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Toy Fair 2010: Idolz Toys

idolz 1

Idolz Toys was at Toy Fair with their Gruntor Idolz toy (shown above). They also had some of the upcoming variant designs/characters on display. Wanna see 'em?'ll have to click below.


Toy Fair 2010: Mezco

mezco 11

Mezco Toyz was in attendance at Toy Fair 2010 with a booth full of new items. Our favorite? The above pictured Beetlejuice Mez-Itz. If you're a horror fan, there were plenty of Mez-Itz figures to quench your need (Jason, Freddy, Wolfman, Dracula, Saw). Other licenses on display were Little Big Planet, Family Guy (a re-release of Series 1 and 2), Watchmen, Hellboy, Clash of the Titans. And welcome back the Mez-Itz minis.


Toy Fair 2010: Funko

funko 1

One thing I learned at Toy Fair was that Funko is getting into the plush game. If you thought the company was only about Wacky Wobblers...think again. There plush line - ironically named Plushies - features some pretty big licenses (Justice League, Alice in Wonderland, Rudolph, and the Wizard of Oz).


Toy Fair 2010: Elite Gudz

elite gudz 2

We got to the Elite Gudz booth a little too early (I was only there on Sunday - the first day of the show). Phetus and the crew didn't even have enough time to customize any of the extremely creepy little kid statues. But the pair of murals they had up looked great.


Toy Fair 2010: BIC Plastics

bic plastics 12

BIC Plastics was one of the few designer vinyl companies in attendance at Toy Fair 2010. They had the BIC Buddy Artist Series 1 line on display, as well as larger versions of the BIC Buddy figure. I saw the 8" tall BIC Buddy and (while I couldn't photograph it) was totally impressed! (Let's just say that rather than having a plastic's fabric)

Marka27 was at the booth showing off several of his new Mini-Gods. Also, check out the photos of The Quackin' Heads and Dinki.


Toy Fair 2010: Rocket USA

rocket usa lubies 09

The Rocket USA Toy Fair booth was a veritable Lubieland, as the Lubies were out in full force. Artist Joy Michel was in attendance, as was the full lineup of MLB Lubies. Have a favorite team? They've got it. Also, be on the lookout for some other sports teams adding Lubies to lineup of licensed toys.


Toy Fair 2010: Uglydolls

uglydolls 12

The Pretty Ugly Toy Fair booth was yet again an extremely happening spot. In addition to a slew of tin products from Schylling (robots, alarm clock, trucks, lunch boxes, Ox in a Box), the 2010 line of Uglydoll plushies were on display.

If you're a vinyl fan, the Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2 and Be@rbrick Uglydoll Adventure Set were being shown off. And if fashion is more your style, you could check out the new line of t-shirts and bags.


Toy Fair 2010: Triad Toys

triad house 2

If there was one figure that was "dying" to get a look at, it would be Triad Toys' 1/6 scale Dexter. Ever since they announced they had the Dexter license, I've been patiently anticipating (like many fans of the Showtime show) just getting a glimpse. And we were all rewarded. Doh! We had to remove the Dexter photos because the figure has not been approved by Showtime yet.

Collectors were also given there first look at the House and Foreman 1/6 scale figures from Triad's House, M.D. license.


Toy Fair 2010: Tonner Doll Co.

tonner 01

Tonner Doll Co. was at Toy Fair with a number of new and (until then) unseen Tonner Character Figures. The most impressive? That would be the upcoming Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton and Disney) figures. Unfortunately, there were no photographs allowed of The Mad Hatter, The Red Queen and The White Queen. If they come out like the prototypes we saw...they have a Toy Line of the Year one their hands.

Oh...but there were plenty of other figures on display...


Toy Fair 2010: Vamplets

vamplets 1

Oftentimes, you go into a show or convention and find something that completely surprises a good way. That award goes to the line of plush baby vampires named the Vamplets from Kamhi World. The extremely cute characters have a great story behind them (we'll have a review of the line later this month) and are cuddly.

Currently, there are 6 different characters available (Cadaverson Nightshade, Lilyrose Shadowlyn, Count Vlad Von Gloom, Evilyn Nocturna, Burton Creepson Jr., and Midnight Mori) as well as a Disappearing Bottle of Blood.