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Argonaut Resins’ Piragua Teaser


Argonaut Resins has released another teaser for that upcoming project that will debut at New York Comic Con 2015. Eric Nocella Diaz will be there sharing booth #402 in The Block section with The Jelly Empire. And he will be debuting a new resin figurine (teased above) named Piragua (pronounced Pee-rah-gwah). Eric state that this new project "has me going way back to my childhood growing up in Spanish Harlem".

NYCC15: Sofia Margherita by UME Toys

Sofia Margherita-Front

As New York Comic Con 2015 quickly closes in on us, folks are already starting to announce their show releases and exclusives. This Convention Exclusive is from Rich Page of UME Toys and will be available via the guys at Big Kev's Geek Stuff. Named Sofia Margherita, this dripping slice of pizza will be limited to 10 slices only and can be purchased at the Big Kev's Geek Stuff Booth #129 for $40.00. It's not a stretch saying that this will likely be the tastiest piece of pizza sold within the confines of the Davits Center. Likely the least stale as well.

Sofia Margherita-Back

SDCC15: Preview Night with Hot Toys at Sideshow’s Booth

Hot Toys - SDCC2015 - Preview Night_PR1

Hot Toys has once again partnered up with Sideshow Collectibles (booth #1929) to bring a number of new and unseen products to fans at San Diego Comic Con. Since I'm not in San Diego this year, they were generous enough to send along a boatload of photos taken at the booth on Preview Night (Wednesday). 

Some of the highlights include products from Hot Toys' Star Wars license. There's the detailed 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon Cockpit along with an Imperial TIE Fighter.

Hot Toys - SDCC2015 - Preview Night_PR5

And since 2015 is the year that Marty McFly traveled into the future to visit in Back To the Future Part II, they displayed the new prototypes of the Back To The Future II 1/6th scale Marty McFly and DeLorean Time Machine.

Fans of the Marvel Universe and The Avengers and Ant-Man got a chance to see the ground-breaking 1/6th scale Hulkbuster VS Hulk diorama, the newly revealed Maria Hill, and the team of Avengers: Age of Ultron collectible figures. Also, with Ant-Man landing in theatres across the globe starting next week, Hot Toys has also showcased the 1/6th scale collectible, Cosbaby, and Artist Mix Figures Designed by TOUMA of the movie’s two main characters, Ant-Man and Yellowjacket.

In addition to the large spacecraft from the epic Star Wars saga, the newly unveiled prototypes of the 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise, Princess Leia, Return of the Jedi Boba Fett, and a 1/4th scale Stormtrooper figure.

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SDCC15: The Loyal Subjects’ Releases


The Loyal Subjects made this nice, handy-dandy chart that shows their San Diego Comic Con Exclusive releases. There will be a limit of 3 pieces per exclusive per customer available and these will also be available online (in case you can't make it to San Diego). All exclusives will be available online at 5PM PDT each day.  But if you're at the show, head to Booth #5050 to pick up the TLS Exclusives.

SDCC15: Hot Toys’ Marvel License

Hot Toys - Avengers Age of Ultron Assemble

Hot Toys will be bringing a number of 1/6th scale figures from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron to San Diego Comic Con 2015. They will be on display at the Sideshow Collectibles booth (Booth #1929) for the duration of the show. In addition to a number of the pieces that have already been released, they will have a number of never seen before collectibles...including the addition to their 1/6th scale Hulkbuster collectible figure (the Hulkbuster armor module nicknamed Veronica) shown below. Also, in the next two photos below, there's a tease of the Iron Man House Party Protocol suit – Shotgun (Mark XL), which will also be on display at the booth.

SDCC15: Attackers of the Missing Stuff S.U.C.K.L.E.


DKE Toys will be bringing the Attackers of the Missing Stuff S.U.C.K.L.E. figure to San Diego Comic Con 2015. This resin figure (not the regular S.U.C.K.L.E. material) will be a limited edition of 100 pieces. Not only will you get the pink Toht figure from the Marvel Raiders comic that's recreated as the card above...but you'll also get a flesh version. You can pick them up for $30.00.