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SDCC18: Storm Collectibles’ Exclusives at Bluefin

Storm Collectibles will have a number of exclusives available at San Diego Comic Con 2018. In addition, if you purchase certain figures, you'll receive a ticket to pick up an original, hand-drawn art piece by Storm Collectibles designer Kiki at the Storm Collectibles Booth #301. The four exclusives will be available to purchase at Bluefin Collectibles' Booth #401.

Shin Akuma “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive
This San Diego Comic Con exclusive is newly developed with all new torso articulation in the lower body and features a new design for the upper chest. He also can shrug off the gi top of his costume and go shirtless. Set includes interchangeable head sculpt and hand accessories, a display stand, and Gohadoken and V-Trigger effects.
1,500 pieces

Alex Special Edition “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive
Differing from the classic appearance of his "Nostalgia" costume in Street Fighter V, the San Diego Comic-Con variant features Alex in an alternative grey and black outfit. The Figure Set includes multiple interchangeable head sculpts and hands, as well as Flash Chop and Flash Elbow effects and a display stand with Street Fighter V.
500 pieces

Ermac Mortal Kombat Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive
Ermac comes with multiple interchangeable hands and interchangeable masks accessories as well as effect parts and severed arms to recreate his fatalities.
3,000 pieces

Heihachi Mishima TEKKEN 7 2018 Exclusive
Heihachi Mishima is the first TEKKEN 7 character to be released and debuts at San Diego Comic-Con in a special edition. Heihachi Mishima appears his alternate color costume with an exclusive special gift accessory available nowhere else! Mishima is one of the most recognized characters in the Tekken game series. The figure set includes interchangeable head sculpt and multiple hand accessories as well as Electric Wind God Fist effect and other parts. 
1,000 pieces

SDCC18: Entertainment Earth Releases

Entertainment Earth has announced a large slate of items that will either make their debut at San Diego Comic Con 2018 or be show exclusives at Booth #2343.

The items pictured above are those that will be EE SDCC Exclusives. They include:

Wonder Woman Metallic Wittles Wooden Doll - $11.99
Power Rangers in Space Psycho Silver Ranger Legacy Collection 6-Inch Action Figure - $44.99
Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black FiGPiN Enamel Pin - $19.99
Bob Ross Variant Version Bobble Head - $25.00
DC Collectibles' DC Artists Alley Batman by Chris Uminga Matte Black & Gold Variant Vinyl Figure - $100.00
DC Collectibles' DC Artists Alley Batman by Chris Uminga Flashpoint Variant Vinyl Figure - $75.00
DC Collectibles' DC Artists Alley Batman by Chris Uminga Blue and Gray Variant Vinyl Figure - $60.00
Batman Video Game Deco 8-Bit Pop! Vinyl Figure - $13.99
Squirrel Girl Wittles Wooden Doll - $11.99
Star Wars Jabba's Palace Print Nylon Backpack and Pencil Case Set - $45.00
Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates Wooden Collectibles Set of 16 - $99.99
Marvel’s Mutants Pin Mates Wooden Collectibles Set of 3 - $14.99

The items pictured above are those that will make their debut at SDCC. They include:

KISS Destroyer 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure Deluxe Box Set - $79.99
KISS Window Decals Set of 2 Sheets - $9.99
KISS Temporary Tattoos - $4.99
Twin Peaks Evolution of the Arm Push Puppet - $8.99
Harry Potter Mystery Flying Snitch – $24.99
Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa Kit - $16.99
Harry Potter Tom Riddle's Diary Notebook and Invisible Wand Pen - $19.99
Luckee the Dog Pin Mates Red Series Wooden Collectible - $4.99
Deadpool and Cable Wooden Push Puppet - $8.99
Avengers: Infinity War Infinity Gauntlet Wooden Push Puppet - $8.99
Cereal Monsters Geeki Tiki Count Chocula, Frankenberry & Boo Berry Mugs - $60.00

SDCC18: FYE Pop-Up Shop

FYE will have a pop-up shop in Westfield Horton Plaza (4th Ave and G Street) from July 9th through July 22nd (during San Diego Comic Con 2018) where you can shop all of their convention exclusives. There will be extended hours during Comic Con. FYE will have a wide range of exclusive apparel, collectibles and media accompanied by artist signings and store events running all month.

