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REVIEW: Crazy Label’s Treeson



Crazy Label
is a fairly new toy company founded by the one and only Wookie.  They currently have a number of projects in the wings, but their first vinyl figure is known as Treeson.

The Treeson character is the main character from an illustrated story by the Hong Kong artist, Bubi Au YeungTreeson and Ren is a story about a creature that was raised by trees.  Ren finds him with a tree branch sticking out from his heart.  The story is about the friendship that the two form and how they face their past.



Treeson is packaged in a bright green, windowless box.  A brief background of the character is written on the rear of the box.  Also, there are drawings of Treeson, as well as some interesting reading.


The Figure

The 5” Treeson is made of rotocast vinyl.  The figure comes with a removable tree branch and is limited to a run of 500 pieces.  If you look at the end of the branch that is inserted into Treeson, you can see his heart.  With a figure that is completely full of little spikes, you won’t want to let him sitting around of the floor to step on.  Don’t worry though; the spikes aren’t actually sharp. 

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We ended up with a number of great entries in our MAD*L Photo Contest.  The board member who took the above photo, wosie wose, has won a full set of Artist Series MAD*L figures.  Congrats!  And a big thanks to Wheaty Wheat for provide such a great prize!


...and the winner of the complete set of We All Speak Football 3" Trexi figures is the board member - unliterate.  Many thanks to Play Imaginative for providing such a cool prize!

Medicom Does Spawn


Medicom and McFarlane Toys are teaming up to bring collectors a number of brand-new Spawn products.  Among the new offerings are a 12" Real Action Hero Spawn, a Spawn Vinyl Collectors Doll and Spawn Kubricks.  Designer toy fans will probably be more interested in the super deformed Spawn VCD (vinyl collectors doll) and the Kubrick set (which will be released in 2 versions).


Naked Malfi


O yes...that's his birthday suit.  This special edition, pink plush Malfi stands at 10 inches in height and brings all of the goodness and zen all other Friends With You creations have.  You definitely need to pick one up, as it will probably match that new pair of pink pleather pants you bought!

Pilotman from Planet6


Pilotman, from Planet6, will be released at San Diego Comic Con.  SEEN will be on-hand, signing any Pilotman purchased at SDCC.  The figure is limited to 150 pieces and available exclusively at table E12.

Panik’s Toy Box Anniversary Sale

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Now in stock --------> B&W, Color and What the
Chuck versions of Hunchy

Yoyamart Exclusive Goon


Yoyamart has their exclusive Goon figure (designed by Touma) now up for pre-order.  It is limited to 100 pieces, and selling for $70.  The figure will be released in August.

In Search of…The Fuzzy Axtrx


We had heard about this...but now we have pictures to back up the rumors.  Attaboy and Rock America have produced a flocked version of Atta's classic Axtrx vinyl figure.  It will be available in Pink and Black...250 pieces of each.  Remember that Axtrx has 5 interchangeable mouths.  You can make him happy, sad, blood-sucking... 


Project: Neptoon Vinyl Figures


The new, vinyl segment of Play Imaginative is known as Playstix.  It appears that they are going to get extremely!  Sam Fout's Project: Neptoon line is made up of 6 vinyl figures (Cadet Clyde Olson, Captain Jack Maddox, "Number One", "Number Three", Major Ripper and Special Agent Kakudju).  Keep an eye out for them at SDCC.  For a ton of pictures, check out our accompanying discussion board thread.