2009 NYCC: Diamond Comics – Previews

If you were looking for Art Asylum’s Minimates figures, you’d want to hit up the Diamond Comics Previews booth. I thought the red Stormtrooper was…interesting. But the figures I was looking forward to was the Watchmen action figures.

2009 NYCC: ToyQube

Both kaNO’s Hi-DEF figure as well as Keith Poon’s bloody Hammerhead Sharky highlighted ToyQube’s NY Comic Con booth. And who doesn’t like those mini Sharky figures?

2009 NYCC: Tenacious Toys

The fine folks from Tenacious Toys were making their first NY Comic Con appearance. They had a number of products that they have in stock on display, as well as their exclusive, limited run, grayscale Smash.

2009 NYCC: Dumbrella

The Dumbrella booth featured the artwork of of the webcomic artist collective. Diablo The Satanic Chicken, by Jonathan Rosenberg, was a highlight of the booth. There was also a bevy of artwork from the one and only Andrew Bell.

2009 NYCC: MyPlasticHeart

If you were looking for NYCC exclusives, there’s a good bet that you hit up the MyPlasticHeart booth. You could pick up customs from Lou Pimentel or Brent Nolasco. They had the Black Proto version of tokyoplastic’s Koguma (included with…

2009 NYCC: Carnival Cartoons and kaNO

At NYCC ’09, Jared Deal of Carnival Cartoons had his new Pierce and Dogboy vinyl figures available for collectors to purchase. You could also get a peek at some of the Argonaut Resin designs and you were able to purchase…

2009 NYCC: Dark Horse

One of our most anticipated figures of 2009 is Dark Horse’s 1:6 scale Bruce Campbell. It’s based on Bruce’s character in the film My Name Is Bruce, and the prototype was on display at NYCC. The company was showing off…

2009 NYCC: Android 8

At NY Comic Con, Android 8 gave Con-goers a glimpse at their upcoming Bomber-Zero: Rohby transformable prototype. The figure will transform between a robot and a World War II Japanese Bomber.

2009 NYCC: Go Hero

Go Hero was sharing a NY Comic Con booth with Plaseebo Customs as well as Executive Replicas. Go Hero had one of the craziest displays at the show. Among the upcoming 1:6 scale products being shown off were the Buck…

2009 NYCC: Kuso Designer Toys

Kuso Designer Toys made their way from California and had a number of exciting new products for sale and on display at their NY Comic Con booth. Among them were several vinyl Fulcraim colorways and the prototype of Kuso’s upcoming…

2009 NYCC: Foox

We got our first up-close look at the Organ Donors by Foox. We saw the initial illustrations last San Diego Comic Con, and it looks like this series is going to be killer. It’s all produced by ESC-Toy and features…

2009 NYCC: Applehead Factory

Applehead Factory had their Teddy Scares plush line as well as the Tofu the Vegan Zombie vinyl for collectors to pick up. They also had a new pink Teddy Scares satchel as well as the fun winter hat pictured below.