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Little Littlebony Plush Toys


On your next trip to Japan, turn on the NHK channel at 7:58 in the
morning and dance along with David Horvath's Littlebony, the skinless
little boy who knows anything is possible, and his pretty good pal,

Then do the Bony Bony dance all the way to the nearest Yujin capsule
toy machine and pick up one of 6 brand new Littlebony plush toys.

Live in the USA? Uh oh. Then you have to go to Giant Robot for your Littlebony.

Octopo Review


Android 8 and UNKL Brand have teamed up to release one of the coolest and cutting edge vinyl figures – Octopo.  If you enjoyed UNKL’s HazMaPo figures, you will really enjoy Octopo.  It’s about double the size – 6 inches – and has a special secret…well it’s not really a “secret”.


According to the packaging: “Octopo comes with a stowaway.  Mini-8 is Octopo’s base communications center, but he’s also Octopo’s best friend.  Held in place by a magnet, Mini-8 is never far from Octopo and his responsibilities.”  So think of Mini-8 as Gilligan and Octopo as the Skipper…except they don’t share cots.

Now, the Mini-8 figure actually detaches from Octopo’s back.  Is he a backpack, a little friend, a communications center…or all?  He attaches to the dock a pretty powerful magnet.  So you should probably keep this toy away from your computer unless you are looking to erase your hard drive for some reason.  It’s not going to pull out your fillings, but it might wipe out all of your illegally downloaded Journey tunes.


Much like the HazMaPo figures, Octopo has 3 points of articulation (head and arms).  It’s made of several materials - more than just rotocast vinyl.  Mini-8 has a metal antenna, Octopo has a removable hand that shows some off some frayed wires and they both contain magnets.


The box is above average.  There is no window, so you’ll need to remove the figure for display, but this is one you won’t want to throw away.  It’s colored blue and green (the same colors as Octopo) and has several drawings – as well as information about the figure you just purchased. 

Octopo is a limited edition run of 500.  Even though it was exclusively made for Android 8 by UNKL Brand, it should be hitting other online retailers.  If you want one now, I would suggest checking out the Android 8 website where they are selling for $50 apiece.  This is a fairly average price for a figure of this size.

Personally, I really enjoy this figure.  The colors, the fact that you can remove the Mini-8 and all works for me.  When you team up 2 of the up and coming designer toy companies, you should come up with a super cool figure like this.

Rating: 94%


Take That Back!!!!


North Carolina's top designer toy shop - Wootini - presents Andrew Bell’s “Take That Back” on Friday September 9th from
  7pm - 12am in the Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro. Original art, books, tees and
  toys from Andrew Bell served up, along with refreshments and music from
Family. Show runs through 10 October.

Yours truly should be there covering the events as the joint is basically in my backyard...ok...maybe I'm a half hour away from Wootini. Let's cross our fingers and hope Andrew's Zliks are finished by then. If not, you will most definitely want to check out his newly released book - Now You've Done It. It's a very cool collection of Mr. Bell's work.

Show Me the Munny!


Kidrobot, has announced the release of their first ever do-it-yourself-toy: MUNNY is the root of all happiness. A fool and his MUNNY are soon parted. MUNNY changes everything!

You can draw and paint on MUNNY. Use crayons, markers, paint, ketchup, glue, glitter, or anything else you can think of.  Make clothes for MUNNY or things to put in his hands! Singe him, pierce him, drape him, cherish him. Each MUNNY includes 4 secret mystery accessories, a hello-my-name-is card, and one of several surprise MUNNY coloring books. 

MUNNY is for adults and children alike, 7” tall and made of soft vinyl. MUNNY will be available at all Kidrobot stores, on the web at, and at select retailers. White MUNNY will retail for $24.95; Black and Glow MUNNY will be $29.95.

Hi Fructose Issue 2


Hi Fructose Magazine
returns with its second Issue featuring even more under the counter culture Toysploitation artists
and mayhem makers of reknown. The Fall issue features: the art and toys of Tim Biskup, J.Otto Seibold interview and Gallery, Jeff Soto, Misery's helping of Melancholy Pie, the inside out etheral art of Feric (Eric Fang) Scott Musgrove, the Cult of Blythe: featuring Gina Garan, Adult Swim Goes to Vegas: a special Photo Travelogue and Furrila centerfold by Brian McCarty!

And of Course All the Designer Toys you can't handle. Plus Exposes with Joe Ledbetter, PShaw!, Thomas Han, Mars-1, Cyclecide, and D.I.Y Toy Patterns.

Recently featured in Wired, Nokia Magazine, and Cartoon Network, Hi Fructose is your ticket to the new art toy revolution. Don't miss it!

Spider Boom!


Uglydoll co-creator Sun-Min Kim's first solo toy project.

Spider-Boom is the spider of all spiders...she becomes pregnant at the drop of a Cake. Eat some cherry cake? Have a Cherry Boom baby. Eat a choco-pie? Have a Choco Boom baby! From canvas to skateboard to circus punk to Trexi and back
again as a limited edition of 500 hand sewn plush dolls produced by
Critterbox and available today at Giant Robot (LA, NYC, SF) and Yoya

Kozik Toy Set


I know you've heard of Frank Kozik...and you might have even heard about the line of mini figures he did with Basik Toys.  Well here is your chance to own the whole set of infamous mini figs: Los Locos and Kozik Superstars.

Rotofugi has the entire set (65 total figures + 10 vending machine prints) for only $59 a pop.  The Superstars come group in sets of 4 figures in 12 different colors.  There are also 13 different Los Locos characters.  Two of the prints are signed and numbered by Kozik.

These figures were initially only available through vending machines (like the quarter machines you'd find at K-Mart).  Kozik at K-Mart?!?!  But now you'll only be able to find these through these sets...unless you're lucky enough to find a vending machine with these.

The Kozik Superstars/Los Locos sets are limited to only 100 numbered sets.

Retro Roto Megaman


Jazwares is proud to release it's brand new RETRO
ROTO Megaman
action figure line. These 6-inch
roto-molded soft PVC
figures accurately recreate
the Blue-Bomber and all his friends from the
original game artwork.

As a special bonus collect all five figures and
recieve a Bonus Build-A-Bot of Ful-Charge Megaman.
Choose heroic Megaman, the enigmatic Protoman, the
shocking Elecman, the ever-so shady Shadowman, or
the loveable brute Gutsman!