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Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz

pandp jade tuttz

Here are the details on our Plastic and Plush Exclusive Jade Tuttz (shown above). There will only be 6 figures offered (although the entire run is going to consist of 12 figures). The Jade Tuttz resin (designed, sculpted and produced by Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins) were originally going to be blind boxed, but as I've heard people want to purchase specific colors - I've decided to make them available individually.

They will go up for sale this Friday (April 30th, 2010) at 8PM EST through our Exclusive Shop. Each piece will run $50 plus shipping ($10 for US and $20 for international). These will sell out fast, so set your alarm.

Jade Tuttz


Yep...we're joining forces with Eric Nocella Diaz and Argonaut Resins to release the exclusive Jade Tuttz resin figures. We'll be making six of these available - with each one having a slightly unique green color. Among those six will be a special "chase" Tuttz that we'll be unveiling in the coming days. Each one of these will be signed and numbered on the bottom and Eric will sign/number the mini COA's/boxes.

Mingle Is Working!

A few months back, we introduced our social networking tool within the site - Mingle. I've finally gotten all of the bugs worked out, so you can upload your photo (which will be your comment photo) and connect with other collectors. And your profile will have its own specific URL, for example:

You can access Mingle from the link in this post or the above drop-down menu. Let me know what you think!

Our Mystery Toy Box

question mark

Available through our Plastic and Plush Shop, we're giving you the chance at picking up one of our limited number of Mystery Toy Boxes. These are available for $65 plus $15 for shipping anywhere.

Our toy storage space is dwindling, so we're giving you the opportunity to buy one of our Mystery Toy Boxes. Packed in a large flat rate box (so we can get up to 70 pounds in there), we'll load it with plastic and plush toys worth well over the selling price. It's like the ultimate blind box.

Plastic & Plush Bear

pandp bear

Artist Alexander Gwynne has work his papercraft magic and created a great little half-plastic/half-plush bear...all on paper.

His mother was a teddy bear, his father a plastic toy. Now the only thing holding him together are a bucket load of staples and a load of thread.

Now, you can download the Plastic & Plush Bear for free...right here. Download the file, print it out and assemble the bear. Then, send us a photo of your bear with your favorite toy (by March 8th, 2010) and our favorite will win a special prize!

P&P in Geek Monthly

sample04 here's a little shameless self-promotion. I was quoted for a story entitled "The Vinyl Frontier: Designer toys are here to stay" in the November issue of Geek Monthly magazine. The article is written by Leah Sottile and details the current state of the designer toy world. If you haven't checked out this publication, it's one of my favorite magazines...I guess that makes me a geek.

Site Update – 6/7/09

You might have noticed that there have been a few changes with the site over the past few weeks. While some are small (the colors), we've also added a new bigcartel shop (for exclusives). And to celebrate that...we're offering the Plastic and Plush Exclusive Pierce and Nathan Carney (and mini print) for $55 (includes shipping). That's over $20 off the regular price...but it's only running through this Wednesday June 10th at 11:59PM EST.

Also, we're in the process of revamping our reviews. I know a lot of people just want The Facts. So you'll see some changes when we post our next review later this evening! Thanks for reading!