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Super7 SDCC Exclusives (Part 1)

Super7 has announced a boatload of San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Let's take a look at what collectors will be fighting each other for (I hope not literally).


Jade Mongolion by L'amour Supreme for $65 each


P.G.I.D. Mummy Boy by Brian Flynn for $50 each


Glitter Ooze Bat by Chanman for $50 each


Green Gorilla Biscuits for $65 each


G.I.D. Franken(berry) Fighter by Brian Flynn for $65 each


Big Sal by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters for $25 each (Thurs 3PM)

Strangekiss SDCC Exclusives by Kozik, Lanham and MAD


Strangekiss has dropped news of a number of their SDCC releases. Bill the Yeti (created by David Lanham and produced by Strangekiss)is about 8" in height and weighs over one pound. He has authentic clothing from
the hat, overalls, shirt and undies. (Yes, you read that right!) Oh,
and because Bill likes to run around naked when the mood strikes, he's
got a backpack that can hold all his clothes. Each version is limited
to only 250 pieces and will have a special SDCC print as well if
purchased at the event. (o...and there might be a sneak peek of something in the above photo)

Bill the Yeti - Lanham Edition




Mantra Bill by Frank Kozik




Gangsta Bill by MAD




The 2009 Signing Schedule - Booth #4637:

Friday, July 24th, 4PM - Frank Kozik - Meet the man himself and also see a sneak peek of the new Kozik original produced by Strangekiss.

Saturday, July 25th, 12PM (NOON) - David Lanham will throwing down skills with his insane and organic style and signing his release of Bill.

Saturday, July 25th, 2PM - Strangekiss proudly presents the first virtual interactive signing at SDCC. Its true that MAD can't make it out in body to SDCC, so we thought we would bring him virtually. Talk to MAD while he draws you a personal sketch from his studios and prints locally. Don't be surprised if he calls you by name or yells "Hey you in that red hat" as you pass by! We mean INTERACTIVE!

Zero Degrees Celsius SDCC Exclusive


Kuso Vinyl is set to release their San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Celsius 0 vinyl. From artist Spencer Ong (Rotobox), this version of the 7" tall Celsius is limited to a run of 200 pieces. The figure is packaged in a gift box, comes with 3 different guns, a pair of wings, and a mini comic.

You can pick these up at Kuso's booth #4837 for $85 each. They will also have a few of original Celsius figures for sale at the booth.


Max Toy Co SDCC Exclusives and Customs


Collectors and Con-goers will be able to pick up Max Toy Co's 2009 San Diego Comic Con offerings at the StrangeCo booth (#4629). Mark Nagata will be there
from 2PM until 4PM on Thursday, July 23rd only. He'll have a small number
of his new book available for well as all of these figures.

There will be a number of one of a king hand painted vinyl, as well as two small run pieces (15 each) - SDCC Kaiju Drazoran and SDCC Neo Eyezon. They're
first come, first served. And if anything is not sold at the end of the
convention, they will be made available in the Max Toy Co web

DKE Toys SDCC Signing Info and Exclusives

DKE Toys has announced their San Diego Comic Con 2009 Exclusives and signing schedule. And we detail them below.


Summer Ninja SDCC Exclusive
Handmade from Shawnimals - limited to 300 pieces - $18


O-No Sushi! Blue SDCC Exclusive
From Andrew Bell - limited to 150 pieces - $30


Zakkamono's Miao and Mousubi GID Buff Monster Edition
Limited to 100 pieces - $80


TCHO! by Ohm Puro SDCC Edition
Limited to 50 pieces of each figure - $15 ea. or $60 set


Erick Scarecrow's Soopa Maria
Sandbox SDCC Exclusive

Limited to 20 pieces - $100


Pearl Rainbowasaurus SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 10 pieces - $375


DIY Mythos Buddies SDCC Exclusive
Limited to 100 pieces of each colorway - $10


Mini Treeson Set
Limited to 50 sets - $20


From CoarseToys

Signing Schedule
DKE Booth #4732

Thursday 07/23 @ 4 pm - Andrew Bell

Friday 07/24 @ 12 pm - Erick Scarecrow
Friday 07/24 @ 2 pm - Buff Monster
Friday 07/24 @ 4 pm - Ohm (Muttpop)

Saturday 07/25 @ 12 pm - Erick Scarecrow
Saturday 07/25 @ 4 pm - Ohm (Muttpop)

Mystery Guest  TBA  ?????????????????

Hi-Fructose 2009 SDCC Signing Schedule


Hi-Fructose will bring an Oasis of Chaos to
the San Diego Comic Con at Booth #4939. They have an
extensive list of artist signings (featured below), exclusive print releases and special items premiering at the event.


Score limited edition prints from many of the artists and find
Mark Ryden's YHWH vinyl figure, Hi-Fructose vol.12, Attaboy's Talking
Gooberry, Travis Louie's "Curiosities" SDCC exclusive book, rare back
issues, surprise updates via Twitter and much more.

exclusive prints are complimentary (a.k.a. free) while they last to those with HF
stamped badges at each signing. Stamps are given to those who make a
purchase of $25 or more at the booth and good for all signings. (for
example: Buying the new Travis Louie book or HF Collected Edition on
Wednesday night gives you a stamp making you eligible for ALL six plus
giclee prints if you show up at each signing from Wednesday to Sunday,
while they last.)


Signing Schedule:

  • Chris Ryniak (with print) - Thursday at 1PM and Friday at 1PM

  • Travis Louie (with exclusive print & special edition “Curiosities”
    book) - Thursday
    at 4PM and Saturday at 12PM
  • Attaboy (with exclusive print) - Saturday at 3PM + more TBA
  • Nathan Spoor (with exclusive print) - Saturday at 1PM
  • Lola (with exclusive print) - Saturday at 1PM
  • Brandi Milne (with exclusive print) - Saturday at 4PM
  • Brian McCarty - Friday at 1PM and Sunday at 1PM
  • Luke Chueh - Saturday TBA
  • Edwin Ushiro - Saturday at 4PM
  • Camilla d’errico - Thursday at 3PM
  • Scott Musgrove (with exclusive print and signing his new
    art book) - Saturday at 3PM

Exclusive Toffee Dolls

Hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun and the fertile imagination of artist Riri Fukuju comes Toffee…a mix of both human and animal attributes in a being unto themselves.  The inaugural limited edition series of Toffee dolls by Huckleberry Toys are making their debut at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con (Booth #4449).


The first of these very limited dolls is Hellboy Fan Toffee - a different twist on the character - inspired by Mike Mignola’s comic artwork. This figure is limited to 500 pieces.


Witchiepoo Toffee, which is from the wild minds of Sid & Marty Krofft, is based on Billie Haye's character from the classic childrens' television show H.R.PUFNSTUF. The figure comes with a hand signed certificate of authenticity by creators Sid Krofft, Marty Krofft and actress Billie Hayes and is limited to 300 pieces.


The final summer convention exclusive is a Toffee original - Jessica.  The Jessica Toffee is limited to 300 pieces.