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3-foot Tall Tetsujin 28


Japan’s original Giant Robot – TETSUJIN 28 - loved by worldwide audiences for half a century. Ultra cool Melrose Avenue shop Barracuda announces the release of the exclusive Eight Eight 8 limited edition 3 foot tall TETSUJIN 28.  The official licensed merchandise from Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. coincides with the live action T-28 DVD release. 

Limited to 888 pieces, look for the figure to be released on October 13th.  It will retail for $299.99.

Sniper Bunny from Andrew Brandou


Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce an exclusive 40-day presale of Sniper Bunny, by Andrew Brandou. This soft toy is a limited edition of 500 and is now being offered in conjunction with Andrew Brandou's solo exhibition, Everyone's Happier Now That You're Gone, on view from June 24th to July 22nd.

Sniper Bunny is 12 inches from foot to ear and has bendable arms and legs. He comes ready for action with his own 6 inch AK 47 sculpted by Nathan Cabrera and two postcard-prints of Andrew Brandou's work. Sniper Bunny is packaged in an oversized toy box designed by Andrew Brandou and will sell for $60.

Wootini’s Lions, Tigers, Bears, Etc.


This July, over 30 artists will face their fears, from movie monsters to bedroom boogeymen and beyond, in Wootini's Lions, Tigers, Bears, Etc., a curatorial debut for artist David Huyck. Artists such as Colin Christian, Chris Ryniak, and The Little Friends of Printmaking will join Wootini friends Andrew Bell, Bwana Spoons, David K. Rose, Jermaine Rogers, and others, in this exploration of our various emotional tormentors. Oh, my!

The opening reception will be held July 14th, 2006, from 7pm to midnight, and the works will be on display until September 4th. After the close of the show, all the art will be collected in a catalog to be available nationally.

REVIEW CON’T: We All Speak Football Trexis


Winston Ma – 9.2/10
Inspired by: I would like to express that Coke and Trexi are the most important units on this project. It looks like a Football Referee is the most important person on a Football game. So I’m using my favorite character ‘Ape’ on this design.


– 8.5/10

Inspired by: The idea came from video consoles, It’s for fun anytime, anywhere. Just like Football brings people together around the world and makes it happy & fun!



MCA of Evil Design
– 8.7/10

Inspired by: For me when I think of sport matches. What brings all fans together? No matter which team they are rooting for? The Mascot! So I tried to create a Mascot character that would live to do nothing more than make you smile. Whether you are a five year old child excited to be at your first match or you are a 55 year old plumber that had a horrible week & are trying to just relax.. The mascot is there to take the fall & make ya laugh..


– 8.3/10

Inspired by: Coke and an old Sci-Fi Film. I was thinking about a Kaiju Eiga League that plays football and drinks Coke.


– 9.2/10

Inspired by: My character is called Knuckle Bear. I used my style and the image of Coke and football together to create this character.


Huang, Tzu-Chiao
– 7.6/10

Inspired by: Coke mixed with football (including the grass and net) with my eyebrows.

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NVC’s Kunoichi Tamo Phayani


The NVC Crew (Spive, Johnny ill Digger, and Dr. Bao) have sent in some photos (and a video) of their latest custom project - Kunoichi Tamo Phayani.  This is the not yet to be released Tamo figure from Crazy Label Toys.

The Crew saw the perfect kunoichi (female ninja) in the body shape of the blank Tamo.  So, not only did they customize the Tamo figure, but they aso created a very cool background scenery for it.  They did a great job on this custom...that's 2 excellent custom projects in a row for the NVC Crew.

Toy2R Signings at SDCC


Toy2R will be at San Diego Comic Con, sharing booth #4834 with Blackwater Toys.  They have released their list of artist signings, with the days and times the artists will be at the Toy2R booth.

  • Thursday 7/20
    • 11:00 AM - RUN
    • 3:00 PM - Gary Baseman *
    • 4:00 PM - Jeff Soto *
  • Friday 7/21
    • 11:00 AM - Jeff Ledbetter
    • 3:00 PM - Voltaire
    • 5:00 PM - Tim Biskup *
  • Saturday 7/22
    • 11:00 AM - David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim
    • 3:00 PM - SEEN
    • 5:00 PM - Voltaire
  • Sunday 7/23
    • 11:00 AM - Kozik

* Mystery preview color will only be on sale at the date and time of the artist autograph time.  Each will sell for $100 each and limited to 12 pieces.