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Sideshow’s Leia as Boushh


I'm sure that I'm not the only person who is glad that Sideshow grabbed the 12" license for Star Wars.  After seeing the latest addition to the line - Leia as Boushh - I feel that more fans might take notice.  I'm all over these figures from the original trilogy...since those are the films I grew up watching.  And she comes with a thermal detonator!  The Sideshow Exclusive has already sold out, so you better jump on this one.

Beware of Mothman!


If you've followed David Horvath's work, you might know that he has a penchant for mysteriously including Mothman in many of his drawings.  Wonderwall has come out with a Mothman (Kaiju for Grown Ups) figure.  It's currently available in 3 different colorways (with the Prediction Type colorway to be revealed soon).  The Eye Witness Type (all black) is limited to 100 pieces.  The TNT Area Type (clear black) is limited to 50 pieces.  And the Silver Bridge Type (grey) is limited to 100 pieces.

REVIEW: Choco and Minty



Choco and Minty were famous candy bar mascots…that is…until they were fired.  Now, the troubled duo is looking for work.  Are you hiring?

These figures were designed by David Horvath and produced by Toy2R.  There actually is a candy bar with Choco and Minty on the wrapper.  I found it at Yoyamart, and I must say…it was rather tasty.  I'm not sure why they were fired, because they were the only reason I bought it!



The figures are packaged and sold separately (however there are several exclusive editions that are 2-packs).  These, however, come packaged in window front boxes.  There is plenty of reading on the rear panel, as well as some Horvath drawings and humor.  You’ll learn more about this dynamic duo by reading the box!


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Crush from Neptoon Studios


We swiped these photos from the folks over at the Neptoon Studios blog...but we couldn't resist.  The Crush figure looks great...just check out the 360 degree view below (you must click on the pic)!  If you're interested in checking out more of the design process of this figure...they are documenting the entire thing on their blog. Crush is one of the main characters in the "Monstrocity High" concept series.  Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Harriet Carney Sculpt


Jared Deal sent this photo of the work-in-progress sculpt of Harriet CarneyThe Carneys line from Carnival Cartoons got off to a great start with the tattooed Buzz Carney figure.  They will be expanding the family with several more characters...the first of which will be Harriet (she's the bearded lady). Looking forward to seeing the finished product...looks like Eric Nocella is progressing well with the sculpt.