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Find Gumpy Liar at SDCC

Gumpy Liar 1

Jose Reynoso (the creator of Gumpy) will be doing another giveaway at San Diego Comic Con 2012. The Gumpy Liar will release later this year at D-Con 2012, but he will be giving away two prototype figures during SDCC. Just find Jose at SDCC with his Gumpy shirt on and win - for free.

Gumpy Liar 2

Wilkowski x Ferg Misfortune Cat

DKE SDCC Wilkowski Ferg

DKE Toys continues to make me feel like I'm right in the middle of the San Diego Comic Con action...even though I'm sitting this year out. Scott Wilkowski’s interpretation of Ferg’s Misfortune Cat for the ...Of All Ages show will be available in 2 colorways (green and black) and will retail for $125.00 each.

The Misfortune Cat will be release on Thursday July 12th 2012 at 4:00PM at the DKE Toys Booth #4728. It will be followed by a signing with Scott Wilkowski and Ferg at 5:00PM.

Wage – 10 Year Anniversary Version

Uglydolls Anniversary Wage 1

The original Uglydoll - Wage - will be released in a 10 Year Anniversary Version. This boxed plush is based on the original design that Sun-Min had sewn of David's illustrated character. Head over to the Uglydolls San Diego Comic Con Booth #3245 to pick one up!

Uglydolls Anniversary Wage 2

Uglydoll x Funko POP! SDCC Exclusives

SDCC Uglydoll Funko

There will be a quartet of San Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusives from the Uglydoll x Funko POP! series. Available at both the Uglydoll (#3245) and Funko (#4829) booths, Wage, Ox, Ice-bat and Ninja Batty Shogun will each be available in a special colorway.

CS Moore Studio Debuts Mondo-chi

Mondo Chi

CS Moore Studio has revealed their newest creation: Mondo-chi - the little dog with the BIG attitude. Created by Clayburn and Shelley Moore, Mondo-chi is inspired by their real-life Chihuahua family. The 3" tall vinyl figure will debut at San Diego Comic Con Booth #2800.

Mondo-chi’s story reveals why pint-sized Chihuahuas act so big and tough. When Mondo-chi sleeps, he's transported to alternate worlds where he has the most fantastic adventures and can do things normally impossible for someone so small. From walking on Mars to battling undersea bandits, Mondo-chi has so much fun being amazing that when he wakes up he forgets that he's not quite as big as his dreams.

The SDCC Exclusive 3” White Mondo-chi Vinyl Figure is a limited edition of 500  pieces and retails for $12.99. The figure comes poly-bagged with full color header card, and is ready for display or customization.

SDCC Zombie Hester Mini and Journal set

Teddy Scares SDCC Hester

Applehead Factory has announced details of their San Diego Comic Con exclusive - the Zombie Hester Mini and Journal set, a tie in with their Teddy Scares line.

The Hester Mini-Journal set includes an 8” Zombie Hester Golem doll and an Edwin Morose “Friends for Never” Journal. These will be available at SDCC Booth #4923. The set is priced at $20.00 and limited to only 150 pieces.

Bart Grin “Ron English” at SDCC

3DRetro SDCC Bart Grin

3DRetro has announced another San Diego Comic Con exclusive that you'll be able to pick up at booth #4734. From Ron English and Matt Groening comes our favorite Simpsons, Bart with a magic touch from Ron English.

The Bart Grin "Ron English" colorway features the character wearing a new Ron English Grin t-shirt. Limited to 200 pieces worldwide and standing 10" tall, only 50 pieces will be available at the 3DRetro booth during SDCC. And you can pick one up for $120.00.

Power Babo to the rescue at SDCC

Uglydolls SDCC Power Babo 1

Babo wants to be your side kick. He knows who you really are, there is no fooling him! OK, so maybe that last part is pushing it, but he knows your secret power is soon to be revealed to the world. He knows that you have the unlimited potential to be what you were meant to be! He knows there's no stopping you! Someone with that much power would be a great help when reaching for the highest cookie jar. Babo believes in you.

Power Babo will be flying into the San Diego Convention Center for San Diego Comic Con 2012. Check out the Uglydoll booth #3245, where you'll be able to pick up this caped crusader.

Uglydolls SDCC Power Babo 2

The Sucklord at SDCC

The Sucklord will be bringing 4 SDCC Exclusive Suckadelic figures to the DKE Toys booth.

DKE Sucklord Licorice Leslie

Licorice Leslie will be available on Wednesday - Preview Night. DKE will have 70 pieces available. Each 3" tall figure will run $45.00.

DKE Sucklord Gay Energon

Gay Energon: Roddiums Pride will be released on Thursday at 11:00AM, during a signing with The Sucklord. The 3.75" tall figure will be limited to 40 pieces and sell for $125.00.

DKE Sucklord Gay Enterprise

The Gay Enterprise 2 pack will also be available on Thursday at 11:00AM. With 30 pieces available, the 3.75" tall piece will be available for $150.00.

DKE Sucklord Toy Cannot Speak

Finally, The Toy Whose Name We Cannot Speak will be the third piece released on Thursday during a signing with The Sucklord. The 5" tall figure (no packaging) will be limited to only 9 pieces and sell for $150.00.