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SDCC16: Judge Dredd With Lawmaster B&W


Mezco Toyz has announced that the One:12 Collective: Judge Dredd With Lawmaster Black and White Variant will be available at San Diego Comic Con 2016. In tribute to Judge Dredd's comic book origins, this variant set is presented in black and white. Strictly limited to an edition of only 50 sets, this edition is available at San Diego Comic Con at Mezco's Booth #3445. If you're one of the lucky 50, you'll be able to pick one up for $250.00.

The One:12 Collective Judge Dredd features the following:

  • Iconic helmet with translucent visor Real leather-like fabric uniform
  • Equipment belt with working compartments for grenades and ammo magazine
  • Boots with holster and knife sheath
  • Boot knife
  • Handcuffs
  • Lawgiver pistol
  • Lawgiver ammo magazine
  • Daystick
  • Two grenades
  • Set of handlebar holding hands
  • Set of fists
  • Gun/holding hand
  • Open hand
  • Pointing hand  
  • Choking hand
  • Display base and posing post

The One:12 Collective Lawmaster features the following:

  • 3 separate FX activated twin front guns with lights and sounds (cannon, machine gun and grenade launcher)
  • 2 FX activated motor sounds (start up/rev and motor wind out/gear change)
  • Backlit Synitron GK13 onboard computer display
  • 4 real working headlights
  • 3 real working taillights
  • 1 real working spot-light
  • Real rubber-slick "bulletproof" tires
  • Handcuff storage pod
  • Free-rolling wheels
  • Turning handle bars

SDCC16: Uglydoll Exclusives


The folks from Uglydolls have announced the 2016 San Diego Comic Con exclusives that will be available at Booth #3245. You'll be able to pick up the limited edition Uglycorn Ox and Uglycorn. (If my memory serves me correctly, versions of Uglycorn have been an SDCC exclusive over the past several years) There will also be some limited Uglydoll x Sanrio plush clips available at the show.


Jermaine Rogers’ Creeping: Deity – Dryad


Jermaine Rogers will be releasing his Creeping: Deity - Dryad custom "wood" resin cast figure. Limited to a run of 25 pieces, this is the fourth and final piece in the Creeping: Dero Deity resin set. It will be available at Jermaine's San Diego Comic Con Booth #4532 beginning on Preview Night (July 20th) for $150.00.

'A tree says: My strength is trust. I know nothing about my fathers, I know nothing about the thousand children that every year spring out of me. I live out the secret of my seed to the very end, and I care for nothing else.'
- Hermann Hesse


Operation: ReDorbz – Supporting the USO


Over 200 hand-painted, limited edition Funko Captain America “Dorbz” are going up for auction exclusively on eBay (that's the link for bidding) beginning on July 21st 2016, with 100% of proceeds going to the United Service Organization (USO)

Marvel, Funko and eBay for Charity are joining together to celebrate Captain America’s 75th Anniversary with a charity auction of customized figurines to support the USO’s 75th Anniversary. Through Operation: ReDorbz, over 300 artists from Marvel Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, and Funko were invited to customize blank 18-inch Captain America “jumbo” Dorbz figures. Following a kick off as part of San Diego Comic Con (where 75 custom figures will be on display at Funko's San Diego offices), these unique pieces will be auctioned exclusively on eBay in support of the USO, a nonprofit, charitable corporation that supports US soldiers.

SDCC16: Gecco’s Dark Souls lll and Bloodborne Statues

Gecco Corp will be unveiling a pair of new 1/6 scale statues at San Diego Comic Con 2016. One of them is the Doll statue from Bloodborne and the other is the Souls of Cinder statue from Dark Souls lll. Both  prototypes will be shown off at the Gecco Booth #5146. And if you're not going...well, you'll have to settle for these teaser images and your own imagination.

SDCC16: SDCC Exclusive Bodhisattva Alavaka


Devil's Head Productions will have a 2016 San Diego Comic Con exclusive available at the Super 7 Booth #4945. The SDCC Exclusive Bodhisattva Alaska is a three color marbled set was painstakingly poured with yellow, green and blue vinyl. It includes both the standard and converted head along with the body. You might just be able to pick one up...for $80.00.

SDCC16: Leo the Otter as Rescue Wampa


Flat Bonnie will have a limited edition Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot plush available at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con San Diego Booth #1729. It's Leo the Otter as Rescue Wampa, an 11-inch handmade plush. It's made from faux fur, vinyl pleather and safety eyes. And comes with a magnetic life preserver, an adoption certificate, and a special Giant Robot/Comic-Con numbered tag. You'll be able to pick one up at the show for $50.00.

