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Do You Have The Sqwerts?


Jamungo's Sqwerts are about ready to leave the distributor - DKE Toys - for your favorite local or internet-al (pretty sure I just made up a word) shop.  The line features designs by Frank Kozik, Tara McPherson, TADO and the Jamungo guys - Ferg and Van Beater.  Each figure is about 4" in height and 5" long350 of each design ( except the Pink Van Beater design - 250 pieces) were they're very limited.  Look for the Sqwerts to retail around $20 each. (Ferg's design - white above - is actually clear...see below)


REVIEW: Attaboy’s Fuzzy Axtrx



Attaboy and Rock America are back at it with a new variation on their widely popular Axtrx vinyl figure.  The Fuzzy on the Outside Axtrx is currently available in two different colors – hot pink and jet black.  If you remember, the Axtrx is supposedly the physical embodiment of the asterisk (*). 



The old, cartoonish-style green box has been replaced with an updated window-front box that more closely resembles Attaboy’s current artistic style.  There is a special insert, written by Attaboy, that talks about the elusive glow-in-the-dark Fuzzy Axtrx.  Does it really exist?


The Figures

The Fuzzy Axtrx figures use the same sculpt and mold we saw used on the original green Axtrx.  What has changed is that the figures are now flocked and fuzzy.  They are approximately 4” in height and made of rotocast vinyl.  Every Axtrx figure includes 5 interchangeable mouths.  Both versions (pink and black) are limited to a run of 250 pieces and are running around $25.

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Urban and Firefly Treeson


Two brand spanking new Treesons will be shipping from Crazy Label Toys this November.  Bubi Au Yeung has designed these editions and named them Urban Treeson (black and orange) and Firefly Treeson (glow-in-the-dark with fireflies inside).  These photos are of the pre-production figures, and we've included some artwork from the new Treeson stories. 

The Urban Treeson has a SRP of $20 and will be limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide.  The Firefly Treeson is a little more rare with only 500 pieces available and a suggested retail price of $29DKE Toys will be distributing these figures in the US and Europe.


Ron English’s Cathy Cowgirl


This might cause some inappropriate and awkward stares the next time you drive by your local dairy farm.  STRANGEco and Ron English are planning a holiday release for the "udderly" silly Cathy Cowgirl figure.  And you said you didn't know what to pick up for grandpa!!  She'll be standing on a faux-wood base in the shape of the Lone Star state.  (That should make Texans prouder than Friday Night Lights)  The Brown and Black and White versions will be limited to 450 pieces each, while the Gold version has only 100 available pieces.


Kaiju Big Battel Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII


We teamed up with the very cool toy news and review site - - to cover the Kaiju Big Battel Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII event.  If you're not familiar with KBB, they have created several DVDs and are featured on G4's daily morning television show - Action Blast.  You'll find a huge wrestling ring and some of the craziest characters and costumes at these events.  It's definitely a must-see...and I'm upset that I missed it.


Nevertheless, we were able to get Atom from CollectionDX into the event.  He has chronicled an amazing night of monsters and mayhem in his Shpadoinkel Mania coverage.  Go check that out.  Many thanks for the great photos!! He also shot the video footage below.

...and remember to check out Kaiju Big Battel on Action Blast...on G4 every morning at 8 am.