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Help Kickstart Skeleton Warriors

October Toys is excited to announce the launch of their latest project - Skeleton Warriors. These new, Glyos compatible, action figures were designed with collectors in mind while drawing inspiration from both the 1990's Skeleton Warriors cartoon characters as well as original concept art provided by the the Goddard Film Group, LLC. And they have started a Kickstarter project in order to get them released.

The first figure to be redesigned and updated is Baron Dark. Designed to be a 3 3/4" scale line of articulated PVC action figures, Baron Dark actually measures in at 5" tall with 26 points of Glyos compatible articulation.

There are three main figures you can pledge for on Kickstarter now, with stretch goals to hopefully be added.

Baron Dark
· 5" fully painted PVC action figure
· 17 modular official Glyos compatible pieces
· 26 points of articulation
· Comes with removable sword, cape, loin cloth, and arm guards (for a total of 21 pieces)
· Packaged in full color collectors window box

· 5" fully articulated unpainted PVC action figure
· 17 modular official Glyos compatible pieces
· 26 points of articulation
· Available in bone and glow-in-the-dark

Traveler Skeleden
· 2.75" PVC official Glyos action figure
· 13 interchangeable parts
· 12 points of articulation
· New axe accessory (first melee weapon for Pheyden)
· Special First Edition available exclusively through this Kickstarter!

This project will only be funded if at least $45,000 is pledged by Tuesday June 24th 2014 at 12:00 AM ET.

Skeleton Warriors

Tentatrio Plush Pals

Tentatrio Plush

Inki Drop (Shelly Rodriguez) has created a Kickstarter project, trying to get her Tentatrio plush pals into production. Each plush measures 4" tall and is constructed of super soft, high quality minky fur and embellished with embroidered details.

The initial $8,500 goal amount for the project has been met. It will allow Shelly to produce 250 of each design, for a total of 750 plashes. (There's also a Starwhal stretch goal at $17,500)

As far as pledge levels, a plush squid can be had starting at the $25.00 level. This project will be funded on Thursday June 5th 2014 at 5:22PM ET.

Kickstart The Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse

Horsies of the Apocalypse

Tenacious Toys and Bigshot Toyworks are teaming up to bring collectors The Four Horsies of the 'PocalypseCalamity (Pestilence), Raven (Famine), Clash (War) and Ghost (Death). They're all led by Little Maddie...whose production is attempting to be kickstarted.

As with most Kickstarter based projects, there are lots of reward levels. Funding levels that include the 6" tall ABS injection molded Little Maddie figure start at $60.00. There's also a Kickstarter Exclusive Green GID version available at the $160.00 level.

This project will only be funded if at least $37,000 is pledged by Thursday June 19th 2014 at 3:51 PM ET.

Mech Maker Kickstarter Campaign

IMAGIMOD recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mech Maker - an app that allows you to create your own, totally unique, customized mech from thousands of parts, colors, and patterns. Then, you can pose and 3D print them for endless tabletop gaming options. (It will be available in iOS and Web based apps at launch)

Also, they're fostering a community for game creation and sharing. You create the rules and upload them for the world to play.

The full color 3D print will be available at the $200.00 funding level. At the $500.00 funding level, you'll be able to pick up a hand painted mech by Adam Pratt. This project will only be funded if at least $50,000 is pledged by Sunday, June 1st 2014 at 6:18 PM ET.

Pungas: 3D Printed Shoe Accessories


Pungas are a 3D printed show accessory that are wearable on Hickies laces or different parts of your sneakers. This byproduct of an exclusive collaboration between Hickies and international artists (Josh Longo, Guillaumit, Motomichi Nakamura, Mark Gmehling, and El Grand Chamaco) from the Pictoplasma community challenges "the status quo and change the way we think about footwear".

To get these into production, they went to Kickstarter. The goal has already been met, and the project will be funded on Wednesday, May 14th 2014 at 11:11AM ET. The various Pungas rewards (starting at the $35 pledge level) will be printed by Shapeways - probably the most well-known 3D printing company.

H.P. Lovecraft Miniature Marble Bust Sculpture

Ars Felix Lovecraft Bust

Ars Felix's latest project is a H.P. Lovecraft Miniature Marble Bust Sculpture that's gone the Kickstarter route to get funded. The basic bust will be available at the $75.00 funding level. Additional colors - Bronze, Acid Green, GID Pink, and GID Green - are available at slightly higher levels ($90 - $110).

It's already reachers its goal, so the project will be funded on Monday May 5th 2014 at 12:28AM ET. Fans of the horror author might want to put this right next to a Cthulhu bust.

