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Creature Hoodie, Patches and IWG Mini Figure


Rocket World is accepting pre-orders for their first Creature Hoodie (partially pictured above) through November 15th.  You'll need to wear this fleece outerwear to be officially accepted as a human member of the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo.  There's only 444 available and all hoodie purchases
include an exclusive bonus IWG mini figure.  You can also pick up several patches to add to your hoodie...just attach via included velcro.


Buzz Carney Custom Tattoo Competition


With Halloween quickly approaching, Carnival Cartoons has decided to celebrate the season of ghosts, goblins, and all things geeky and freaky, by commissioning a handful of uber talented tattoo artists to take a stab at giving "Buzz Carney - The Tattooed strongman" (Carnival's first independently produced vinyl collector toy) some "Fresh Ink".  These hand picked artists will have a chance to customize blank Buzz toys with their own take on his tats, and their work will be displayed at Carnival Cartoons' table at this February's New York Comic Con.

Also, they are announcing a "Buzz Carney Custom Tattoo Competition".  Carnival wanted to give collectors a chance to be a part of the action as well.  Upon request, Carnival will be sending out templates as seen above for you to show them your wicked tattoo skills!  The competition will run from Oct. 31 - Nov. 30.  The grand prize winner will win his/her very own Buzz vinyl primed and ready for customization.  The grand prize winner will also win a screenprinted carnival cartoons t-shirt designed by Garnet Syberg-Olsen and a fitted "Pierce the Wild Child" Carney hat. The 2nd place winner will recieve a t-shirt and hat and the 3rd place will recive a Carnival t-shirt.

If enough interest is shown in the competition, Carnival Cartoons plans to have a gallery exhibit displaying customs and custom designs.  Email   for your hi-res custom template & for more info concerning the competition.

Chris Lee’s Urbanites – Mellow and Cleabus


Wheaty Wheat is getting close to releasing the first 2 characters in Chris Lee's Urbanites series.  Mellow and Cleabus will be the first vinyl figures released from the line...and will be Lee's first original figures available. 

Mellow - The Gentle Confectioner: 8" tall, individually numbered, Standard Edition (660 pieces and SRP of $69.99), Marsh Mellow w/S'Mores (300 pieces and SRP of $79.99), Sherpa Mellow - flocked (180 pieces and SRP of $89.99) and Licorice & Love (84 pieces and SRP of $99.99).  Each figure comes with a Jello accessory.

Cleabus - Your Neighborhood Radish Farmer: 2.5" tall, individually numbered, Standard Edition (800 pieces and SRP of $13.99) and Vintage Edition (400 pieces and SRP of $19.99).  Each figure comes with a radish accessory and removable hat.

The variants are going to be store keep an eye out for where you can pick them up.

SketBots Released Today


Sket One's SketBots are now available from Kidrobot3DRetro is carrying them for $5.95 each.  With the success of Dalek's Icebots...these are sure to be popular as well.  Like several of Kidrobot's products...they have inserted golden tickets in random blind boxes.  You'll have a chance to get your hands on a limited edition 7" SketBot (only 200 pieces) if you're lucky enough to find one. 

To celebrate the release of the new Kidrobot mini series, Sket is having a show in New Haven!  Channel 1 will be hosting Authentic Happiness on November 17th.  All are invited to share a night of Sketbots, art, toys, customs and giveaways.


Yeast Infection Show


What might be the nastiest name for a custom show...the Yeast Infection online auction is set to wrap up in a little over a day.  You can go to the ebay shop where El Maz (curator of the show) is auctioning off (currently) 27 customized Pillsbury Doughboys.  These figure were created circa 1971 and about 7.5" in height.  Participating artists include: Doktor A, motorbot, Rebelwookie, Ness, Mimic, puppetbrain and more!