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Mozzarella by tokidoki


One of the newest figures from STRANGEco is the 6"tall, rotocast Mozzarella...the next vinyl figure from Simone Legno and tokidoki.
Mozzarella is the leader of The Moofia, a gang asembled to extort milk
from lunchboxes of schoolyard bullies. She's loving and kind to good
kids but ruthless and feared by those who harass the innocent.  Mozzarella packs tommy gun heat, and comes with a 2.5" smiling bullet companion.


REVIEW: Chuckanucka – Uglydolls



David and Sun-Min
have introduced several new Uglydoll characters over the past few months.  The latest available Ugly is known as Chuckanucka (Peaco is now a pre-order).  After premiering at Toy Fair 2006, the Ugly masses have been clamoring for release of this character.  Below is what Chuckanucka’s tag has to say about him.

OK, you know what?  Chuckanucka.  That’s what.  Chuckanucka worries about pretty much everything under the sun: What if the phone rings when I go out? What if the mailman tries to deliver my Deluxe Uglydoll Earmuffs when I’m in the bathroom?  Hey, I don’t remember leaving the closet door open just a crack like that!  What if I can’t ever stop thinking about my name over and over?

Chuckanucka has a pretty strange way of looking at life.  Sometimes he wonders if this is all just a hologram, and on other days he wonders what’s going to happen if they stop making CD players…  How will I play my favorite CDs??? I have over nine of them!!!  Poor Chuckanucka.  Lucky Chuckanucka.


Umm…Uglydolls are plush toys.  They don’t have any packaging.  They do have a nice little tag, but I already told you what it says!

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Santastic Wear! “Saru” Monchichi


Santastic Wear! "Saru" clothing and toys by Santa Inoue - creator of
Tokyo Tribe 2 comic book - have been very successful in the Land of the
Rising Sun for years. Savvy collectors around the world collected
Tokyo Tribe 2 toys one by one. Now Span of Sunset exclusively stocks
Saru product in US!  T-shirts, Crazy Limited Monchichi x Saru dolls and
Saru accessories available now for purchase. Only limited  quantity of
Monchichi dolls available!

Win a Kugg at the Scion Xposed Event


Blackwater Toys will be holding a contest to win a Kugg at the Scion Xposed event being held at Jones Beach, New York - Field 5 on this Sunday (September 24th). The contest is open to all Scion owners and friends.  You will need to design a Kugg and Scion (check out the attached photos). The contestant will design the JPEG and send the designed image to  They will be choosing 8 winners and will be announcing the winners at the Blackwater booth in Scion Xposed.  Winners must be present to win.