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REVIEW: Broken Heart Robot



Designed by Craig Anthony Perkins, and produced by Genshi:Toy, the Broken Heart Robot is a unique toy – for reasons we will get into.  Since we always love a good background story…how about this one.

On his home planet of Xerbix 319, the Broken Heart Robot was one of the rare robots built without a purpose. Sadden by this, he fled Xerbix 319 and traveled the galaxy to seek out his purpose.

Along the way, the Broken Heart Robot met many interesting characters on various planets, moons and asteroids, and eventually landed on a small planet known as Earth. Though he has yet to find his purpose, he may just find a few new friends to help him with his quest!



The window-front box the BHR comes packaged in is designed to look like his spaceship.  It has the story behind the character written on the back.


The Figure

The Broken Heart Robot is a 6” rotocast vinyl figure.  He has 5 points of articulation.  Each figure has a sad looking face and a broken heart on its chest.

There are currently 4 versions of this figure available – regular, blank (white for customizing), glow-in-the-dark, and the SDCC exclusive clear.  The clear plastic figure is actually squishy, which is a nice bonus.

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REVIEW: 10″ We All Speak Football Trexis



Play Imaginative’s We All Speak Football Trexi line includes several 10” figures, in addition to the set of 24 3” Trexis.  This entire line was created in conjunction with soft drink giant Coca-Cola to celebrate the World Cup.  Coke sponsored the series, so you will find their logo on mostly all of the figures.  No worries though, as the product placement doesn’t really take away from the designs.

For this review, we received the 10” W.A.S.F. Trexis designed by Touma and Winson Ma/Danny Chan.



The 10” Trexis are packaged in a large window front box.  Not only have the artists designed the Trexis, but they also worked on the box design.  The themes reflect that of the enclosed Trexi.  Also, there is no reading about the figures on the actual box.


The Figure

The 10” Trexis are made of ABS plastic.  If you are not familiar with the lingo…this is harder than the soft, rotocast vinyl.  (It's also food safe plastic) The top of each figure’s head is removable.  You can take of the top of the Trexis’ head to reveal a 3” figure within. 

The 10” Touma figure has a unique, 3” Trexi designed by Touma.  (Only available with the 10” figure)  The Trexi designed by Winson Ma and Danny Chan includes either Winson Ma’s popular 3” monkey Trexi or Danny Chan’s panda design (both from the 3” W.A.S.F. line).   Each of these figures is limited to a run of 200 pieces.

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REVIEW: Crazy Label’s Treeson



Crazy Label
is a fairly new toy company founded by the one and only Wookie.  They currently have a number of projects in the wings, but their first vinyl figure is known as Treeson.

The Treeson character is the main character from an illustrated story by the Hong Kong artist, Bubi Au YeungTreeson and Ren is a story about a creature that was raised by trees.  Ren finds him with a tree branch sticking out from his heart.  The story is about the friendship that the two form and how they face their past.



Treeson is packaged in a bright green, windowless box.  A brief background of the character is written on the rear of the box.  Also, there are drawings of Treeson, as well as some interesting reading.


The Figure

The 5” Treeson is made of rotocast vinyl.  The figure comes with a removable tree branch and is limited to a run of 500 pieces.  If you look at the end of the branch that is inserted into Treeson, you can see his heart.  With a figure that is completely full of little spikes, you won’t want to let him sitting around of the floor to step on.  Don’t worry though; the spikes aren’t actually sharp. 

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REVIEW: Frank Kozik and Kidrobot’s Mongers

P1030242 has sent us a few of Frank Kozik and Kidrobot’s latest collaboration – Mongers.


If you see a figure with an X on its forehead and a cigarette in its mouth…it doesn’t take much to realize it’s from Frank Kozik.  He’s created Dunnys, Labbits and Bone Bunnies that have the “smorkin” look.  Kozik has teamed up with Kidrobot to bring Mongers to life.  Series 1 of these mini figures has 20 different designs…from smorkin’ bananas to smorkin’ sausage.



The Mongers series is blind-boxed.  Each box includes a sheet with drawings of the figures as well as ratios. 

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REVIEW CON’T: We All Speak Football Trexis


Winston Ma – 9.2/10
Inspired by: I would like to express that Coke and Trexi are the most important units on this project. It looks like a Football Referee is the most important person on a Football game. So I’m using my favorite character ‘Ape’ on this design.


– 8.5/10

Inspired by: The idea came from video consoles, It’s for fun anytime, anywhere. Just like Football brings people together around the world and makes it happy & fun!



