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Observers Set to Land

STRANGEco has announced that the latest offering from Mars-1, the Observer, is set to hit retailers soon.  Now, if you didn't get to pick up the SDCC exclusive black Observer at Comic'll have the choice of 3 different colors (Red, Grey and Green).


The Grey version will be limited to 450 pieces. The Red and Green will each have 750 available.  The figures will be 6 inches in height and packaged in a box deisgned by Mario (aka Mars-1). 

I rarely get this excited about a toy release, but I've been kicking myself for not picking up the San Diego exclusive...and now I'm looking forward to snagging one of these.


Artist Overview: Melita Curphy – Miss Monster

Something I like to do is look for really amazing artists, who should be household names.  Well, Melita Curphy falls into that category.  She is producing some very cool plush designs, model kits and drawings (not to mention a crazy halloween mask!).  In the next month or so, I will be reviewing some of Mel's creations in more depth...but for some more about Miss Monster!


Since I was 8, I have been a comic/horror/creature/ geek and I
have always drawn monsters. Growing up with the wierdo toys from the
1980's influenced me first, giving me the near lifelong fantasy of having my own articulated action figure line. Articulation is pretty
difficult so...I've gone more towards the model kit/doll route until I
can get joints and perfect casting down better 😉


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REVIEW: Booted Glamour Cat

Wootini again has partnered with STRANGEco to bring collectors an exclusive art toy.  This time, the figure is from the wicked mind of Scott Musgrove.  Brought to life from his paintings, the Booted Glamour Cat – scientific name Felis Glamorous Nigripes – can be found in a number of various color combinations.


Musgrove has created several paintings of supposed extinct animals.  The Booted Glamour Cat figure is an exact shrunken scale model of the original creature, which roamed North America until the 1800’s.  This is all made up, of course. 

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SAM: Super Animal Robot


Red Magic
gives us the breakdown of their latest creation - SAM (Super Animal Robot):

Traditionally, Pandas give the impression of being gentle, cute & peaceful. They have a huge body and a lazy character. What would you think if they became violent and invaded the Earth? SAM is an extraterrestrial, pretending to be a Panda & hiding on Earth, waiting until the right time to execute their invasion operation. They are threat to the peace of the World!!

In series one - called World Attack Series - we find famous people and symbols from around world.  These people are likely to attack other countries or become attack targets. (You can see Napoleon, the Statue of Liberty, etc.)

About the product: It is 3 inches high with a two ball join concept.  It means that the head and the body can move 360 degrees.  Each product will hold a panda magic stick.  There will be 7 styles and 12 pcs in a box.


Contest: Puppet Terrors


We have Bunky the Clown and Death Row Joe puppets from the independent comic book - Puppet Terrors.  Not only will the winner of this contest receive both of these puppets, but they will also receive the first two issues of the Puppet Terror comic book.  Both of the comics are autographed by the comic's creator - Jesse Wroblewski

So the basic premise of this story as that these toys actually come alive.  So we'll be choosing a completely random winner from the folks who comment in this thread.  So just make a comment about anything....and you'll be entered.  (Just remember to include your email address so I can contact you!)  All entries must be submitted by Friday September 23rd.

Be sure to look out for the Bunky the Clown Circus Punk in the upcoming Circus Punks show. 


Fowler and SFA Love Kraft Snowglobe

While perusing the Super Furry Animals online shop, I came across this very cool, limited edition snowglobe that has been released in time for the new SFA album - Love Kraft.  Inside the glass dome, there is a 3D representation of the album artwork - created by Mr. Monsterism - Pete Fowler.  It's currently availlable through the SFA online store for 20 pounds.  Thanks to the SFA store for the photos.


Read about the album...

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