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More News from Necessaries…

We get some nice looking, up close and personal photos of Camille Rose Garcia's Lulu, Patch, Cherry Girl, and Katie and Sadie.  These 4 figures will be available from Necessaries Toy Foundation and will be available at Camille's October 1st show opening.  NTF has given us some amazing figures such as Enid, BunnyDuck and Antoinette - The Sympathy Girl.


Each figure is over 14 inches in height!  They should retail in the $60 area.  I can't wait!


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We Talk With Mr. Uglydoll Himself – David Horvath

We chat it up with Uglydoll, Noupa, Little Bony, Pounda, Wonderplan 51, etc. creator David Horvath. With a number of toys and projects on the horizon, we get the inside scoop.
(My questions are in black - David's answers are in blue)

With the first Series of Little Uglys recently released, and Series 2 landing in the near future, will we be seeing more characters in the “normal size” anytime soon?

New normal size Uglys have been born and are on the way.


We all got a glimpse of the Mini Uglys vinyl figures at Comic Con, are these going to be in production anytime soon? Will we see more than just the usual Uglydoll characters?

We created this line with Critterbox so that we would have the freedom to release the “background characters” of the Uglydoll universe with greater ease.
  While most vinyl figure publishers have production delays, we’re constantly causing our own toys months or even years of delay to get them right. If anytime soon means one year for you, then I say I hope so?

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William Wray – Fine Artist


Everyone knows Bill Wray from his work on Ren and Stimpy, his monthly comic strip - Monroe - that runs in Mad Magazine, and his comics (including Big Blown Baby and Hellboy Jr.)

Now, Bill is concentrating on fine art oil painting.  His work is focusing on the urban landscape of California, and he is looking to capture "what's left of a bygone era" in his paintings...before these structures are replaced by strip malls.

Check out his new site at

Wheaty Wheat Back Online

Wheaty Wheat Studios newly revamped website is now up and running.  It's something that I have been looking forward to as they really are putting out some of the hottest new toys in the designer genre.  They have a lot of info there, but they should be adding more as the weeks go on and they begin releasing more cool figures.  Check out the 360 degree views....very cool.

And for those of you just dying to get your hands on some of the new Joe Ledbetter figures.  The Kidrobot exclusive Mr. Bunny is set to drop on September 22nd.  Good luck getting one....only 50 were made.


Wootini Wrap Up

Tonight began the month long exhibition of art from Andrew Bell - the creator of The Creatures In My Head at Carrboro, North Carolina's Wootini.

On display were a load of amazing artwork and prints...customized toys...zliks...circus punks (even though my photos of those are horrible - they are very cool).

For a list of available pieces or custom toys, you should contact the fine folks at Wootini.

Now...take a look at some photos!!






Camille Rose Garcia and NTF

Necessaries Toy Foundation is set to launch their latest figures Lulu and Cherry Girl - by Camille Rose Garcia.  As we all know about NTF - their products are top notch!  So this one will most definitely be worth the wait.

If you're in the Santa Ana, CA area on October'll want to check out the show opening.  You'll be able to pick up these two figures, as well as get a glimpse of Camille's amazing artwork.  Don't miss out!