MCA of Evil Design
– 8.7/10

Inspired by: For me when I think of sport matches. What brings all fans together? No matter which team they are rooting for? The Mascot! So I tried to create a Mascot character that would live to do nothing more than make you smile. Whether you are a five year old child excited to be at your first match or you are a 55 year old plumber that had a horrible week & are trying to just relax.. The mascot is there to take the fall & make ya laugh..


– 8.3/10

Inspired by: Coke and an old Sci-Fi Film. I was thinking about a Kaiju Eiga League that plays football and drinks Coke.


– 9.2/10

Inspired by: My character is called Knuckle Bear. I used my style and the image of Coke and football together to create this character.


Huang, Tzu-Chiao
– 7.6/10

Inspired by: Coke mixed with football (including the grass and net) with my eyebrows.

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REVIEW: We All Speak Football Trexis



Just in time for the 2006 World Cup, Play Imaginative has released their We All Speak Football line of Trexis.  With 25 designs from around the world, this series (sponsored by Coca-Cola) is for designer toy collectors and soccer fans alike.



Each 3” figure is packaged in a specialized, windowless box that is designed by the specific designer.  Included on the box is artwork as well as information about the designer and figure design.

The Figure

Being a platform toy, if you’ve seen one 3” Trexi, you’ve seen them all.  Well…sort of.  All of the 25 designers give these individual figures a different flavor.  All of them have their own bottle of Coca-Cola…since the line is sponsored by the beverage maker.

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REVIEW: MAD*L Artist Series



Wheaty Wheat Studios
has assembled some of the best designs from last year’s Custom MAD*L Show, as well as some new designs, in what is being referred to as the MAD*L Artist Series.   Phase 1 and 2 each had 3 figures designed by MAD.  This series consists of work by MAD, Sket One, Frank Kozik, Mimic, TADO and Christopher Lee.



The MAD*L Artist Series is very similar to the Phase 1 and 2 boxes.  It is a windowless box with a sticker of the enclosed character on the top lid.


The Figure

Well, if you collect vinyl figures, I am sure that you have seen a MAD*L before.  The figures stand around 6” tall and have 1 point of articulation (the neck).  The MAD*L figure is quickly becoming one of the most popular *gasp* platform toys out there.  Originally modeled after MAD’s son, it allows for all types of customizations. 

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REVIEW: Captain Maxx



Max Toy Co. and Mark Nagata have released their first original figure.  Captain Maxx is perfectly replicated from the only known surviving figure from the 1970’s.  The figure and character are an homage to classic Japanese superheroes.  Captain Maxx is here to kick some kaiju butt! 



The figure comes bagged with a header and a backing card.  The backing card gives the packaging some stability and also allows you to check out some cool drawings of Maxx.  It also gives you a nice breakdown of Captain Maxx’s special suit.


The Figure

Captain Maxx stands at 9” in height and is made of soft, rotocast vinyl.  There are 5 points of articulation (arms, legs, neck, waist).  The Captain Maxx helmet is removable, so you can reveal our superheroes true identity.  There will be several color variants, including glow-in-the-dark and black.  The original orange color is limited to a run of 150 pieces.

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REVIEW: Uglydoll – Moxy



We got our first glimpse of the latest Uglydolls at Toy Fair.  Chuckanucka and Moxy had fans talking.  Moxy was just recently released, so we should be seeing Chuckanucka in about 6 weeks or so.  Want to know more about Moxy?  Well read what her tag has to say!

Moxy’s got a lot of moxy.  She’s a real get up and go Ugly, with far more energy than her older brother OX.  Moxy’s favorite activity seems to be bouncing off the walls and jumping in and out of mischief.  Her giant antennas are always on the look out for a good time, and she can hear a party from miles away.  She could hear you coming from all the way back over there!

Are you a part animal?  No?  Would you like to take care of one?  No?

Well that’s because Moxy is here to take care of you.  She can take care of pretty much any problem you may have…it’s a gift of hers.  For example, see how messy your room is?  No problem!  See?  Moxy is on your side.


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REVIEW: So What’s Robot



The So What line of vinyl figures comes to us from Taiwan’s PhalanX Creative.  The 4.5” figures are designed by artist Mark Chang, who obviously has been influenced by the work of Michael Lau. has sent us the So What Robot figure for this review.  Robot is from Series 1.5, which was released in July 2005.  That line consists of 5 designs…as well 3 exclusives.


The So What figures are packaged in a window box that is then inside of a sleeve.  The sleeve is made with a graffiti-like stencil cut into it.  Just in case you want to let everyone know of your latest toy purchase…you can spray paint the town red!


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