Twenty Questions: Erick Scarecrow (ESC Toy)

While I haven’t actually totaled it, I’d have to believe that Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy have amassed the most yearly awards from Plastic and Plush. That’s due to the longevity … Read More

Twenty Questions: Matt Doughty (Onell Design)

Over the years, I’ve awarded Onell Design with various “Best Of” awards here on Plastic and Plush. And while I’ve known Matt Doughty for some time now, I still had … Read More

Twenty Questions: Andi Green (WorryWoos)

Andi Green is the artist and illustrator behind the WorryWoos series of books and plush toys. To date, she has released books and the accompanying plush toys for five characters: … Read More

The Artwork of Sean Madden

This week, we’ve handed over the reins to artist Sean Madden for our Monday special feature. Sean, whose artwork you can find at,  describes his art process and shows … Read More

Twenty Questions: David Horvath

P&P: Congratulations on getting Ox on the cover of the 2011 Toys “R” Us Great Big Book. How do you feel about Uglydolls having their own sections in two of … Read More


We talked with David Foox, the artist behind the upcoming 3.25″ tall Organ Donors vinyl toy line. What’s you artistic background? I am a painter – mostly acrylics on canvas, paper, and wood. I am self taught and did a…

INTERVIEW: Carnival Cartoons’ Garnet and Jared

As you might now know, Carnival Cartoons (Jared Deal and Garnet Syberg-Olsen) recently released their first, independently produced, figure – Buzz Carney. We discussed the future plans and past influences of the guys responsible for The Carneys. What exactly is…

INTERVIEW: J of Neth Creatures

We had a chance to chat with the man behind one of this year’s new, hot designer toy lines – Neth Creatures. It’s a very unique collection and one that warrants a lot of attention. What was the inspiration for…

INTERVIEW: Artist/Drummer – Aaron Burtch

You’ve probably seen Aaron Burtch’s work and not even known it. Be it on a concert poster, an album cover, a painting or a t-shirt…Aaron’s work has no boundaries. And not only does he create amazing artwork, but he’s also…

INTERVIEW: We Chat with CWC’s Junko Wong

Plastic and Plush chats with Junko Wong, the founder President of CWC, about the reemergence and rejuvenation of the Blythe Doll. Blythe was originally created by Kenner in 1972 and was only produced for one year due to poor sales….

Artist Overview: Melita Curphy – Miss Monster

Something I like to do is look for really amazing artists, who should be household names. Well, Melita Curphy falls into that category. She is producing some very cool plush designs, model kits and drawings (not to mention a crazy…

We Talk With Mr. Uglydoll Himself – David Horvath

We chat it up with Uglydoll, Noupa, Little Bony, Pounda, Wonderplan 51, etc. creator David Horvath. With a number of toys and projects on the horizon, we get the inside scoop. (My questions are in black – David’s answers are…