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Furry Feline Creatives’ Kawaii Kaiju Friends

Furry Feline Creative SDCC Orange Kaiju

Furry Feline Creatives has announced their 2014 San Diego Comic Con exclusives - the Kawaii Kaiju Friends

Furry Feline Creative SDCC Blue Kaiju

The Kawaii Kaiju Purridge will be available in both Tangerine and Lightning Blue versions. The 13" tall plush will be limited 10 pieces in each colorway, running $60.00 each.

Furry Feline Creative SDCC Supaiku Dude

The Go-Go Supaiku Dude will be sporting a spiky shell on his back. The 12" tall plush will be limited to a run of 10 pieces, with each piece running $50.00.  

Furry Feline Creative SDCC Ultra Mega Ringo

And the Ultra Mega Ringo is the last of the Kawaii Kaiju Friends. He will also be limited to an edition of 10 pieces. Each Ringo will run $50.00.

Each of the 100% handmade - by designer artist Cheri Ong - plush toys will be available to purchase at Booth #5149.

SDCC14 Exclusive Elder Scrolls Online Symbiote

Symbiote SDCC Exclusive

Symbiote Studios has announced an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2014. From The Elder Scrolls Online, the figure is the Fighters Guild Journeyman in Akaviri Armor with Pony Guar Pet. This is the first time that they've added a pet to the base Symbiote figure. Also, there a code for in-game DLC, making it the first place you can get the code for a Scrib pet. No word on pricing yet.

Alien Deep Space Mystery ReAction Figures

Funko Super7 SDCC Alien Egg

From Super7 x Funko come the Alien Deep Space Mystery ReAction Figures. Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 at the Super7 Booth #5245, the mysterious Alien Egg contains an extremely limited, secret ReAction Figure. Hidden in these eggs are new sculpts and colors never before seen in the Alien universe. Once opened, the egg doubles as an action figure stand featuring a foot-peg to pose your ReAction Figure.

It will be limited to four eggs per person for the entirety of SDCC. You'll be able to pick them up for $25.00 each.