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SDCC10: Vamplets Booth

IMG 1992

Everyone's favorite plush baby vampires were in attendance for their first Comic Con. The Vamplets were there, alongside their keepers, in plush, t-shirt and button form. They were set up in a gothic-styled section of the Huckleberry Toys booth.

Booth Favorite: umm...The Vamplets
The Vamplets actually changed a little bit since the first time we saw them - back at February's Toy Fair. The hair accessories are a little bigger and they've redesigned the tag. But they're still super-cute.


SDCC10: Rocket World Booth

IMG 1811

A mainstay in the "Cultyard" at San Diego Comic Con, Rocket World again had a rather impressive setup. With the release of the new Star Trek IWG vinyl figures, which was selling quickly, Rocket World brought some otherwise non-IWG collectors into the fray. They also had artist Lana Crooks covered in Yeti fur as she sewed up a number of amazing plush IWG characters.

Booth Favorite: Star Trek IWG Series
I'm not even a huge Star Trek fan, and somehow these are my favorite version of the core Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo trio released. They just look like a perfect match.


SDCC10: Tonner Doll Co. Booth

IMG 1781

Tonner Doll Company's SDCC Exclusive figure was the Saloon Lilah from Jonah Hex. And there were guys drooling to get their hands on Megan Fox - even if she was only in doll form. There were several figures that we got our first up-close glimpse at - specifically the Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Jayne Cobb from Firefly.

Booth Favorite: Kermit the Frog
Tonner has turned everyone's favorite frog (unless you like that crazy singing frog from WB) into an almost life-sized version of Kermit. That is...if he were actually alive. I must say that I also like the Firefly figures...but does that make me an 18 year old girl stuck in 2002?


SDCC10: Toy Break/October Toys Booth

IMG 1853

George and Ayleen from Toy Break (they also run October Toys) were in attendance to give hugs and sign autographs for all of you loyal Toy Breakers (me being one...). There was also a boatload of toys at the booth - the Gwin Empire, Grave Fellow, Keliens, Z.O.M.B.I.E.S., and they picked a pair of Ragnar's Peppers.

Booth Favorite: Grave Fellow
While Neil Winn's handmade resin monster was impressive...he wasn't available to purchase at the Toy Break booth. The Grave Fellow, which falls into my top 10 favorite show exclusives, was available for $45. The hand cast, hand painted resin figure set even includes one point of articulation (at the neck).


SDCC10: Scott Tolleson and Gary Ham Booth

IMG 1840

Gary Ham and Scott Tolleson shared a booth again this year. They brought several small run, handmade toys to Comic Con - mainly using resin and wood. Scott unveiled his Otis and Otto vinyl set, while Gary had his small run Cirque Du Siamese wood figure.

Booth Favorite: Otis and Otto and Cirque Du Siamese
You can't really choose one of these when both artists released amazing toys at Comic Con. Otis and Otto amazed me with the sponge texture and the cute design. While the Cirque Du Siamese figure is just impressive in its details.

IMG 1845


SDCC10: Uglydoll Booth

sdcc uglydolls 02

At the Uglydolls booth, we got our first look at the SDCC Exclusive Uglycorn plush. If he was too big for your suitcase, there was also the Little Ugly Uglycorn Toy Tokyo Edition, which swapped the wings and body colors of the regular version. They had plenty of other Uglydolls available for your purchasing pleasure, with an entire wall full of various Uglydolls in different sizes.

If plush isn't your style (I don't know you!) could always have picked up a case of Uglydoll Action Figures. Or how about a the new Uglydoll Be@rbrick collaboration? They also had several new t-shirt designs (or they were just new to us). And after you purchased half of the Uglydoll booth, there was no better way to tote around your new toys than by picking up one of the colorful Ugly Tote Bags (now in orange, blue, red and pink).

Booth Favorite: Ugly Hats
Even though it's pushing 100 degrees in many parts of the'll want one of these Ugly Hats once the winter rolls around. Super cute and a complete surprise. They were available in both blue and a purple/pink.



SDCC10: Grave Fellows – J.B. Finch

october GraveFellows

October Toys has introduced their Grave Fellows line. J.B. Finch is the first in a series of ghastly gentlemen who have met with an untimely fate. Each 3.5" hand-cast, hand-painted resin figure comes with a matching headstone. They will be available at October Toys SDCC booth (#4838) for $45 per set.

Plastic and Plush at SDCC 2010

pandp sdcc

Yet again, we are making the trek out to San Diego for the biggest Comic/Toy Convention in the world. Continue to check in over the next several days, as I'll be posting news, photos, opinions and pretty much whatever I feel like...from San Diego Comic Con.

Follow Plastic and Plush on Twitter (@plasticandplush), since I'll be tweeting from the show. And if you see me...say hello (unless you're in a creepy costume)...

SDCC10: Celsius Overheat Version

kuso 2

Unfortunately, KusoVinyl won't be able to exhibit at San Diego Comic Con this year...but that doesn't mean Celsius has to miss the big event. Kuso will be releasing the Celsius Overheat version at Dragatomi's booth (#3848). Each figure comes with a wing, backpack, sword, and Fahrenheit mini comic.

kuso 1


SDCC10: Gary Ham’s Wood Bats

ham Hermees

Gary Ham will have 3 very large - 14" x 18" - Wood Bats on hand during SDCC. There are only one of each version made. If you're interested in picking one up - first, check for termites in your home - second, stop by booth 4834.

ham Hermees 2
ham Hermees 3