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REVIEW: Broken Heart Robot



Designed by Craig Anthony Perkins, and produced by Genshi:Toy, the Broken Heart Robot is a unique toy – for reasons we will get into.  Since we always love a good background story…how about this one.

On his home planet of Xerbix 319, the Broken Heart Robot was one of the rare robots built without a purpose. Sadden by this, he fled Xerbix 319 and traveled the galaxy to seek out his purpose.

Along the way, the Broken Heart Robot met many interesting characters on various planets, moons and asteroids, and eventually landed on a small planet known as Earth. Though he has yet to find his purpose, he may just find a few new friends to help him with his quest!



The window-front box the BHR comes packaged in is designed to look like his spaceship.  It has the story behind the character written on the back.


The Figure

The Broken Heart Robot is a 6” rotocast vinyl figure.  He has 5 points of articulation.  Each figure has a sad looking face and a broken heart on its chest.

There are currently 4 versions of this figure available – regular, blank (white for customizing), glow-in-the-dark, and the SDCC exclusive clear.  The clear plastic figure is actually squishy, which is a nice bonus.

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Glen Barr at Billy Shire Fine Arts Gallery


Why is it that whenever I hear of a show at the Billy Shire Fine Arts Gallery...the first thing that pops into my mind is Talia Shire (of Rocky and Godfather fame)?  In any case...Glen Barr was exhibiting his work at the gallery, with an opening reception on July 15th.  Our friend Robert, from Kung Fu Toys, sent in these great looking pictures of the exhibit.  The show runs through August 19th, and his book signing has been postponed until July 18th.  So if you're in Culver City, CA...check it out!


REVIEW: 10″ We All Speak Football Trexis



Play Imaginative’s We All Speak Football Trexi line includes several 10” figures, in addition to the set of 24 3” Trexis.  This entire line was created in conjunction with soft drink giant Coca-Cola to celebrate the World Cup.  Coke sponsored the series, so you will find their logo on mostly all of the figures.  No worries though, as the product placement doesn’t really take away from the designs.

For this review, we received the 10” W.A.S.F. Trexis designed by Touma and Winson Ma/Danny Chan.



The 10” Trexis are packaged in a large window front box.  Not only have the artists designed the Trexis, but they also worked on the box design.  The themes reflect that of the enclosed Trexi.  Also, there is no reading about the figures on the actual box.


The Figure

The 10” Trexis are made of ABS plastic.  If you are not familiar with the lingo…this is harder than the soft, rotocast vinyl.  (It's also food safe plastic) The top of each figure’s head is removable.  You can take of the top of the Trexis’ head to reveal a 3” figure within. 

The 10” Touma figure has a unique, 3” Trexi designed by Touma.  (Only available with the 10” figure)  The Trexi designed by Winson Ma and Danny Chan includes either Winson Ma’s popular 3” monkey Trexi or Danny Chan’s panda design (both from the 3” W.A.S.F. line).   Each of these figures is limited to a run of 200 pieces.

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NVC Meets Wu Tang Clan


The NVC Crew - Dr. Bao and Spive - have combined 2 of their favorites in this custom set.  Infusing their love for Asian pop culture with their musical taste - specificaly rap - the NVC Crew's custom is called Wu Tang Clan vs. Shaolin Monks.  The group continues to show their unique work.  Looking forward to seeing more!


Colin Stinson at Rocket World Gallery

Rocket World Gallery presents artist Colin Stinson’s launch of his experimental retail art installation called the CS Drop Shop within the Rocket World gallery complex at 660 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.


Colin is a New York City based artist known primarily for his painting, sculpture, installation work, and introduces a new line of limited edition apparel and objects which reflect and extend his aesthetics.  If you are a fan of underground skull motif shirts, unique pocket sculpture/objects, custom built street bicycles, and much more, the CS Drop Shop #1 is the location on the West Coast for his new Tough-Luxe Collection.  The inaugural opening of the CS Drop Shop on Friday evening August 25th from 7pm-Midnight, marks a return to Colin's Bay Area roots and will feature the release of his latest book-audio CD project, "Dust to Dust". On the evening of the opening, the all girl Rock-n-Roll band “Stiletta” is scheduled to perform in the Rocket World Gallery Space, a charity raffle will be held for two very Rare Edition Red Toothed Wedgehead UglyDolls with the proceeds going to non-profit wildlife conservation groups, and the Bay Area debut of the two newest Rocket World Designer Vinyl Limited Edition Toys. 

Refreshments and light fare will be provided along with the Turntablist Sounds of DJ Sidetrak.  Rocket World Gallery is located at 660 22nd St., San Francisco, CA 94107 in the Dog Patch area of Potrero Hill.

Yira: Dragon of Doom


The newest vinyl figure from Steve Forde and Go Hero is Yira: Dragon of Doom.  This Kaiju beast is ready to fight with your Mechabot...but you'll have to wait a little (September) to get your hands on him.  You do have a chance at checking Yira out at the DKE Toys booth (#4730) at SDCC.

7" in height and 18" in length
6 points of articulation
Run of 500 pieces
Exclusive color details coming soon

The Yira Story:
Unexplored caverns and passageways sprawl beneath the surface of the world.  As man begins to illuminate these dark places, he unearths frightening evidence that there are living things below us.
There exists “Sons of the Leviathan”, ancient creatures that sleep, hide, and wait.  For reasons mysterious and evil, dragons have returned causing devastation in their wake.