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CONTEST: A Tourney For A Bunny

Mrbunny_1 you remember this toy?  How everyone went crazy over trying to get one?  Well we have a Mr. Bunny figure thanks to Wheaty Wheat Studios and we have thought of a somewhat interesting way of giving it away.

The contest will be exclusive to our Plastic and Plush Discussion Board.  You'll need to signed up and have 25 posts to your name.  Then we are going to take the first 64 people who sign up and enter them into a March Madness style tournament.  Each person will secretly be assigned a toy and then we put those 64 toys into a tournament to decide what's the best designer toy out there.  Whoever was assigned that toy will win Mr. Bunny.  Get it?  Just read it 3 or 4 times...I swear it'll start making sense.

Once we have 64 people...more details will follow.

West Virginia…1966


Yes,'s Mothman!  The creature was written about by John Keel...who was portrayed (although as Klein instead of Keel) by Richard Gere in The Mothman Prophecies.  Mothman gripped the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966 and 67...and now you can invite him into your house.

Wonderwall and David Horvath have added a few more colorways to the list of mothmen - Indrid Cold Type and Point Pleasant Type.  All of the colorways are named after people, places or events from the Mothman story.  Look for the Indrid Cold Type and Point Pleasant Type mothmen to be available at later this month.

Gama-Go Pop-Up Shop at Double Punch SF


From August 19th to October 15th, Double Punch SF is converting their retail gallery space into the Gama-Go Pop-up Shop!  You’ll find the latest Fall Gama-Go clothing line featuring men and women t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, accessories, prints, toys and much more!

To launch the event on August 19th, the designers of Gama-Go will be at the Gama-Go Pop-up Shop along with an artist signing with Tim Biskup for the exclusive Orange Glow in the Dark Gama-gon Vinyl Figure!  The signing will be held from 3-6pm.  Get there if you’re in the area.


New Work From Joe Ledbetter

Joe Ledbetter's site has been updated with a bunch of new products...including prints, shirts and buttons.  Among the new offerings are the following:

"SNAIL BUNNY" - 5x7" archival giclee print on heavy stock watercolor paper. Signed & Numbered. Ed. of 150 -  $45 


"IDENTITY CRISIS" - 6 -Color Serigraph print on 12x24" maple wood panel. Signed & Numbered (in black paint). Ed. of 240 - $225

3-HEADED DRAGON SHIRT - Dark Red: Ed. of 60 and Silver: Ed. of 70 - $28


- The exclusive colorway of the Circus Punks 2' rugs. Signed & Numbered. Ed. of 25 - $85

BUTTON SET #2 -  Signed & Numbered, Edition of 200 - $8

Petite Blythe “Magical Wand”


I am a Magician!
This silk hat has a secret inside...
cue the drum roll please
what is inside the hat...
is it a flag...flower... or a rabbit!?!

Petite Blythe "Magic Wand" has a straight bob haircut with purple eyes that looks so charming and mystical! Her frilly dress, top hat, and red suit coat make the perfect stage costume for this tiny and powerful magician!

Set includes:
Doll (standard body type, not "tiptoe") top hat, jacket, dress, hat, cards, dove, doll stand

Soft Serve Tour at Uberbot


The full service Soft Serve Tour started off with a bang at Überbot this past Saturday night!  This amazing show featured a massive live art installation by superstar artists Buff Monster, Came CrashingFreegums & . An excited crowd chose their favorite designs and watched the artists create live screen-printed shirts and prints for them right on the spot. Then it was off to the couch for a knock-down drag-out video game tournament of 'Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis'!!  And finally, the evening ended with Buff Monster sketching and signing on everything but the cars in the parking lot.  The traveling tour will hit cities across the U.S. and have it's final show in Los Angeles, California on September 10th!


REVIEW: Tick Tock Rabbit and Bunny Black Blythes



You might be familiar with the full-sized Neo Blythe dolls, but there are actually a few other lines that Blythe fans clamor about.  Petite Blythe and Blythe Belle both use the same Blythe girl look, but are a smaller version of the big dolls.

As you can tell from the name, Petite Blythe is a smaller version of the larger Blythe doll.  At a quarter of the size, the one main difference is the doll’s eyes.  The Petite Blythe only has one set of eyes, which close when she is set on her back.

Blythe Belle is a series of small figures based on several of Cross World Connections (the company behind Blythe) past designs.



The “Bunny Black” Petite Blythe is enclosed in a clear plastic package.  You could leave the figure within the box, but that wouldn’t be fun.  One thing you will encounter is a lot of tape and thread that holds all of the Petite Blythe’s accessories in place.

“Tick Tock Rabbit” Blythe Belle comes enclosed in a collector’s tin.  The artwork on the tin is specific to the enclosed character.

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