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Win a Chuckanucka!


In honor of our upcoming review of the newest available Uglydoll - Chuckanucka - we are going to be giving away a pair of Chuckanucka packs.  You'll get 3 individual plushies - normal, mini and keychain

Here's what you'll have to do:

Go to our corresponding forum thread and tell us your favorite current television show.  Tell us what warps your mind!  You'll have two weeks...2 random winners will be announced on September 28th.  Thanks to Uglydolls for supplying the very cool prizes.

Schmancy Fancy Pants Presents Plush You!


Schmancy Toys and Fancy Pants are proud to present the second annual PLUSH YOU! art show, featuring over one hundred emerging plush artists from around the world.  The number of featured artists will be doubled from last year.  Contributing artists include Stuart Bloomfield, Jess Hutch, Heidi Kenney, Shawnimals, and Marianne Roosa of 12punt3.

Kristen Rask remarks "Plush is exploding right now. These are basically one-of-a-kind toys that are inventive, surprising and often disarming.  If it's cute and fuzzy, can it be serious art? If a two-year old can't play with it, is it really a toy? It's an engaging medium." 100 artists are participating in this year's show and are allowed to submit up to three pieces for display at Schmancy and Fancy Pants. The show will run for a month.

The opening reception will be held on October 6th from 4:00 to 9:00 pm.

Birds Attack at Bispop Gallery!!!


Our trusty West Coast correspondent - Robert from Kung Fu Toys - made it to this past Sunday's show: Birds Attack at Bispop Gallery!  Tim Biskup was there for the release of the latest figure in his "Alphabeast"
vinyl figure series. "Alpha-Gaichou" is a 7" vinyl bird that eats
brains! The black painted version will be available in an edition of
350 figures.  Robert was lucky enough to win the 5 vinyl figures pictured below.


REVIEW: Blackwater Toys’ Kuggs



Blackwater Toys’ line of Kuggs polyresin figures are beginning to land at designer toy retailers.  The Kuggs story is a pretty interesting one.

To read the entire story, you will want to check out the Blackwater website, but here is an abbreviated one.  The Kuggs are the working class…being oppressed by the Bagless.  They ride the subway to and from work and basically live to work.  “Led around with no resistance or question, the Kuggs have become sheep and the Bagless are their shepherds. But as in any flock of sheep, there will always be a few strays-ones that realize maybe this isn’t the only way of life- ones that wake up from the nightmare and start to see reality- ones who become black sheep.



The window-front packages of the 6” Kuggs are designed to resemble a Subway train.  The boxes can be put together to show a scene of the Kuggs standing next to each other in the train car.  There is plenty of reading on the bottom of the box…including the Kuggs story.

Read more

The Newest Uglydoll – Peaco


Peaco debuted at San Diego Comic Con as a 2-foot tall Uglydoll that one lucky fan had the chance to bring home.  Look for the latest member of the gang to debut in the near future.  Want to know more about this character?  Read below:

Peaco is very shy.

Well... shy on the outside.

On the inside, Peaco is a wild man!

You can see it in his eyes. All three.

Peaco really shines when he’s
doing what he does best.

Peaco loves to dance in the
water...much to the dread of
his cousin Cinko.

Why dance in the water?
Well, think about it!

When you dance in the water,
no one can see you!

SHY! Remember?

It’s kind of a pain explaining
water dancing to lifeguards though.

Please dance with Peaco.
He’s seen your moves!
(So don’t step on his ears.)

Now Shipping From Frozen Empire Toys

Brand new in-stock items, shipping NOW at Frozen Empire Toys:

8" Yeti Bear Qee by Tim Biskup / Toy2R


HazMaPo Series B1.2 - Train Series by Unklbrand
10" Bondage Labbit by Frank Kozik / Kidrobot
10" Blue Icebot by Dalek / Kidrobot (RGG Exclusive)
9" Blank BUDS & NADES by Jamungo
Playtimes Magazine - Vol 2 Issue 5 - The Joe Ledbetter Issue
Minitreehouse - Bennzi in Blue
Be sure to keep an eye on the Frozen Empire Toys website for MORE new arrivals soon!

Max Toy Company exclusive Hedorah




Max Toy Company's
exclusive Hedorah

A collaboration with Toho, Marmit & Shono Kikaku.

The details:

  • 9 inches tall
  • clear orange vinyl with glitter
  • white spray on top with red spray on body
  • comes bagged with header card featuring art by Mark Nagata. Each header hand signed and numbered

Pre Order price: $70.00 plus shipping (8.5% tax if CA resident)

2 editions: 25 all clear orange no paint versions (sold out)

                75 clear orange with paint (25 pieces left)

Note: pictures our of the proto type figure