JLed Print and Signing at Hi-Fructose Booth

Joe Ledbetter will be releasing a new serigraph print on birch wood at the Hi-Fructose Magazine Booth #4939 during San Diego Comic Con. The Mutant Bunny Mickey Monster will be … Read More

Get Your Fill of Alex Pardee Toys

While Alex Pardee fans will be able to find plenty of his new prints and t-shirts at the Zerofriends booth, he also has a few toy collaborations available. Alex teamed … Read More

Hug to Drool at SDCC

While Blamo Toys will not have a San Diego Comic Con booth this year, they will be releasing an exclusive toy through the Dragatomi Booth #4935. Blamo will be releasing … Read More

The Global Figure Symposium at SDCC 2011

One of my favorite San Diego Comic Con booths to hit is the Global Figure Symposium. Listed in your program as the Onell Design Booth #4937, the booth is often … Read More

Toy2R and Fugitive Toys at SDCC

Toy2R has announced their lineup for San Diego Comic Con that will be taking place in the Fugitive Toys Booth #601. • Scott Tolleson’s Uncle Argh 5″ Mini Qee Debut … Read More

What to pick up at Super7’s SDCC Booth

Super7’s San Diego Comic Con Booth #4729 is always a must see for kaiju collectors…and this year will not be an exception. The list of available figures is fairly extensive, … Read More

Mikie Graham’s Chochinobake at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con 2011 is just around the corner, and Mikie Graham is excited to unveil what he has in store for the show. Available exclusively through the Dragatomi … Read More

Maqet unveils Heathrow the Hedgehog

Maqet will be represented at San Diego Comic Con 2011. They joined up with artist Frank Kozik in releasing Heathrow the Hedgehog. Heathrow and Frank will both be viewable at … Read More

Grody Shogun’s Monster

Lulubell Toys has announced that Grody Shogun’s newest figure, Monster, will be available at DKE Toys San Diego Comic Con Booth #4728. Each Monster is made up of a combination … Read More

Monster Worship takes on Comic Con

Monster Worship will be at the Global Figure Symposium All-Stars Booth #4937 at San Diego Comic Con. They will be there on Friday July 22nd 2011 from 5:00PM until 7:00PM. … Read More

3DRetro SDCC Releases

3DRetro has announced their San Diego Comic Con releases and signing schedule. They’ll be sharing the October Toys Booth #4838. This will be your place to pick up Jim Mahfood’s … Read More

Shocker Toys’ SDCC Exclusives

Shocker Toys will be at San Diego Comic Con in Booth #3351 with a pair of exclusives. The exclusive 1st edition artist signature Tick action figure features a hand written … Read More