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More Cheshire Cats!!



Span of Sunset
is proud to announce "Pirate" Cheshire Cat - limited
edition capped at 500 pieces.  First 30 pieces to be sold at Gallery 1988 on
October 7th during "We Are All Mad Here" art show along with another
30 pieces of very special "Raw" Cheshire Cats that will never be remade

Pirate, Haunted Mansion, DV28 and Hip-Hop Cats (in that order above) are set to be
released later this month in Downtown Disney Land.

Le Merde’s Plush Vander


The Le Merde folks have made a plush version of their character "Vander".  They made him in
his classic army jacket version and a special Maharishi version.  They'll be displayed at the Plush You! show, put on by Kristen Rask from Schmancy Toys in
Seattle.  There are around 100 artists participating.

Plush You!

Opening Reception 4-9pm Oct. 6th

Show runs until Nov. 2nd

@ Schmancy and Fancy + Pants

1932 and 1914 2nd Ave.

Seattle,Wa 98101


The New Look Fugitive Toys


Fugitive Toys has a brand-new shopping system with cool features like a community
integrated directly into the site and customer wish lists that can be
sent to friends.  How cool is that?

They are running a HUGE Giveaway - Details here.

Cool new products include:  Tokidoki's Mozzarella and Rocket World's Sasquatch and Yeti

Fugitive Toys is also offering open blind box items for Tinpos, Dunnys, and
Knuckle Bears. In the next couple of days they'll have the same for
Mini Mongers and CI Boys.

When Urban Vinyl Goes Rural!


Hailing from the UK,
fledgling independent toy manufacturers Dan&Dan in conjunction with Triclops
will be dropping their debut soft vinyl figure in time for the Xmas

With over thirty years of experience
in the toy & design industry Dan&Dan have decided to go it alone, their
mission is to produce great quality figures at a price that won’t break the



We always enjoy checking out the work of a talented customizer.  Not only does Mike Heisler - the man behind Slobots - do excellent customs...he also creates original sculptures.  The theory behind his work is as follows:

Not very far into the future, robots
existed in many facets of everyday life...  As the demand for new technology raced on,
many of the earliest robots found themselves without homes or jobs or
families.  They began to search for new meaning
in their lives, in many parts of the galaxy, and even into the farthest
reaches of the universe...  Welcome to the world of "THE SLOBOTS!!"

REVIEW: Uglydolls – Peaco



The past several months have been like Christmas for Uglydoll fans.  Moxy, Chuckanucka, the Secret Mission Uglydolls…now PeacoDavid and Sun-Min are introducing the newest (and pinkest) character in the Ugly line.

Peaco is very shy.  Well…shy on the outside.  On the inside, Peaco is a wild man!  You can see it in his eyes.  All three.  Peaco really shines when he is doing what he does best.  DANCING!  Peaco loves to dance in the water…much to the dread of his cousin Cinko.  Why dance in the water?  Well think about it!  When you dance in the water, no one can see you!  SHY!  Remember?  It’s kind of difficult explaining water dancing to lifeguards though.  Please dance with Peaco.  He’s seen your moves!  (So don’t step on his ears.)



Uglydolls are free-range plush.  They’re allowed to graze on their own without packaging…although they do have a tag with all sorts of important information (including what’s above) on it.

Read more

Another Doktor A Custom!


Well...what can you say?  Doktor A continues to blow everyone away with his custom pieces.  This time he has worked his magic on a Dunny and MAD*L.  He calls them Professor Teslastein and his electric creation.  Reminds me of Frankenstein and his monster.


TRWG! by Pete Fowler


TRWG! is the newest limited edition vinyl figure from artist Pete Fowler and STRANGEco, and begins shipping in November 2006.

TRWG (pronounced troog) is a walking, talking encyclopedia of the unique musical styles found
on Monsterism Island. Bred and schooled on a commune in the hills, he
now writes his own music fanzine (titled It’s Fragly!) and is always found in front at local gigs. He’s the first to know about the new local bands, where they are playing and what they eat for

Retail will be $59.99 and it'll be available in November.

LA-LA From Munky King and Kii Arens


The first toy from artist, designer, and photographer Kii
is sure to please both mods and toy collectors.  Standing 7"
, its working eye light glows while its magnetic feet keep
LA-LA (produced by Munky King) firmly planted on all metal objects.  The figure is packaged in a printed plastic tube simulating Kii's lightbox piece "Highway
None."  Battery is included.

Less than 400 of each color (glossy black & pearlescent white) are
available for wholesale from DKE Toys.  Look for them to retail around $40.