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Retro Review: Toys from the 1980’s

So Plastic and Plush turns 10 this year. Most folks don’t know that I actually started and ran a now defunct toy news site called (way back in 2002) before creating this one. The concept was fairly simple. I’d review old toys I snagged off of eBay, Happy Meal prizes and the awful food I had to eat to get them, and randomly purchased cheap toys my wife usually picked up wherever she was shopping that day. The content eventually morphed into covering the “Designer Toy Scene” and now it pretty much runs the gambit of collectible toy geekery.

I was recently inspired to get back to my roots. To revisit why the site was originally created. Plus, I thought it would be a great way to pick up some old toys from yesteryear…that I remember playing with as a kid. So ready yourself for some Retro Review: Toys from the 1980’s. I’m hoping to make this a weekly post, but it all comes down to how much old crap I can buy before my wife starts yelling at me.

There’s only one caveat. All of the toys will be mint-in-box or mint-on-card because I don’t want a toy several generations of children have slobbered all over. You never know where that Go Bot was shoved or how many time Cobra Commander was dropped in a urine filled toilet.

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New York Comic Con 2014 Photo Gallery

We've uploaded all of our New York Comic Con 2014 photos. They can be at this link.

One of the booths that stood out was the Go Hero x Phicen x Executive Replicas booth. They had a number of exciting upcoming releases on display. While a number of booths had exclusives, they focused on showing off prototype figures based on several new licenses.

Also, the ESC-Toy booth had a number of small-run figures plus the prototype for the Jacket 1/6th scale figure from Hotline Miami.

NYCC14: Clutter Exclusives


We have a listing of the exclusives that you're able to pick up at the Clutter New York Comic Con 2014 Booth #504.

  • Dissected Bear Head - Prototype Edition
    Luke Chueh
    15 pieces total (5 pieces on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • Tim Clarke
    Signing: Saturday, October 11th at Noon

  • Cap'n Cornstarch - End of Days Edition
    Ron English
    Signing: Saturday, October 11th at 1PM
    100 pieces worldwide

  • Greasebat Plush
    Jeff Lamm and Lana Crooks
    5 pieces

    Release: Saturday, October 11th at 2PM
    10 pieces

  • Buford Mandrake
    Jon-Paul Kaiser and UME Toys
    Release: Saturday, October 11th at 3PM
    6 pieces
    $50.00 each

  • Blown Away Series 1
    Josh Mayhem
    6 custom pieces
    $100.00 each

  • Pumpkin Butter Snybora
    Chris Ryniak
    25 pieces

NYCC14: Lulubell Toys


There are a number of releases available at the Lulubell New York Comic Con 2014 Booth #408, and rather than copying all of this down...we'll just show you everything they've sent. There are four scheduled releases set for today - Friday October 10th 2014

11AM - Miscreation Toys release/lottery

1PM - James Groman release/lottery/signing: Rotten Rexx, Cure Brain Bug Boogie Man, and a couple other surprises

3PM: Monster Worship x Scott Wilkowski NYCC Altar Beast

4PM: Restore Neo Japan release/lottery


NYCC14: The Jelly Empire


Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire) is at NYCC Booth #401. She has brought the new Miss Jellybot Plush, more Mister Jellybots, and a new resin figure - a flat, 2.5" Jellybot magnet called the Party Bot Magnets.  Selina's also releasing her third comic - a story of Jelly The Pirate - and will have several customs of the story's characters. There will be prints available, and a crossover set with Argonaut Resins featuring the Eleventh Doctor and his companion.


Designer Toy Awards 20″ Dunny Live Painting


There will be a series of live painting events that the Designer Toy Awards, in association with Kidrobot, will be hosting at New York Comic Con. These will be broadcast live for half-an-hour each on Twitch.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, October 10th
10:45am to 11:15am : Jon-Paul Kaiser
1:30pm to 2:00pm : Bwana Spoons
3:30pm to 4:00pm : David Finch

Saturday, October 11th
11:30am to 12 Noon : Scarecrowoven
1:30pm to 2:00pm : Jesse Hernandez

Sunday, October 12th
3:30pm to 4:00pm : So Youn Lee

After the pieces are completed, they will be brought back to the Designer Toy Awards HQ in preparation for them being displayed (and sold) as part of an exhibition at the Clutter Gallery in January 2015.