Artist Signings

Thursday, July 19:
Jason Freeny: 6PM - 7PM
Ron English: 7PM - 8PM

Friday, July 20:
Allison Cimino (Rock Love Jewelry): All Day
Jason Freeny: 6PM - 7PM

Saturday, July 21:
Andrew Bell: 5PM - 6PM
Jason Freeny: 6PM - 7PM

Sunday, July 22:
Jason Freeny: 6PM - 7PM

SDCC18: BurgerCat KeylimeCat Edition

Nathan Hamill will be signing with War Machine Marketing (Booth #1415) at San Diego Comic Con 2018 for the debut of his new BurgerCat colorway - the BurgerCat KeylimeCat Edition ($25.00). The signing will take place on Saturday July 21st 2018 at 3PM. There will be other vinyl figures available, and Nathan will be randomly placing a few Octopups into the BurgerCats to make things a little more fun.

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Puffridge Dragon Fruit

Furry Feline Creatives has announced their San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Puffridge Dragon Fruit. "According to the legend, the fruit was created thousands of years ago by fire breathing Dragons. During a battle when the dragon breathed fire the last thing to emerge would be the fruit. Today, the legend is no more as Purridge transforms as the Puffridge Dragon Fruit!"

Pre-orders are now available (via the above link) until sold out. You can specify for SDCC pickup (Booth #5149) on the notes or get it shipped for FREE (will ship in August 2018). You can pick up one of the 14-inch tall plush toys for $70.00.

SDCC18: Flat Bonnie – Baby BunEwok

In addition to the items that will be available at the DKE Toys SDCC Booth, Flat Bonnie will have an exclusive piece at Giant Robot (Booth #1729). The Baby BunEwok (Plush) measures about 4.5 inches and comes with a signed and numbered hangtag and adoption certificate. These are priced at $20.00 each. And if you won't be able to make it to the Con, there are a handful available from Flat Bonnie.

SDCC18: Fat Rabbit Farm

Fat Rabbit Farm will be attending San Diego Comic Con 2018 with a number of handmade plush at Booth #4533

They'll have a trio of Marvel-inspired plush collectibles. Each one measures 16 inches tall by 18 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep, and will be limited to 15 pieces of each one being available at SDCC. The God of Thunder Babee features a removable axe accessory, and one awesomely soft hero cape. It will run $90.00. The Iron Arachnid Babee features metallic spider arms that will have you tingling with excitement - for $88.00. And the King of the Jungle Babee includes a silver necklace suited for a king for $80.00. Or you can pick up the Special Trio Bundle (all three plush) for $249.00.

Hot Toys: Black Panther – 1/6th scale T’Chaka

Hot Toys has announced the newest 1/6th scale figure from the Marvel Studios hit film - Black Panther. T’Challa’s departed father, T’Chaka, is presented in 1/6th scale collectible figure form. The movie accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of young T’Chaka in his Black Panther suit. It features a newly developed helmeted head with highly detailed textures and gold trims, a muscular body, a meticulously tailored black and gold colored battle suit with extreme fine details and textures, a beautifully designed Wakandan pattern sash decorated with waistlet, a fine Kimoyo Beads bracelet and a Black Panther themed figure stand.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has this figure available for pre-order. It's expected to begin shipping in Q4 of 2018 and priced at $220.00.

The 1/6th scale T’Chaka Collectible Figure features the following:

  • Helmeted head with highly detailed textures and gold trims
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of clenching hands
  • Pair of clenching hands with claws
  • Black and gold colored battle suit with extreme fine details and textures
  • Purple-colored Wakandan tribe sash with waistlet
  • Pair of black-colored capri pants
  • Kimoyo Beads bracelet
  • Black Panther themed hexagonal figure stand with character nameplate, movie logo and character backdrop

SDCC18: DKE Toys Drop #3

We're here with DKE Toys' last drop of San Diego Comic Con 2018 Exclusives. You'll be able to grab these at Booth #5045 during the show.

Bounty Hunter by Gypsy Oak
Mixed Media 3.75” figure on wood engraved card back.
Signed and numbered edition of 25 pieces

Weekend Dad Trooper by Jason Adams
Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure.
Edition of 25 pieces

Malo by Carlos Ramirez
Hand cast and painted 4" carded (on plywood) figure.
Signed and numbered out of 30 pieces

Baby Fuzzball by Flat Bonnie
Handmade and hand sewn piece 5” round.
Edition of 100 pieces

BunEwok Wall Art by Flat Bonnie
12" x 12” plush
Edition of 10 pieces

ART 2 D.2 by Mark Todd
Hand cast resin 3.75" scale carded figure.
Signed and numbered edition of 30 pieces

Resin Masters Carrying Case
Limited Edition 
Darth Trump Resin Masters by Special Ed Toys
This is the first in a series of limited edition “Resin Masters” to go into your “Resin Master” carrying case.
Signed edition

No Toys 4 Us by Mr Blank Toys
Hand cast and painted 3.75” scale carded figure.
Numbered edition of 40 pieces