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News From Panik’s Toy Box


Panik's Toy Box is giving away a Jeff Soto
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All 3 versions of Instant Sapien Big Puff Maki
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Shawnimals Wee Ninja Flocked Vinyl from
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The Story of Kuggs – Part 2

We're back with the second part of our write-up of the creative process behind Blackwater Toys' Kuggs line.


The factory we are working with in China requested some turn arounds to build us a prototype. We did do the turn arounds but thought how in the hell can they tell that we want this edge round or the leg is more "rounder" than what you draw in the turn around? So we thought maybe we can build a rough clay model, that way it would be easier with the factory to see what we want.

We though it can't be that hard?  So we googled and did some quick research - looks easy enough.  Got our shopping list together and went to Pearl Paint - aluminum wire for support, wire mesh for shaping, a box of Super Sculpey, and some materials for molding (I forget what that was - it was a recommendation from the person who worked there). After, we went home and started to try to sculpt.


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Limited Edition Bears from Rocket World


Rocket World has received samples of their 5 newest bears.  Each of them are limited to 100 serial numbered pieces.  Below are the estimated release dates for the line.  Learn more about them in the Rocket World Forum.

left to right:

Midori the Eco-Bear / release date TBD
Sun Tzu the Panda Bear / release date July 2006 Comic Con Exclusive
Septimius the Black Bear / release date late April 2006
Henson the Polar Bear / release date late April 2006
Peary the Bloody Polar Bear / release date late April 2006 Kid Robot exclusive

*septimius and henson will be available at your favorite vinyl dealers.

REVIEW: Corpse Bride Figures


McFarlane Toys has released a number of new Corpse Bride products.  If you enjoyed Tim Burton’s film, you’ll find yourself in love with these figures.  They are the spitting image of the movie characters.

The Corpse Bride 2-Pack was released as a commemorative set for the release of the movie on DVD.  The set contains two 6” tall action figures of Victor and the Corpse Bride. With the characters having such long legs, I thought this might be an obstacle in creating action figures.  However, McFarlane uses small, attachable bases that help keep the figures balanced.


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