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Fall Out Boy Figures


BandMerch, Inc. and SOTA Toys will be producing and distributing collectible
dolls for each member of the multi-platinum rock band Fall Out Boy.
The dolls will be available starting in November 2006 through retail
stores such as Hot Topic, Spencer Gifts and music stores nationwide.

member of Fall Out Boy; bassist Pete Wentz, vocalist/guitarist Patrick
, guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley, has a unique
doll created in their likeness.  The dolls sport replications of the
outfits seen in the band’s video, “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A
Little More ‘Touch Me’.”  The suggested retail price of the dolls is

Hmm...not sure if these guys are popular enough to warrant figures.  They don't have the fan base of The Beatles or the Gorillaz...but Fall Out Boy fans should rejoice.

Toys and Contests at Fugitive Toys!


Fugitive Toys
has a number of new products in stock...including the following:

Critter Splitter

Franken Monkeys

They're also offering free shipping on orders over $100.

Toys also has contest going on - called "MUNNY for XMAS".  They are giving away a $200 gift
to the winner.  They'll need to purchase a Holiday Edition Munny from Fugitive Toys, customize it and snap 4 photos of it by December 15th.

A Toy You Can’t Refuse


Check out the first photos of tokidoki's newest line of figures - The Moofia.  They are being produced by STRANGEco.  The Moofia features 8
original dairy-themed characters, each figure is approximately 3 inches tall
and will retail for $6.99 each. Coming in early December 2006!

that the pictures attached to this email feature hand-painted
prototypes - the final version will vary with much tighter painting
schemes. But you get the idea.


REVIEW: Franken Monkey Resin Figures



Out on his own and ready to explore. Our curious little friend escaped from the lab just in the nick of time...or did he?

Atomic Monkey has created a few new products based on their monkey mascot.  The Franken Monkey resin figure has been designed and sculpted by Roberto Jhareghi and is available in 4 different colors.



The Franken Monkey resin figures are boxed in a rather ordinary brown cardboard box.  There’s not much reading, nor are there any product photos on the box.  The resin figure is securely packed in styrofoam, to avoid any breaking.


The Figures

The 3” tall Franken Monkey resin figure is currently available in 4 different colors – black, brown, green and pink.  The sculpt is similar on all of the colorways, however there are some slight differences in the color combinations.  The character is in a Frankenstein-like pose, with its tongue hanging out.  They are all secured to a black, circular stand for easy displaying.

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David Huyck’s Playground Rules at Wootini


David Huyck's Playground Rules is a collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installation that centers on the ethics of the playground. Might makes right and size definitely matters when your milk money is at stake. But where does it all come from? Who started it? What came first: the bully or the nerd? How does it all escalate, and how long can a grudge really last?

Come meet the every-bully, Fist Face, and his many victims, real and imagined, from November 10 - December 4, 2006 at Wootini in Carrboro, NC. Celebrate his glory and defend the defenseless with us on Friday November 10, 2006, from 7pm - midnight.