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2007 Toy Fair: Wrap Up


I learned that I need to get to my hotel after check-in time.  For the 2nd year in a row, I arrived in New York well before the 3:00 PM check-in time.  To kill some time, I decided to go check out a movie.  The selection was scant...either some Diane Keaton chick flick or Epic Movie.  I chose the latter, but ended up leaving halfway through.  It was the first time I actually walked out of a theater...but I'd rather watch paint dry than sit through that horrible film again.


Another lesson I learned was that staying directly across the street from Madison Square Garden during the Westminster Dog Show means you're going to be hearing and seeing a LOT of dogs.  Don't  get me wrong...I love dogs...have 4 of them!  But it's tough to take those power naps with all of the howling and barking.


This year, the Urban Bazaar aisle was more bazaar than urban.  Makes sense that smaller companies don't need big buyers when their runs are 100-500 pieces.

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2007 Toy Fair: Toy Tokyo


If you were looking for NEW vinyl figures at Toy Fair, your best bet was to visit Toy Tokyo's booth. The above General Mills Kubrick characters from Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry cereals will all be Toy Tokyo exclusives.


This is the first time I have ever seen Shultzo's CompatiBalls.  The two interlocking pieces join at the mouth to form a single figure.  I think I like them better apart.  The first characters will be FrogiBall and TigerBall.


And I didn't get any info about this guy, but it looks AMAZING!!


2007 Toy Fair: Tonner Doll Co.

Tonner Doll Company's Toy Fair display was very impressive...even their press packet was top notch.  Supergirl and Wonder Woman were simply the beginning of their DC Stars line of Tonner Character Figures (TCF).  They displayed a prototype version of their 16" tall Batgirl figure.  The removable mask will be made from vinyl, and look for changes in the outfit (the bat logo won't be made of cloth).


They also had the newest character from the Harry Potter line - Dobby.  It looks very impressive, especially since the figure is not created from the standard body sculpt.


Tonner has also acquired the license for New Line Cinema's anticipated sci-fi film - The Last Mimzy (based on Lewis Padgett's short story - Mimzy Were The Borograves).  Emma is approximately 18" tall, while the plush Mimzy is around 9".  They will be producing a 14" (life-size) Mimzy plush.


With all of the Spider-Man 3 merchandise likely to hit the market, Tonner has produced one of the most realistic looking Peter Parker's (Tobey Maguire) ever.  Again, these figures are prototypes and subject to changes.  Spider-Man will be available as Peter Parker as well as in the Spider-Man outfit.

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2007 Toy Fair: Sideshow Collectibles


Sideshow revealed a number of new dioramas, statues and maquettes at Toy Fair.  Most of their 1/6 scale figures have already been announced, so our focus was drawn to the debut of their Darth Maul 1:4 Scale Premium Format Figure.  The 17.5" tall figure looked very impressive...with his glowing lightsaber.  Look for the figure to begin shipping 3rd quarter of 2007 and to retail around $274.99.


2007 Toy Fair: Uglydolls

The Uglydoll family will grow by leaps and bounds in 2007.  Toy Fair (sorta) introduced us to the 6 new characters that will be launched this year.  "So who are they?" you might be asking...  Well, there's Abima, Gato Deluxe, Deer Ugly, Uglyworm, TooDee and Big Toe!  Of course, they will all be available in the normal array of sizes (4", 7", 12"-14", 24").  So let's meet 'em!

Big Toe (February 2007)


Big Toe is very busy, but he's going to take care of everything. Just watch. At first, Big Toe might seem a little slow... until lyou realize he's always one step ahead. Those donuts you were saving for tomorrow? Gone. Those leftovers from the picnic? Done. Big Toe's on top of things! An unstoppable force of knowledge, Big Toe's got the scoop on all the latest info, and knows what's going down at all times... Except for when it comes to you. What's up with you? Big Toe wants to know.

TooDee (March 2007)

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2007 Toy Fair: Dooodolls


Dooodolls - a relatively new designer plush company - were at Toy Fair displaying their line of 12" and 3" plush figures.   The characters are little monster/aliens that have come to Earth to make human friends. Creator Darren Chen says that each of the 12 figures represent a zodiac personality.
So which character do you most closely relate to??

Above: (top left to right) Numero (Scorpio), Beary Fish (Aquarius), Blinky (Virgo), Cupido (Pisces), Missy Micey (Cancer), Blur Blur (Libra), Charco (Sagittarius), Mr. Nerdie (Leo), Ninja (Capricorn), Pinkie Pirate (Aries), Orange Butch (Taurus), Coco Man (Gemini).


2007 Toy Fair: Banana Design Lab


Yury Gitman, the man behind My Beating Heart, was at his Banana Design Lab booth to introduce a new product - Chu Chi: The Plushie Night Light.  Similar in theory to the heart pillow, Chu Chi is part night-light, part toy.  Currently available in bear and dog-like plushies, each toy features a bright yellow lantern (in the head) as well as a soothing ambient heartbeat (in the chest).  Just click it's leg and it'll begin to glow!