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Beware! Flatwoods Monster Braxton County Type


Did you know Mothman and Flatwoods Monster were both seen in West Virginia?  Some say they are connected. Well they are now.

Flatwoods Monster Braxton County Type is on the way!  The new version is shown here with the first release - Eye Witness Type. Look for the newest vinyl release from David Horvath and Wonderwall (Kaiju for Grownups) to show up in mid December/early January.  You'll definitely see them at Uglycon in LA at Giant Robot, but only if you're going!

Paul Friedrich at Wootini


From the creator of the "Hell Car" anthology and "Onion Head Monster", Paul Friedrich will be loading up the gallery with new work for the holiday season. A new fun Onion Head Monster item will debut for Paul - "Pillow Cases". "Now I lay me" prayers will never be the same. 

The opening at Wootini (Carrboro, NC) is on December 8th from 7pm until "late".  If you won't be able to make it that night...the show will last through January 8th.

REVIEW: 3 Bunnywith Plushies



If you’ve followed the designer toy scene over the past few years, you have probably heard of Alex Pardee and his key creation – Bunnywith.  Bunnwith is a not so well endowed armless rabbit that finds himself combined with and/or in peculiar situations.

A few years back, Rock America released the first series of Bunnywith plush toys.  That series included the original Bunnywith, Bunywith Baby, Bunnywith Siamese Twin and Bunnywith Tentacles (white and black versions).  They also did a number of exclusives for Spencer’s Gifts.   

The 4 newest Bunnywith plush figures are: Bunnywith Anger Management Issues (SDCC exclusive), Bunnywith Recent Steroid Abuse, Bunnywith Job Interview and Bunnywith Homesick Abortion.  We’re not reviewing the last of the list…since it might be a little too disturbing for younger readers.



Rock America has changed up the packing the Bunnywith line.  They have gone from a cardboard box to a plastic cylinder style of packaging.  There is great artwork from Pardee on the rear of each cylinder.

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Trexi Series 3 – Revealed


Play Imaginative has selected and introduced us to the designs that will make up Trexi Series 3.  There will be 25 figures in the series - with 5 rare (1/50) and 2 super rare (1/100).  Since Plastic and Plush was part of the judging for the series, we're glad to see a few of the designs we chose have made it through the selection process.  I'm interested in seeing those rare designs....

Box art will be done by Jeremyville.
Targeted release: Feb/Mar 2007

Baby Grabbit Plush


With all of the talk about Touma's Grabbit vinyl figure, Play Imaginative was able to keep the plush version under wraps.  Limited to only 500 pieces, with a release date of February 2007, the Baby Grabbit plush should definitely be a hit. 

I'm glad that a number of companies have decided to intertwine vinyl and plush to create some sort of uber-plush figure.  Both the mouth and shoes of the Baby Grabbit plush are made of vinyl.  Look for the 3 other colorways (grey is the original) to launch a month after the original.

Gwin Customs From The NVC Crew


Dr. Bao and Spive - aka the NVC Crew - have been chosen as the December Artist of the Month over at October Toys.  The honor entitles them to work on some Gwin customizing.  By producing some of the best custom work on Gwins, they haven't let fans down.

The first concept they worked on was a cyborg S.W.A.T. team of 3 Gwin figures.  "We've decided to do 2 weirdo cyborgs and the last one is like an aviator cyborg.
When we finished  it, I was thinking about how can we show them.....So
I remember of a movie called S.W.A.T.......and I was like hey, I think
it would perfectly fit with our concept and october toys' concept (
which is so why not do something with the cover of the
movie and our customs together..... That's how we came up with 'The
Gwin S.W.A.T Army'


With 2 Gwins left over, the NVC Crew decided to get into the holiday spirit.  The first of which is called the Gwinch, and resembles Dr. Seuss' Grinch character.  For the last custom, they decided to sculpt a mister Lunartik "that is dreaming and is just out of space". 

Dr.Bao's The Gwinch and Mr. Lunatiq will be on ebay for auction, and the
money will be given to charity. They choose to give the funds
to an association for people having Gilles de la Tourette syndrome.


12″ HazMaPo from UNKL


UNKL Brand is blowing up the much sought after HazMaPo 300% of the normal size.  Launching on January 1st, these HazMaPo figures will be 12" in height.  The 'Peligro' model - shown above - is the first of many super-sized figures.   

For the graphics, we went back to our roots – the hazardous signage we love so much.  Warning labels (in Spanish and English) wrap the entire body of HazMaPo while the starry eye watches all.  It’s a big statement for people who want to make a point.