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Amelia Whistle-Wickham Ghastly


Wilde Imagination has released the newest doll from their Evangeline Ghastly line. The Amelia Whistle-Wickham Ghastly is a limited edition of 225 pieces, retailing for $225.00 each.

And while I could attempt to describe the doll, the folks over at Tonner use all sorts of adjectives that aren't in my lexicon. 

Apparitions have never been as fashionable as Evangeline’s ghostly Great-Great Grandmother, Amelia Whistle-Wickham Ghastly. Her dearly departed doppelganger has returned and is on a mission to help her. Her removable wig is a subdued blend of lavender and silver stylishly pulled back with a blue faux floral décor which matches the trim along her waist. Her big grey eyes offset her grey shantung bodice and the crinkle chiffon and sequin lace of her ethereal dress and bodice overlay. Matching satin shoes ensure that she is a true vision to behold! Alabaster skin tone.


Imperium Park

Wilde Imagination Imperium Park 1

Inspired by the fashions of Steampunk with a story that could have originated from the pen of Jules Verne himself - Wilde Imagination presents Imperium Park. Their newest line of dolls, fashions, and accessories, each designed by artist Robert Tonner, consists of the following characters and outfits:

Basic Phin - $99.00
Basic Thea - $99.00
Basic Imperium Park Collection - $169.00
Phineas Jules Bennett - $185.00
Theodora Curiosity Bennett - $165.00
Air Ship Escape (outfit only) - $140.00
Military Theory (outfit only) - $140.00
Air Ship Captain (outfit only) - $140.00
Clockwork Hypothesis (outfit only) - $140.00
Apothecary Case - $39.00
Imperium Park Collection - $975.00

Wilde Imagination Imperium Park 2

Eternally Yours, Evangeline

Eternally Yours Evangeline

The new 19" tall Eternally Yours, Evangeline is currently on back-order and will begin shipping on April 5th 2012 from Wilde Imagination. The ball joint figure is crafted of high-quality, luminescent resin and comes dressed in a long black dress. Evangeline is a limited edition of 125 pieces. She comes packaged in a wooden coffin. Pick one up for $550.00.

Eternally Yours Evangeline 1

Evangeline Ghastly Set To Debut


The folks from Wilde Imagination are set to publicly debut their Evangeline Ghastly at the Teddy Bear & Doll Expo that takes place this coming weekend in Washington D.C.  The creator - Joe Petrollese - will be on hand to speak about his influences.  The 19" tall ball jointed doll was sculpted by Robert Tonner and is made of fine resin.

Currently, you can pre-order Evaneline (limited to 750 pieces) as well as a few outfits (limited to 300 pieces each).

Introducing Evangeline Ghastly


The newest line from Wilde Imagination - Evangeline Ghastly - is a 19" tall(!!!), fully articulated resin ball jointed doll.  She's designed by Joe Petrollese and sculpted by Robert Tonner.  Each figure comes fully dressed in the black outfit shown above.  The figure will run $450 and is a limited edition of 750

Evangeline will be available late Summer (August/September).  They are currently taking pre-orders and have already introduced two new outfits - Cemetery Chic and Tea & Sympathy.  Each full ensemble is an edition of 300 and will run $125.

REVIEW: Nevermore Ellowyne Wilde



The Ellowyne Wilde line of designer dolls, sculpted by Robert Tonner, is the newest doll with a mood.  What mood would that be?  Umm…maybe discontent or ennui. 

Produced by Wilde Imagination, the line consists of basic dolls, dressed dolls and outfits.  For purposes of this review, we’ll be looking at the Nevermore dressed doll. 

So what has Nevermore written about herself?  A little poem in the vein of Edgar Allen Poe:

A dark cloud lingers over me;
and revels in my misery
A cold wind blows and whispers afore;
"Remember Ellowyne, NEVERMORE"



All of the dolls are securely packaged in the same large Ellowyne Wilde box.  Each figure is very well protected, with the hair in a plastic hairnet, accessories individually packaged and the doll tied to the box using ribbon and foam.

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REVIEW: Red, White and Very Blue



Ellowyne Wilde is the newest doll with a mood…  Designed by fashion doll artist and designer Robert Tonner, and produced by Wilde Imagination, the Ellowyne line currently consists of basic dolls, dressed dolls and outfits.  Inspired by today’s anime drawings, designer shoe ads, and eclectic fashion illustrations, Ellowyne is not the perfect fashion diva…but then again, who is?

For this review, we are going to focus on the Red, White and Very Blue – Dressed Doll.  Here’s what she has to say about herself:

I eat whipped cream by candlelight
Ms. Plath I read throughout the night.
Dressed in my own designs so new
I feel so incredibly RED, WHITE & VERY BLUE



All of the dolls are securely packaged in the same large Ellowyne Wilde box.  Each figure is very well protected, with the hair in a plastic hairnet, accessories individually packaged and the doll tied to the box using ribbon and foam.

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Ellowyne Wilde Fashion Doll


With a website as quirky as
her personality, and a page devoted to her therapy sessions,
Ellowyne Wilde, the new fashion doll phenomenon designed by award-winning
designer Robert Tonner for the newly-formed New Jersey-based Wilde Imagination,
is fast becoming the talk of the doll world.  The vinyl dolls are 16" tall, and you can purchase accessories and designer clothes for the dolls.