by the double entrance doors and get your GWAR while it lasts!  (limited to 500pcs)


Frozen Empire Toys – Now Open


Frozen Empire Toys is now up and running and featuring figures from the likes of Toy2R, Wheaty Wheat, Jamungo, Unklbrand, Strangeco and more!  In celebration of the opening, FET is currently featurng 3 versions (clear, clear purple & clear orange) of Kozik's Ika Gilas figures at the low price of $78.00 each (limited stock - while supplies last).  Also just in are the brand new Little Yoya, Choco & Minty figures by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim.  Check it out and pick em up before they are gone!

REVIEW: MAD*L Artist Series



Wheaty Wheat Studios
has assembled some of the best designs from last year’s Custom MAD*L Show, as well as some new designs, in what is being referred to as the MAD*L Artist Series.   Phase 1 and 2 each had 3 figures designed by MAD.  This series consists of work by MAD, Sket One, Frank Kozik, Mimic, TADO and Christopher Lee.



The MAD*L Artist Series is very similar to the Phase 1 and 2 boxes.  It is a windowless box with a sticker of the enclosed character on the top lid.


The Figure

Well, if you collect vinyl figures, I am sure that you have seen a MAD*L before.  The figures stand around 6” tall and have 1 point of articulation (the neck).  The MAD*L figure is quickly becoming one of the most popular *gasp* platform toys out there.  Originally modeled after MAD’s son, it allows for all types of customizations. 

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2.5″ Club2R Edition Qee


This 2.5" Qee is limited to 500 pieces and is only available through Club2R.  For every $100 spent, you will receive one of these figures (while supplies last).

Vinyl Pulse Exclusive HA-CHOO


What? Vinyl Pulse news on Plastic and Plush?  Isn't that like Tupac guest starring on a Biggie album?  Is that reference completely dating myself?

Well the nice folks from Vinyl Pulse have sent word about their exclusive colorway (vibrant blue) of Mizna Wada's HA-CHOO Monkey Style Boxing Vinyl Figure.  This will be the Tokyo-based artist's 2nd vinyl figure.  There will be a limited run of 100 figures in this color and they will sell for $49.99 (beginning June 30th) directly through the Vinyl Pulse store.  Standing at 7" tall, with a removable crown, HA-CHOO is ready to take on all challengers.