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Point Pleasant Mothman…


If you missed picking up the Indrid Cold Mothman from, well, you missed out.  They sold out in 30 minutes.  Which, ironically, is the length of time it takes me to watch Golden Girls on Lifetime.  Maybe if I wasn't entranced with Bea Arthur, I would have picked up the Indrid Cold Mothman figure.  Nevertheless...we all will have a chance to pick up the Point Pleasant Type Mothman next week.  Get to on Wednesday August 23rd at 11am PST (2pm EST) to pick one up.  And remember that these go fast!

Kawadoji from Itokin Park


Itokin Park has produced another amazing handmade figure - Kawadoji.  The creator of some of the most insane handmade creations, Itokin Park has assembled another killer design.  Future Plastik will be getting 3 colorways of the figure (not to exceed 30 of each variant).  The colorways are the FP colorway (mockup pictured above) as well as a blue mono and a gold version.  They are up for pre-order now for £33.95 plus shipping (about $64.42).

Gama-Go Pop Up Shop ’06


You can check out the Gama-Go Pop Up Shop at San Francisco's Double Punch shop starting on August 19th.  Here are some previews of Tim Biskup pieces that you'll be able to see...and possibly purchase.  In order of pictures:

Glow-in-the-Dark Orange Gama-gon (Ningyoushi Exclusive) limited to 100 pieces
Astro-Unicorn - 6 color serigraph - signed and numbered out of 150
Gamagon Header Card - gouache on paper
Ninja Kitty Ring - gouache on paper

Shin Tanaka at Less Rain


We all love free toys...and Shin Tanaka is well known for providing us with free, paper toys that you can download, print and construct.   Inspired by street art and oragami, Shin is bringing his Kami Zoo Paper Oragami Exhibition to Less Rain Basement Gallery in Berlin.  If you're in Germany (particularly Berlin) you'll want to check out this show.

Opening night is Thursday August 17th from 7:30 pm to 11 pm.  The exhibition last through September 29th.

Less Rain Basement Gallery
Linienstrasse 154a, 10115 Berlin


Indrid Cold Type Mothman


Edition of 50 pieces. No artists proofs. Made in Japan

Goes on sale Wednesday August 16th on
11am Pacific time.
$100 shipped

At 11am Pacific time, instructions will be posted on the front page.  The sale will be pay pal only, and ship via fedex. (they don't deliver to PO boxes)

WARNING from the artist!
Save your money! has really bad customer returns.
David has opened each and every Indrid Cold Mothman to make sure they are A O K.
So now they're all dirty. Great.

For those not too keen about the above, Giant Robot LA will have a tiny few of these in stock this week.

Fuzzy on the Outside Flocked Axtrx


Attaboy has put his Fuzzy on the Outside Flocked Axtrx figure up for pre-order through his Yumfactory site.  You might be used to seeing a green Axtrx, but the pink and black flocked rotocast toys are limited to 250 pieces each.  Each figure will be in special packaging (with a special insert) and retail for $25.  The flocked Axtrx will arrive in mid-September and are being distributed by DKE Toys.


Kidrobot on SpikeTV

You should check out SpikeTV's Geek-Ray Vision show.  It's viewable on Spike's'll have to wait for all of the fancy Flash stuff to run its course and then click on the Geek-Ray Vision section of the Web Originals.  There are interviews with a number of Kidrobot folks - Paul Budnitz, Toy Baroness Nichole, Maze and JK5.

There is also a sneak peek of the upcoming line from Kidrobot - Flowbots (from JK5).  They will be available on September 14th.

New Bunnywith Plush


Rock America and Alex Pardee are set to release 4 new Bunnywith designs: Bunnywith Recent Steroid Abuse, Bunnywith Job Interview, Bunnywith Anger Management Issues and Bunnywith Homesick Abortion.  The Bunnywith Anger Management Issues was to be the SDCC exclusive...however it didn't arrive in time.  That plush is limited to a run of 300, while the others will be runs of 600 pieces.  We aren't posting photos of the Bunnywith Homesick Abortion as this might disturb some of our younger readers.   Look for the plushies to retail around $20.  If you're interested in stocking them, DKE Toys is handling the wholesale duties.