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Android 8 Exclusive: Black Opera Dude


Android 8 has a few new exclusives in stock.  We're all familiar with Tokyo Plastic's Opera Dude figure.  The white version was released during this past summer at Comic Con.  Android 8 has the black version available.  Opera Dude has poseable antennae and a swiveling eyeball.  And if you haven't seen the Sundance Award Winning animation, check it out here.  The figure will be selling for $30 + shipping.  You can contact to purchase one - until they get up on the site.

Attaboy’s Floating Submerged Postcard Book


Attaboy and Last Gasp Publishing are set to introduce a thirty-two page full-color book with removable, oversized postcards - perforated for
your pleasure.  Attaboy's maniacal undersea creatures and otherworldly vermin are
together here for the first time.  This postcard set features fans' favorite images seen the world over,
along with characters from Atta's Vinyl Toy and Plush line, including the Axtrx and Gooberry!

This is a
great gift to send anyone for their next goo-filled visual vacation.  A renegade toy designer whose goo-filled images glow with an eerie,
distrubed, childlike sensibility.  Atta's art has appeared in  numerous galleries, and his
books and prints  are sought after by young and bold. Enter the toof-decayed and festering
Yumfactory of Attaboy.

You can pre-order the Floating Submerged Postcard book from for $12.95.


Aragorn as Strider the Ranger

Sideshow Toys has introduced their first character from their 12-inch Lord of the Rings line.  Aragorn as Strider the Ranger is currently up for pre-order.  If you have seen the films, you realize that this is Aragorn from the first flick - The Fellowship of the Ring.  It's an amazing likeness of Viggo Mortensen.  Sideshow has raised their prices a little for this line, as Aragorn is selling for $64.99.


Toy Fair 2006: Less than a Month


Toy Fair 2006 is less than a month away and we will be there covering everything.  Well not really everything.  There are like a million booths and I'm pretty sure none of my readers care about baby dolls who wet themselves or the latest board games for the 3-7 year old crowd.  But I will be covering all things relevant.  So be on the lookout for loads of new toy prototypes...this is where we find out what will be hot for the rest of the year.

Mini Treehouse Naal


STRANGEco presents Nathan Jurevicius' Mini Treehouse series of vinyl figure.

Naal is the first character in the series - a determined keeper of the
mushroom patch. Naal’s ultrasonic helmet listens for the sound of any
unwanted shroom-spiders and once engaged in battle, Naal furiously
defends his plantation decked in robot arms, war pipe and visor. 

comes complete with a complement of accessories for both his Action
Hero and Mushroom Lover forms, including 2 separate helmets, arms and
pipes, as well as 2 mushrooms and a small family of shroom-spiders.

Look for both the Red and Green versions are 6 inches tall and made of soft vinyl.


The Carney’s Buzz


Buzz is set to be the first vinyl toy launched by Carnival CartoonsJared Deal and Garnet Syberg-Olsen are the artists responsible for Carnival Cartoons.  They have combined to create some amazing artwork as well as some hilarious animations.  Buzz can by seen in the "Carneys" promo on their animation page.

Look for the vinyl figure to land sometime in late January or early February.  He is limited to 250 hand numbered figures (complete with a certificate signed by both artists and the sculptor) and should retail in the $65 area.  There are also plans for Carnival Cartoons to produce more Carneys characters.


Monkey Fun Toys Reveals 2006 Lines

In celebration of five years in the toy business, Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) Publishing
announced an ambitious toy program for the first half of 2006 for its
division - Monkey Fun Toys.  Products range from vinyl and plastic toys,
plush toys and limited edition statues, most based SLG Publishing
titles and characters.


March 2006 -
a vinyl and plastic toy based on the Mummy character from the SLG comic
book The Super Scary Monster Show featuring Little Gloomy.


April 2006 - Voodoo Valerie is a sassy plush voodoo doll. She is taken from the pages of the cult hit comic book series Outlook: Grim.


June 2006 - The world will finally get what it has been begging
for, a vinyl toy set of two of SLG Publishing's most beloved
characters, Milk and Cheese.


July 2006 - From James Turner's hit comic book series Rex Libris comes a six-and-a-half-inch Rex Libris statue featuring everyone's favorite ass-kicking librarian.

2005 Toy Awards: Best Plush Figure

2005 gave us a number of new plush lines and it introduced us to some new characters from several well established lines.  We chose our 3 favorite plushies ( might not actually be a plush) of the past year.


Thomas Han's trippy artwork came to life with his Cosmic Quigly plush line.  With three super limited versions, this plush from Wheaty Wheat might have been the year's best kept secret.


The Uglydoll family added another member this past February.  David Horvath launched the Ugly Dog plush right around last year's Toy Fair.  It was the first Ugly to have two color variants - pink and orange.


Hmm...are Circus Punks considered plush? Well, they definitely aren't vinyl and they do have they fall under this category (in my book).  Even though there were so many amazing designs, Sket One's Eggster Punk stands out as on of the year's best.

Winner: Thomas Han's Cosmic Quigly
This plush didn't nearly receive the amount of attention it deserved.  With the applied vinyl detailing and super soft material, it was the most unique plush of 2005.  I'm not sure if there are any available (or where they might be purchased from) but Wheaty Wheat did have a number of these available at SDCC.