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New Vinyl from Tokidoki and STRANGEco


STRANGEco has news of a new pair of characters designed by Simone Legno and tokidoki.  These figures should land around late Summer.

POLPETTINA — a new character from the Cactus Friends
series, Polpettina turns the spiny trio into a quartet. Polpettina (the
word for "meatball" in Italian) is Bastardino's pink-suited girlfriend.  Polpettina
will receive her advance debut at the STRANGEco booth during the San
Diego Comic Con (booth 4629) and will receive a wider release in
September 2006.

MOZZARELLA — a brand new vinyl from a brand new series! Mozzarella is 6 inches tall, packs tommy gun heat and will also be released late Summer 2006. She's the first in the new Moofia series, which will feature more characters at the end of 2006.

Kugg Minis – Series One


The first series of Mini Kuggs (from Blackwater Toys) will be available at this year's SDCC.  Series One consists of 6 characters - Office Mule, Caged, Joggs, Caged, Medikugg and the rare Nekuggtive.  Also in this series will be a "naked" Kugg, so you can customize it, and 2 different colored subway trains (red, silver).  All of these mini figures have magnets in their heads (to attach to the larger Kuggs) and stand at 3/4" tall.

Each package includes one of the six designed figures, a naked Kugg and one of the stackable subway trains.