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Mr. Bunny Dunny News


For Immediate Release From Wheaty Wheat Studios:

"Kidrobot and Wheaty Wheat have reached an amicable agreement with
respect to the release of the Mr. Bunny Dunny as part of the L.A.
series, and Wheaty Wheat has authorized this release. The terms of the
agreement are confidential. Wheaty Wheat  holds an exclusive license to
make toys from Joe Ledbetter's Mr. Bunny Character."

2006 Toy Fair: Wheaty Wheat

Wheaty Wheat had a truckload of new designs and prototypes on hand for Toy Fair 2006.  This is the second straight year I have come away from their booth overwhelmed. 


Chris Lee’s Urbanites were on display for those who did not see them at SDCC.  There is the giant orange Mellow (with his Jell-O), Cleubus the radish farmer, the Beatnik Brother and Polly & Wog.


Series 2 of the MAD*L line was being shown off.  There are six different designs (with the Save Huck version also being shown).  Also, check out the poster for the MAD*L Minis. 12 designers, 2 inches tall and blind-boxed.  I know I see a Shawnimal one.  The first in MAD’s line of Clownies was also being shown.


We previously saw glimpses of Sket’s Buckeye Rot, but it’s even more impressive in person.  It really leaves Eggster in the dust.  Buckeye has two removable knives that fit into the body and hands.  And the case is going to be wild, it a wooden, crate like box.


Chronic Fatigue’s Mixy and Joe should be on their way soon.


Brandt Peters figures might do what the Ledbetter’s did for Wheaty Wheat last year.  These figures should be hot!  The Boiler is just that...a fiery boiler.  He includes a cool little oilcan.  Ink Slinger No. 5 might be my favorite new figure from Toy Fair.  It’s a tattoo artist who is an octopus.  He can be removed from his stool as well.


The Tragnark figure is Cait: The Alchemist.  (Cait is a male by the way)  His little bird friend is Bungee (I believe) and there are plans for the bird to come in variants.  This figure will also be packaged with a 3 minute long DVD animation that sounds very cool.


Mixy and Joe Packaging


If you haven't seen the Mixy and Joe action figures from UK based comic designer Chronic Fatigue (and produced by Wheaty Wheat) - where have you been?  These figures definitely lend themselves to the designer scene with their unique zombie-like look.  Here are some sneak peeks as to what the packaging for these figures will be.  I am a big fan of the retro-carding...and the artwork is very cool.


MAD*L minis?


If you check out Wheaty Wheat's site, you might have seen an ad for MAD*L minis.  We must wait until Toy Fair, when these will be previewed.  When MAD*Ls first launched, I remember seeing smaller, keychain-like MAD*Ls.  I'm not sure if that will be what is introduced...or if it will simply be mini-figures.  It will be interesting to see what designs MAD comes up with.

Sket’s Buckeye Rot


Ooo...all of the talk is over and we now have an actual sneak peek at what Sket One's Buckeye Rot will look like.  We've all heard about Eggster's tomato friend, but this pic is even better than the description.  That little thing in Buckeye's back is a knife, which you can place in his hands.  This is the first project between Wheaty Wheat and Sket.  We can't wait to get some real pics from next month's Toy Fair.

Mixy and Joe Pre-Order


Chronic Fatigue (CF) sends word that his Mixy and Joe action figures are now available for pre-order.

After a year in production, the Mixy and Joe action figures are finally on their way. Produced by Wheaty Wheat Studios in Hollywood, USA, these action figures are things of beauty! Mixy and Joe come packaged together, with Joe's bloody axe! Hand signed by me, professionally packaged and limited to just 3,000 in existence (thats not many when you consider i have sold 15,000 comics!) So please get a
slice of Chronic Fatigue history with these amazing action figures! £20 postage paid, pre orders are being taken now, get them whilst theyre still available!

email or to place your pre order!

REVIEW: Ledbetter’s Fire-Cat and Ice-Cat

About two weeks ago, we reviewed Joe Ledbetter’s Mr. Bunny and Sno-Bunny rotocast vinyl figures from Wheaty Wheat Studios.  As you all know, Fire-Cat and Ice-Cat were also released around the same time as the two Mr. Bunny colorways.


Folks seem to have a distinct preference as to which figure and colorway is their favorite of the group.  At this moment, mine is Fire-Cat.  However, that might change with the release of Ringo Bear in the coming year.


Ledbetter’s work appears as if it would be extremely difficult to
transfer from canvas to vinyl.  However, Joe and Wheaty Wheat have done
an amazing job with the sculpting, shading and coloring on these
figures.  The dark black lines are transferred to the edges of the
vinyl toy, giving it a unique look.

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REVIEW: Ledbetter’s Mr. Bunny


What’s there to say about the new Joe Ledbetter figures from Wheaty Wheat Studios?  I’m sure that everyone knows that they are the hottest figures on the market right now.  And we also realize that these are very limited edition toys.

For this review, I would like to focus on Mr. Bunny.  He was first released way back in September.  Well…the limited edition (50 piece) Lava Bunny was released in September.  That sold out almost instantly, with those Lava Bunnies going to 50 lucky folks who attended the Kidrobot release event. 


Mr. Bunny and Snow Bunny have just recently hit the market.  They keep popping up little by little at lucky online shops…only to sell out moments later.  Mr. Bunny (the yellow one) is limited to 400 pieces and the Snow Bunny (the blue one) is only a run of 100 figures.   Your best bet for snagging one is to quit your job, sit in front of the computer, and bookmark all existing vinyl toy shops.

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Wheaty Wheat Opens The Store


Wheaty Wheat has opened their Online Store, which is currently stocked with a number of customs from the 20-inch MAD*L Show.  It's now possible to purchase several of the customs that were shown in the popular gallery show.  WW will also have the upcoming "Save Huck" MAD*L available through their site (limited to 100 pieces).  It's also stocked full of posters, prints, t-shirts and buttons from some of the company's most famous artists.

Save Huck! MAD*L


The fine folks at Wheaty Wheat Studios are helping out in the effort to save Huck Gee.  Want to read more about this story, check out Mr. Gee's Story.  Everyone is doing all they can to help the super talented artist stay in the US.  Look for the Save Huck MAD*L to be released to the public in the near future.