Kickstart Vamplets’ Undead Baby Dragon and Bitemares

Vamplets Dragon 2

The folks from Vamplets are attempting to Kickstart their Undead Baby Dragon and Three Bitemares. The Bitemares will come in Turquoise, Pink or Purple and be available at the $15.00 funding level. The Undead Baby Dragon will be available at the $35.00 funding level.

This project will only be funded if at least $15,100 is pledged by Monday May 19th 2014 at 10:26 AM ET. Currently, there's less than $100 to go until fully funded.

Kickstart Tox City

Jellykoe KS

Husband and wife design duo Jellykoe have just started a Kickstarter campaign for their new plush toy line - Tox City. Tox City has been in the works for the past six months. It's centered around a toxic metropolis, the mutant characters in this new line will have fur and vinyl accents, articulated arms, individualized special features, and glow in the dark eyes.

Plush toy rewards start at the $35.00 funding level...with all 6 plush toys available at the $200.00 level. The project will only be funded if at least $3,000.00 is pledged by Friday May 23rd 2014 at 1:01 PM EDT.

Kickstart the Rainy Day Antagonist

Rainy Day Antagonist 1

Christopher Avalos (Evilos) has taken his quest to get his Rainy Day Antagonist - DIY resin toy to Kickstarter. Here's how he describes the project.

He is a character that I came up with a very long time ago when rainy weather would cause all sorts of delays. I don't have a traditional indoor studio like many other artists, my studio is outside and I rely on the great southern California weather to get my work done. Some days I cannot paint because of bad weather and that's what my Rainy Day character personifies. With your help and pledges, I can create a Do It Yourself White Resin figure that you can customize however you wish. He will come in five pieces for easy painting and is 4 inches tall. Just paint, put him back together and you will have a figure all your own.

You can grab the DIY figure with a pledge of $60.00. This project will be funded on Monday May 5th 2014 at 3:21 PM ET.

REVIEW: 8 Little Zombies Plush

8 Littles Zombies 01


Eight Little Zombies, rising from the dead. One got shot and lost his head. Neighbor called the Sheriff and the Sheriff said, “No more zombies rising from the dead!”

John LaFleur and Dave Metzger have taken to Kickstarter to get their 8 Little Zombies hardcover book produced. The story is a zombified spin on the classic children’s tale about eight little monkeys jumping on someone’s bed and then falling and being brutally injured.

The 8 Little Zombies plush - one of the backing rewards - is available at various funding levels. Hopefully, it will also be able to be purchased following the successful completion to the Kickstarter project.

The Facts

8 Little Zombies Plush
Artist: Dave Metzger
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 12” tall
Edition Size: 2,500 pieces
Pricing: $20.00 each

8 Littles Zombies 02


The swing tag is shaped like a tombstone. It features the 8 Little Zombies logo and one of those zombie’s undead hands poking out of the ground. Inside, there is a sketch of the zombie character as well as part of the story (reprinted above).

8 Littles Zombies 04

Our Opinion

With Kickstarter becoming a viable option for raising funds to self-produce toys, more artists and companies are taking that route to get their projects rolling and/or completed. And that’s where Dave Metzger (artist) and John LeFleur (writer) are looking to raise funds to get their 8 Little Zombies book produced.

This self-produced Zombie plush (made in China) features a large green zombie head on a much smaller body. The zombie has a large, open mouth with three teeth (one on the top and two on the bottom) in it. There are also six strands of hair on the top of its head. You get one regular eye and one with an X. And there’s one green zombified hand and one yellow bone hand stump.

8 Littles Zombies 05

As you can see from the book previews offered on the Kickstarter page, they’ve chosen one specific Zombie (out of the eight) to turn into a plush. They all appear to differ slightly (outfit, eyes, and teeth). The “chosen one” has a tattered red/white striped shirt and black pants.

8 Littles Zombies 06

As far as the plush go, this is one of my favorite toys reviewed on the site over the past few years. I like the way the large, bowling ball like head looks against the much smaller body. And I’m a fan of the cutout mouth. They could have taken the easy route and done a simple stitched smile, but the movable mouth lets you chomp some brains (if you’re so inclined). Great to frighten the little ones to sleep with.

And while the book that they’ll be releasing is a children’s book, I think that both adults and kids will love the 8 Little Zombies plush.

You can pick one up at the following: pledges starting at $25.00 (includes plush and print)

8 Little Zombies Grades
8 Littles Zombies 03
8 Littles Zombies 07
8 Littles Zombies 08