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REVIEW: Sam Fout’s Project:Neptoon



In the year 2526…Mankind has eradicated all human life from the galaxy.  Earth’s animals have formed national teams and launched their space arks into the cosmos…Unable to reach peaceful agreement, the teams construct crude arenas on surrounding moons.  There they organize battles and competitions for the total control of the last inhabitable planet…Neptune.

Sam Fout’s Project:Neptoon line is from Playstix – the vinyl toy brand from Play Imaginative.  Fout has created comics revolving around the story’s main characters.  They are also developing scripts to tell the story through motion pictures and television.



The figures come in two different sizes, meaning that there are two separate boxes…depending on the size of the figure.  Each window-front box is individualized depending on the figure that is packaged inside.  There is a photo of the character and information about that character. 



The Figures

There are six total figures in the Project:Neptoon line.  They are split evenly into two different sizes – 4” and 6”.  The 6” tall figures are Major Walter E. Ripper (2), Special Agent Kakudji (2) and Number Three (1).  The 4” tall figures are Captain Jack Maddox (3), Number One (3) and Cadet Clyde Olson (3).  (Points of articulation in parentheses)

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Win a Set of Blank Tamo Figures and a Blank Treeson

Here is your shot at winning a set of Taipei Toy Festival Exclusive blank Tamo figures.  That's 3 blank figures: i <3 toys, no battery required and vinyl hazard.  These are tough to get your hands on! 

Also...Crazy Label Toys has thrown in a blank version of the popular Treeson figure.  He has no you can draw one on!

The contest will be run through our Message Board.  It will run through Monday, September 11th.  Just answer this one question: 

What's your favorite film?

Now Shipping From adFunture

Two new adFunture products are set to begin shipping out in the near future.


Teddy Troops Series 2 will start shipping out in late September.  Each figure is about 3.5" tall and will be individually packaged (NOT blind boxed).  The 4 variants in the series are designed by Flying Fortress, Alexone, D*Face and Dave the Chimp.  They will retail around $10 each.


The Fafinettes Set (Jeanette and Claude) will start shipping in October.  Each figure stands around 8" n height.  They are packaged separately, but sold as a set.  Only 2,000 sets will be produced and they should retail around $100 per set.  If you're a fan of Fafi's'll want to grab these!

If you are interested in carrying these figure, both of these products are being distributed by DKE Toys.

Designer Toy Reading


Two new books will be released this fall about the designer toy market.  Dot Dot Dash!: Designer Toys, Action Figures and Character Art is from the editors of Pictoplasma 2.  The book is 288 pages and is set to be released on October 30th. 

I Am Plastic: The Designer Toy Explosion is written by Paul Budnitz - the founder and creative director of Kidrobot.   Look for the book to be released on November 1st.  It will be packed with 368 pages of colorful photos.

REVIEW: Andrew Bell’s Zliks



ZLIKS are a strange species of creatures that live primarily underground. They often travel in packs and will only emerge from their burrows in search of food, fun, friends... or revenge.

The line, produced by Wheaty Wheat Studios, has been designed by Andrew Bell.  They’re based on drawings from his immensely popular website (and book) – The Creatures In My Head.  There are currently 3 different “species” of Zliks – Oil, Natural and Psycho.



Zliks come packaged in a window-front box.  It’s designed as a forest type scene.  There are instructions to create a Zlik environment from the well as reading on drawings on the rear of the box.

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