2010 SDCC, DKE Toys

SDCC10: DKE Toys Booth

As we have come to expect, the DKE Toys booth was like a mini museum of everything that's good in the designer toy world. In addition to having exclusives from various companies and many different artists (Crazy Label, Sucklord, NTF, Jamungo, among other) it was just the best place to come to look at toys. […]

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2010 SDCC, UNKLbrand

SDCC10: Toynami Booth

Amongst the Comic Con bedlam was the Toynami booth with some interesting lines. First off, we saw the return of UNKL Brand with the revealing of several new lines - Gastro-Normous, SearchR and Dreamers. And if you like Futurama...Toynami had both action figure and plush lines based on the license. And with what might be […]

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2010 SDCC, Max Toy Co

SDCC10: Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink Booth

The Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink booth featured exclusives from Chris Ryniak (Fathom Muscamoot and Mini Snybora), Brian Morris (Dredge), and Joey Potts (Solem). There were also the Yeti Ninja Midnight Edition from Shawnimals, False Friends by Coarse and a glow edition of Drazorus and Dragigius by Max Toy Co. Booth Favorite: Snybora One of the […]

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2010 SDCC

SDCC10: Frank Kozik Booth

The Kozik booth featured...well...Frank Kozik. He brought along pieces in vinyl, plush, bronze...and probably several other mediums as well. Frank had a few SDCC Exclusives, including the Orange Ultraviolence Dead Che Bust, the 10" El Cubano Labbit and the 8" Black Anarchy Hammerhead Sharkey. Booth Favorite: Ultraviolence Dead Che Bust Kozik's series of vinyl busts […]

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2010 SDCC, Super7

SDCC10: Super7 Booth

Super7's booth was a vinyl and color overload. They had three Monster Family signing events, each featuring a different set of three green-blue Monster Family vinyl figures. Their Super Shogun Stormtrooper was popular (as witnessed by the look on Spanky Stokes' face). Another favorite...the Pocket Mummy Gators. Booth Favorite: Power Mister The Power Mister vinyl […]

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2010 SDCC, Kidrobot

SDCC10: Kidrobot Booth

Once again, Kidrobot was the beacon of hope for designer vinyl toy collectors...specifically those who love lines. While the lines didn't appear to be as egregious as years past, Kidrobot did release their exclusives at set times, which is nice because not all of their exclusives were sold out during the mad rush of Preview […]

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2010 SDCC

SDCC10: Fugitive Toys Booth

Fugitive Toys was in attendance at San Diego Comic Con with both toys they have in-stock, customs and an SDCC10 Exclusive. Their exclusive was the Glow-in-the-Dark ChungKee Skelanimals 2.5" Qee. Booth Favorite: GID ChungKee It's a Qee. It glows in the dark. It's a Skelanimal. It's a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. 'Nuff said? VIEW […]

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2010 SDCC, Onell Design, Suckadelic

SDCC10: Global Figure Symposium Booth

The Onell Design booth (branded the Global Figure Symposium) featured a rotating assemblage of artists from all corners of the globe. MonstreHero, Matt Walker (Dead Presidents), Real X Head, Rumble-Monsters, Suckadelic, Skull Toys, Uamou...and I'm sure I'm missing about 20 others. This one ranked at the top of the list for booths that I needed […]

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2010 SDCC, mimoco

SDCC10: Mimoco Booth

San Diego Comic Con 2010 was another big year for Mimoco (remember they really debuted at SDCC many moons ago - 5 years). The pre-released several Star Wars Mimobots: Snowtrooper, Yoda, Wampa, and Luke Skywalker (Hoth). And the SDCC10 Exclusive Star Wars Mimobot was Lobot (1,000 pieces). Also premiering at the Con were the Dr. […]

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2010 SDCC, Mezco Toys

SDCC10: Mezco Toyz Booth

One of the biggest marketing pushes at Comic Con was for the upcoming film version of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Mezco was lucky enough to get the license for action and plush figures based on the comic version of Scott Pilgrim (they don't look like Michael Cera). […]

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