Top 12 Must See Toys at SDCC

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Top 12 Exclusives seen at SDCC11

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San Diego Comic Con 2011 Wrap Up

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View Spoonful of Star Wars at SDCC

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San Diego Comic Con 2011

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MINDstyle’s Kobe Bryant Collectible Figure is teaming up with MINDstyle to release the limited-edition SDCC exclusive 18″ tall Kobe Bryant Collectible Figure from designer CoolRain. Limited to 300 figures worldwide, the NBA figure comes … Read More

Who’s hungry for some San Diego JellyMussel?

JellyFace will be well-represented at San Diego Comic Con 2011. The brand-new character JellyMussel will be at the DKE Toys Booth #4728. This new character will be available in 4 … Read More

Get a print with your Bellicose Bunny

Nathan Hamill has announced that a print will be included with every purchase of his Bellicose Bunny: Radioactive GID Edition. These will be available starting today (Preview Night) at San … Read More

Pocket Pork Dumpling SDCC Preview

Shawnimals is excited to work with myplasticheart again on an upcoming Pocket Pork dumpling mini vinyl series. Debuting as a DIY preview release available at San Diego Comic Con in … Read More

DKE Toys’ SDCC Update

DKE Toys had announced a few San Diego Comic Con exclusives (Booth #4729) where no photos were available. Well, if you’re interested…here they are. The Budbat – Scott Wilkowski x … Read More

Adventure Time Collector Pack Finn and Jake

Fans of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time will be able to pick up the first items from the upcoming Jazwares toy line at San Diego Comic Con. The Adventure Time Collector … Read More

Find this man! Win a Gumpy Kuz.

Jose Reynoso will be running a contest during San Diego Comic Con. He’ll be giving away the first colorway of the Gumpy Kuz figure. There will be 5 pieces plus … Read More