Toy Tokyo Booth #5437

The Toy Tokyo booth was set up in their normal Comic Con spot - along the left hand wall of the convention center. In addition to showing off a bunch of Ron English pieces (that was really a SDCC trend), they had several other show specials.

Booth Favorite: Uglycorn Little Ugly
David and Sun-Min released a mini version of their Uglycorn plush (available at the Uglydoll booth) exclusively through Toy Tokyo. And what's cuter than a big Uglycorn? Well a Little Uglycorn, of course.

IMG 2207
IMG 2208
IMG 2209
IMG 2210
IMG 2211
IMG 2212
IMG 2213
IMG 2214
IMG 2215
IMG 2216
IMG 2217
IMG 2218
IMG 2219
IMG 2220


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