Also, there will be a limited number of Rescue Wampas available on the Flat Bonnie website for people who can not attend SDCC.



SDCC16: DKE Toys Batch #5

DKE Toys has released their 5th and final batch of San Diego Comic Con 2016 items that will be available at Booth #5045 during the show.


Bird is the Word by Frank Kozik
50 pieces
Frank Kozik’s iconic Mao with ears character, “Bird is the Word” makes its debut as a 3.75” scale action figure. Each figure is hand cast in red resin and is limited to 50 pieces. Card back art by Frank Kozik. Sculpted by George Gaspar.


Ewoking Dead by Killer Bootlegs
100 pieces
Killer Bootlegs has come up with another installment in his Ewoking Dead series. This time focusing on our favorite little critter. Each figure is hand cast, flocked and painted in a very undead kind of way. There is actual dirt mixed into the flocking from the Evans City Cemetery where the original 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead was shot. This carded figures is 3.75" scale but measure about 2” cuz he’s short.



Che Trooper by Special Ed Toys x UrbanMedium
50 pieces
UrbanMedium’s iconic Che Trooper, generally found wheat pasted in the streets, has now been transformed into a 3.75” resin action figure that you can take home with you. If your other action figures are not behaving then you can sic this guy on them. ¡Viva la Revolución! This “Winter of 59” edition is hand cast in resin and hand painted. Measures 3.75" on card. Sculpted By George Gaspar.


Our Only Hope & For the Empire figure set by Special Ed Toys
20 sets
Special Ed Toys has a very special set of figures just in time for election season. The classic good vs evil political fight is on. This one is a little more cut and dry compared to real life. Set comes with two customized 3.75" figures on card.


Darth Candy by Good For You Toys
30 pieces
Good For You Toys’ third installment in their Django Uncloned series (the “D” is silent). This is the Debut Edition of the evil villain Darth Candy. Each card will feature "custom galactic spray” and have mesmerizing silver highlights. All previous editions of Django Fett and Slave Hildy sold out. Get this one while you can. Hand cast 3.75" resin carded figure. Sculpted by George Gaspar.


Django Uncloned “Animated Edition” by Good For You Toys
30 pieces
Good For You Toys is back with yet another Django Fett (the “D” is silent) in their classic mash up series of our favorite space opera and our western hero Django. This colorway is based on the classic animated bounty hunter look with remixed front and back card art. Why do they keep making more Django colorways you ask? Because they keep selling out!!! Hand cast and painted 3.75" resin figure on card. We fully expect these to rocket fire away…

SDCC16: KISS Unmasked Action Figures Deluxe Box Set


Bif Bang Pow! lifts the curtain and unveils its all-new KISS Series 2 action figure deluxe boxed set with the KISS Unmasked 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Deluxe Box Set. This convention exclusive (limited edition of 1,000 sets) will make its debut at San Diego Comic Con 2016.

This Series 2 boxed set continues with the album recreation theme by featuring comic-book like coloration of the Unmasked album cover with figures showcasing era-matching unique outfits. As an added bonus, convention attendees will receive a FREE KISS 16 oz. Travel Mug with purchase as a special gift during San Diego Comic-Con 2016 - while supplies last. The sets also includes four large wood drink coasters that (when put together) create the poster artwork.

The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman, and The Catman figures each feature 11 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, hips, and knees) and come with corresponding never-before-seen instrument accessories, including the debut of The Demon's Axe bass guitar, The Starchild's cracked mirror guitar, and The Catman's black drumsticks. The set also includes miniature paper mask cutouts - as depicted on the album cover.

Available at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343, fans who won't be able to make it to the show can pre-order one for $99.99. They'll then be delivered if supplies are available after the show.


SDCC16: Stealth Commando Ninja Master Exclusive Man





In the spirit of exclusives made specifically for San Diego’s Comic Con, Applehead Factory Design Studio has created the ultimate exclusive - Stealth Commando Ninja Master Exclusive Man

Made from the remnants of crappy 80s cartoons and the tears of lonely fan boys, Stealth Commando Ninja Master Exclusive Man has it all! Super blast battle fists, Vesuvian death toe-grip, a disintegration ring, and an Andromeda codpiece allow him to handle whatever comes up day or night! With over 3,141,996 points of articulation no action figure in this or any parallel reality compares. S.C.N.M.E.M. is packaged with exquisite full-color cardboard backing that tells his mind-blowing back-story and sports the official San Diego Comic Con exclusive seal! He’s packaged in a blister bubble to preserve his worth, which is filled with real, Comic Con, collectable, exclusive air!

The "action figure" (I'm pretty sure it's just an empty card) runs $6.00 and will be available at SDCC Booth #4923.