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2007 Toy Awards: Best Packaging

This year, we're expanding the field to the top 5 in each category (except the major ones).  When it comes to Best Packaging, clamshell and overuse of twist ties gets you disqualified.  No one likes them!  All things retro, lots of information and character drawings are definite pluses.  So without further adieu.

#5. Milk & Cheese from Monkey Fun Toys


The oversize box is colorful and has a great, full-length comic on the back.  It's one of the more entertaining packages of 2007.

#4. IWG Mini Rocket Ship from Rocket World


We love the retro feel to this packaging.  Just like the old school rocket ships of our childhood.  Plus, there is plenty of reading for those of us who enjoy a good story.

#3. Jimbo from Dark Horse


Dark Horse went all out with the help of Gary Panter.  They are able to display both the figure as well as the accompanying booklet.

#2. Sucklord 600 from Suckadelic


Being a fan of Kenner's original Star Wars line, I love seeing the Boba Fett inspired figure from the Sucklord in this great classic carded style.

#1. Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain from Span of Sunset - Winner!!


The cereal box inspired box was not only enormous, but it was also amazingly displayable, unique and oh so tasty!

2007 Toy Awards: Primer


It's yet again time for our end of the year wrap up...Plastic and Plush's 2007 Toy Awards.  There were a ton of new products that hit the shelves, and you'll see a number of them in our rundown of the last year in designer toys.  So keep checking in to see what we choose...and you'll again have your chance to voice your opinion and win some great prizes.