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The Banana Lab – Detroit Custom Toy Show


The Banana Lab’s first exhibition will be held at 2000 Brooklyn, Detroit’s well-known art collective. They will be exhibiting Vol.1 of their “Urban Art Experiments”, featuring some of Detroit's leading artists customizing 9” blank vinyl toy figures known as NADEs and B.U.D.s.

The show will be held on Nov 18th at 2000 Brooklyn in Detroit from 7pm-10pm, with complimentary drinks and food. 

Artists include: Glen Barr, Adam Battestilli, Christina Gibbs, Mark Heggie, Dennis Jones, Nicole MacDonald, Dave Roberts, Shades, Scotty Agee, Jason Shram, Gilda Snowden, Tom Thewes, Ron Zakrin, and Ziam.

Pirate Boy from Shag


The Shag Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Boy has arrived at the distributor - DKE Toys.  Both the Color and Sepia versions are limited to 500 pieces each.  However, only 300 of each are available for wholesale as Disneyland will be
getting the rest and you know how those Disney Shag fans are...

Pirate Boy is being produced by Span of Sunset for Disney.  The figure stands at almost 10" tall and comes in a really great clear display
box with Shag art front and back. Suggested Retail Price is $60. 

Hi Fructose – Volume 4


The fourth volume of Hi Fructose Magazine returns
this winter (mid December-ish) with more under the counter culture and toysploitation to sink your
rotten teeth into.  This issue features an extensive interview with Ray Ceasar (featured on the cover), the tiled street abduction of Space Invader, the doe-eyed-sweet art of Fawn Gehweiler, Ragnar's hobos and vixens, and an interview with Gary Taxali! Plus multipage exposes on Kozik's The Bird is the Word, The Gorillaz as shot by Brian McCarty, Leslie Repetaux (aka Black Olive), Sauer Kids, Sam Buxton, Wilfred Wood, a journey into Longo Land, the best Designer toys and much, much more.

3″ Treeson – From Crazy Label


With the popularity of Treeson, Crazy Label is not only releasing variant they are preparing to bring us a 3" tall (mini) Treeson.  That's right folks!  You can now attach your favorite vinyl character (if Treeson's your fav) to your keychain...or just carry him around with you.  Look for it to be released in late November or early December and retail around $11.95.  Each figure comes with a hand strap and protective bag.


9″ Kozik Anarchy Nades


Jamungo's 9" Kozik Anarchy Nades are set to hit the distributor - DKE Toys - this week.  These will be the first designed 9" Nades available to collectors.  You were previously able to pick up the blanks, but that's just not the same as having a Kozik...right?  Look for the Black version to retail around $70, while the more limited white will go in the $100 area.  Also...this release might have the first parental warning for box art!


Ringo Bear?!? Yes!!


There definitely were rumors that we'd never see Joe Ledbetter's Ringo Bear made into a vinyl figure.  We saw the prototypes last year, and it looks like the final product is going to live up to the hype all of Ledbetter's Wheaty Wheat products have.  There will be 5 color variants, including several exclusives (including our sponsor - 3DRetro). 

Standard Orange Edition: 600 figures

Polar Bear Edition: 210 figures
Brown Ringo Bear (European exclusive): 300 figures

3DRetro Exclusive: 100 figures

5 & A Dime Exclusive: 60 figures

Look for it around Spring 2007...with more Ledbetter-WWS projects to come.  This figure is going to be hot!